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Not even a full week ago did I receive a dip/sns manicure from here. I paid $90 dollars for this service and not even within the first two days did I have three nails crack. I now can hardly apply any pressure to my middle finger it is cracked so badly. I expect a lot more from a service when I am paying $80 plus dollars. I'm very disappointed and you can even see where the nail is lifting. I'm not sure if this is due to the technician's lack of skill or the products used during my service.
UPDATE: I went in today and they fixed the cracked nails and shorted the length for me. I am changing my review from one to three stars. Only three, because I realized after they corrected my nails, I did not see a single license hung in the entire establishment. The repair was mediocre. I wouldn't recommend. Although they were kind to fix my nails.
I’ve came to the salon a couple times and it’s a hit or miss. So this last time I get poor quality again. I try to give everyone a second chance. This last time did it for me. Poor painting of the color on the nail. The acrylic is so thin. Poor shaping. My nails aren’t even all the same length. Didn’t bother to tell us “coffin” shape is extra. Terrible. Lady was so rough. Never going back. Way over priced as well.
Horrible, this lady was just up every 5 minutes helping other customers. I got pedi that took over a hour. As you can see the pictures the job was Horrible and they wouldn't even over a discount...NEVER again will I go here
I really am so upset with my experience at L&T nails today. I used to go all the time so today's experience was just so terrible I probably won't be returning or at least refusing to get the same nail tech that I got today. My nails look so bad. The shape oh my nails are completely all different, I asked her to fix a few nails and gave me the worst attitude. I got coffin nails. She did redo one of my nails cause even she couldn't deny how bad it was. She than tried to give me the nail filer and told me to do my own nails and I told her no. I got cat eye and she didn't even use the tool so they because she couldn't find it until the end and you can't even tell they are cat eye. My fingers are also covered in acrylic around my nails. My middle finger the acrylic isn't even just on my nail when she redid them she extended the acrylic and my acrylic nail is attached to my actual finger( my skin). They are all different sizes in length and width. I eventually just asked to pay( which I shouldn't have) and leave because I was so upset with the service and the nail tech was so rude and unpleasant. I didn't want her to fix my nails for a third time.
DO NOT EVER get a pedicure from L& T Nails on Princeton Road by Famous Footwear. They just cut my foot until it bleed trying to "shave" dry skin off. When I screamed she stopped but the blood didn't seem to phase her. Then she tried to say the cut was already there and she didn't do it. Well someone did since I didn't walk in with a bloody foot. Stay away from places that use cheese graters on your feet. Id show you my foot but my toes aren't polished since I walked out screaming. This place is horrible and the customer service is worse.
I’ve never been treated so poorly as I have been here. u will never get the design u want no matter how simple. they burn u with the files bc they are in to much of a hurry not paying attention the nails are uneven some are thick and some are thin. I’ve just never been to a nail salon that was this unprofessional!! DO NOT RECOMMEND AT ALL save ur money and go somewhere else u will thank me later! And my nail was cracked in half I didn’t notice it till I was out the door and they were closed. when I went back for them to fix it they charged me for their mistake
I LOVE ❤️ LOVE ❤️ LOVE My nails!! Thanks Joe!!!! So Clean and cozy!!! He pulled out a wrist prop when my arm got tired even!!!! What service!! Great place Definitely try!!
I love L&T! The woman at the front desk is always so kind and quick. I always go to Ben and he executes my ideas excellently everytime!

Quick Facts About L&T Nails

L&T Nails Place offers a variety of services including dip/sns manicures, acrylic nails, pedicures, and custom designs. However, based on the comments provided, there are several strengths and weaknesses that can be identified.
Starting with the strengths, one customer mentioned that the staff at the front desk is always kind and quick. This indicates that the customer service provided by the receptionist is satisfactory and creates a positive first impression. Additionally, another customer praised the technician named Joe for his excellent execution of custom nail designs. This suggests that there are skilled technicians at L&T Nails who can deliver high-quality services when requested.
Another strength that can be inferred from the comments is the willingness of the staff to correct any issues or mistakes. In one instance, a customer stated that the salon fixed their cracked nails and shortened the length upon request. This shows that L&T Nails is committed to customer satisfaction and is willing to rectify any problems that arise.
Despite these strengths, there are several weaknesses that can be identified from the comments. One major issue is the poor quality of the services provided. Multiple customers complained about cracked nails, uneven shaping, and thin acrylic. One customer even mentioned that within the first two days after receiving a $90 dip/sns manicure, three of their nails had already cracked. This indicates a lack of attention to detail and a failure to deliver the promised level of quality.
Another weakness is the inconsistency in service quality. One customer mentioned that their experiences at L&T Nails were hit or miss, and the poor quality of their latest visit was the final straw. This inconsistency can create a lack of trust and a reluctance to return to the salon.
Furthermore, several comments highlighted issues with the behavior of the technicians. One customer mentioned that their nail technician had a terrible attitude and was rude when asked to fix a few nails. Another customer complained about the rough treatment and lack of attention to detail. These negative interactions can significantly impact the overall customer experience and discourage repeat visits.
Another weakness is the lack of professionalism displayed by the salon. A customer mentioned that the nail technicians were in a hurry and burned them with files, resulting in uneven and varying thicknesses of the nails. Additionally, one customer reported a serious injury caused by the use of a cheese grater on their foot during a pedicure. This demonstrates a lack of proper training and protocols, putting the customers' safety at risk.
Lastly, the issue of pricing was also raised in a couple of comments. Some customers felt that the services at L&T Nails were overpriced considering the poor quality and inconsistent results they experienced.
In conclusion, L&T Nails Place has several strengths, including friendly front desk staff, skilled technicians for custom designs, and a willingness to correct mistakes. However, there are significant weaknesses, such as poor service quality, inconsistency, rude behavior from technicians, lack of professionalism, and pricing issues. These weaknesses can greatly impact the overall customer experience and may discourage potential customers from visiting L&T Nails in the future.

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