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L A Nails II, LA Nails & Spa

+1 239-643-6115
2030 Tamiami Trail N f9, Naples, FL 34102 United States of America
Open Today: 11:00 AM - 07:00 PM


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Appointments recommended

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I get my nails done all the time and this is literally the worst I’ve ever had because I was already at the mall I figured I’d try this place out they didn’t even file my nail line so they just look like cheap press on nails I ended up paying $100 for! the paint is even smudged I got them done just over a week ago and I’m already trying to get them off
The lady that helped me was nice. My pedicure was great, however, my natural nails looked way better before i came in. The shape and nail design are both deformed. Would not recommend for natural nails.
I happened to stop in since I was in the mall already and felt like treating myself, the pedicure was very good and the lady was nice, however I was not very happy with my nails, she was very persistent that I try the dip powder and I gave in but they came out so lumpy and thick I was very disappointed. I asked for a coffin shape and ended up with red looking teeth on my hands ???? I paid and left since I didn’t have time to ask her to redo them. Big mistake! Within 4 days they were already falling off! I went back and explained to them that I didn’t even have them 1 week and they were falling and they Redid the ones that fell, but they asked me if I was sure that is where I got them done. It was the first and last time I will ever get my nails done here.
The older guy did my nails and it was very rough, it was not delicate at all and it was painful, it was the first time that I have dip powder and I will never return to that place. Very bad experience
First time going to La Nails and I was very disappointed. I had made an appointment the day prior and was not taken for 30 minutes after (I was told a 20 minute wait). I was quoted 35$ + 5$ for an acrylic set with a French tip (I was charged 45$ in the end, not sure why) The man doing my nails was very rude and when I was telling him I preferred a thinner tip he was not acknowledging me at all. He did not apply a base colour to my nails and only applied the white tip so the bubbles and white marks in my natural nail and from the acrylic were showing though the French. The French lines were also very messy and not even at all. When I brought the issue up at the end another nail tech tried to fix my nails but I was still unhappy that I paid for a horrible manicure. Ended up removing all the polish as soon as I got home. I have never experienced a manicure like this and I am very frustrated I wasted my money.
for my first time coming to this salon, my acrylic nails came out amazing & the staff are nice, definitely coming here again
I absolutely love the service and my nails. Nathan did a great job took his time and very precise. Fun personality.
I came in last minute for a full set. No appointment, all they asked was that I wait 20 minutes. No problem! Then I sat down with nail tech Nathan. He was the sweetest nail tech I’ve ever had. Super friendly and super gentle. The first time I’ve ever gotten my nails done and was not hurt once. I explained what I needed and he exceeded my expectations. I will only be seeing him for my nails from now on. Thank you Nathan for such a great experience.

Quick Facts About L A Nails II, LA Nails & Spa

Strengths of L A Nails II: 1. Convenient location: Being located in a mall makes it easily accessible for customers, especially those who are already at the mall. 2. Nice staff: Multiple comments mention that the staff is friendly and personable, particularly mentioning Nathan as being sweet and having a fun personality. 3. Good pedicures: Several customers mention that their pedicures were great and enjoyable experiences. 4. Quick service: One customer mentions that they were able to get a full set of nails done last minute without an appointment and only had to wait for 20 minutes. 5. Quality acrylic nails: One customer mentions that their acrylic nails came out amazing, suggesting that the salon has skilled technicians for this service.
Weaknesses of L A Nails II: 1. Low quality work: Multiple comments mention issues with the overall quality of the nail services. Examples include nails not being filed correctly, smudged paint, deformed shape and design, and lumpy and thick dip powder nails. 2. Disappointing natural nail services: A customer mentions that their natural nails looked better before visiting the salon and would not recommend it for natural nails. 3. Painful experience: One customer specifically mentions that their nail technician was rough and caused pain during the service, which affected their overall experience. 4. Poor customer service response: A customer mentions that when they had an issue with their nails falling off within 4 days, the salon questioned if they were sure they got the service done there, which reflects a lack of accountability and willingness to rectify the situation. 5. Inconsistent pricing: A customer mentions that they were charged more than initially quoted without a satisfactory explanation, leading to a feeling of being overcharged.
Strengths of LA Nails & Spa: 1. Nice staff: One customer specifically mentions that the lady who helped them was nice, indicating that the staff is friendly and accommodating. 2. Good pedicure: One customer mentions that their pedicure was great, suggesting that the salon provides quality pedicure services. 3. Skilled nail technician: One customer mentions that Nathan did a great job on their nails, taking his time and being precise, indicating that there are skilled technicians at the salon.
Weaknesses of LA Nails & Spa: 1. Low quality work: Multiple comments mention issues with the overall quality of the nail services, including deformed shape and design, messy French lines, and bubbles and white marks showing through the polish. 2. Rude nail technician: One customer mentions that the nail technician was rude and did not acknowledge their preferences, leading to a negative experience. 3. Inconsistent pricing: A customer mentions being charged more than quoted without explanation, reflecting a lack of transparency and consistency in pricing. 4. Unhappy with results: Multiple customers mention being dissatisfied with their manicures and, in some cases, removing the polish as soon as they got home, indicating a lack of attention to detail and poor execution of services.
In conclusion, both L A Nails II and LA Nails & Spa have certain strengths such as convenient locations, friendly staff, and good pedicures. However, they also both have significant weaknesses, including low quality work, rude technicians, inconsistent pricing, and customer dissatisfaction with the results. It is important for customers to consider these factors when deciding whether to visit these salons for nail services.

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