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I came from a black owned business called nail and lash bar horrible service u don’t get what u ask for and I was told to find somewhere else to go. But La nailz! I got what I asked for reasonable prices, lashes nails, feet and waxed brows all on point…. I got all my service in one day, tiff did my waxed brows, acrylic nails, and lashes, (she do not do pedicures)…. She was quick nails are even smooth and her work is neat, she also light handed even when waxing it was quick smooth and fast I’ll be back !
I am a happy new customer. My normal place could not take me. I was disappointed that I was initially told I would have to wait over an hour only to be told later that they arent taking customers until Tues. So, I drove around the corner to LA Nails. First, the place is huge! I did not know that there was a sign-in sheet for pedicures and a separate sign-in for manicures. The Tech, Noel, that did my feet put me to sleep. Awesome!! To say that my feet were jacked up when I arrived is an understatement. She took her time and made my feet beautiful. The tech who did my hands was equally AWESOME. I showed Mr. Tony a pic of my nails, as well as my hands before he started. I asked if he could do the design and he said yes. 22mins later, I couldn't stop looking at my hands. LA Nails has a new customer!
I would give them a 0 if I could. Google and the sign state that they close at 7:30pm. I wanted a fill in. At 6:30 a whole hour before closing with two nail tech left the owner says that they are closing early because it's slow. Wow like I don't count. I work a 9-5job and don't want to fight or sit for 5 hours to get my nails done on a Saturday. Y'all got to do better or change your hours on Google and the door.
I've been going here for a very long time. Everyone there is awesome. But my nail tec Natalie takes it to a whole new level. She seriously is amazing
I literally just left their about 5 mins ago. The lady that did my nails literally was moving so fast and I just kinda was thinking maybe she has an appointment coming. She was moving so fast that she went into my nail bed with the drill causing my whole nail bed to bleed. I asked for a new nail tech and they acted as if I was wrong for being upset that she drilled into my nail bed. I would never go back to this place. I walked out after it was obvious no one saw a problem with the fact my nail was bleeding and the nail tech was moving extremely fast.
I came in to get a pedicure and now my toe is in pain and swollen from the Male tech ripping skin from my toe. I told him to stop and that I was in pain and bleeding. He should not be doing pedicures, he is very rough when handling feet. ALSO he put my toe back into to water while bleeding, very unsanitary. I believe they should utilize pedicure bags to keep customers safe from infections.
Cheap quality products used, must be watered down. I got a gel fill-in on Friday and had to return back the very next day, because my nail chipped off. Four days later the exact same nail chipped again and now my other index finger is chipping off. I paid $48 for something not to even last me a full week. I will not return. Lastly, they DO NOT USE ACTUAL GEL ACRYLIC, they charge you for it but it is powder!!! Stop patronizing these establishments that are ripping you off!!!
Mani and pedi looks nice. The woman who did my nails has a soft touch and took her time. However, I saw quite a few unsanitary practices. For those reasons, I will not be returning.

Quick Facts About L a Nails

L a Nails Place, based on the comments provided, has a mix of strengths and weaknesses. In this analysis, we will examine these points in detail.
1. Reasonable Prices: One commenter mentioned that L a Nails Place offers reasonable prices for their services, which is a positive aspect. Competitive pricing can attract more customers and provide them with value for their money.
2. Variety of Services: Several customers commented on the range of services offered at L a Nails Place, including lashes, nails, feet, and waxed brows. This indicates that the salon caters to various beauty needs, which can be appealing to customers looking for a one-stop shop for multiple services.
3. Skillful Technicians: Multiple customers praised the technicians at L a Nails Place for their expertise. One commenter mentioned that the nail technician did an excellent job on their feet, while another appreciated the soft touch and attention to detail displayed by their nail technician. Skilled technicians can significantly enhance the customer experience and satisfaction.
4. Quick Service: One commenter mentioned that their technician was quick in performing services such as waxing and nail application. Fast service can be advantageous for customers who are short on time or prefer efficiency.
1. Poor Customer Service: One commenter mentioned a negative experience at L a Nails Place, where they were told to find somewhere else to go. This incident reflects poor customer service and lack of professionalism. Customer service is a crucial aspect of any business, and negative experiences can deter potential customers.
2. Inconsistent Operating Hours: Another commenter expressed frustration with L a Nails Place's inconsistency in operating hours. They were informed that the salon would close early due to slow business, despite arriving within the stated business hours. This inconsistency in operating hours can lead to customer dissatisfaction and inconvenience.
3. Unsanitary Practices: One commenter mentioned witnessing unsanitary practices during their visit, potentially raising health concerns. Maintaining a clean and hygienic environment is essential for any salon to ensure customer safety and satisfaction. Failure to do so can result in negative reviews and health risks.
4. Quality of Products: A customer mentioned that they experienced chipped nails a day after getting a gel fill-in, which suggests that L a Nails Place may be using cheap quality products. This can lead to dissatisfaction among customers who expect durable and long-lasting results. Moreover, another commenter highlighted their suspicion that the salon charges for gel acrylic but actually uses powder instead, raising concerns about transparency and integrity.
In conclusion, L a Nails Place has strengths such as reasonable prices, a variety of services, skillful technicians, and quick service. However, the salon faces weaknesses like poor customer service, inconsistent operating hours, unsanitary practices, and potentially subpar quality of products. Addressing these weaknesses can contribute to an overall improvement in the salon's reputation and customer satisfaction.

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