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Kutz By Rocky's All American Barbershop

+1 401-536-8040
722 Norwich Rd, Plainfield, CT 06374 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Kutz By Rocky's All American Barbershop

Kutz By Rocky's All American Barbershop has several strengths that are highlighted in the comments above. Firstly, many customers praise Rocky's skills and talent as a barber. They mention that his fades are exceptional and the best they have experienced in the state. This highlights his expertise and ability to deliver high-quality haircuts.
Additionally, customers appreciate Rocky's attention to detail and effort in ensuring their hair is perfect. They mention that he takes the time and care to provide a personalized and meticulous haircut. This showcases his commitment to his craft and the level of professionalism he brings to his clients.
Moreover, the friendly and welcoming atmosphere at Kutz By Rocky's All American Barbershop is frequently mentioned. Customers mention that Rocky and his team treat everyone like family, creating a comfortable environment for their clients. This positive and inviting atmosphere enhances the overall experience of getting a haircut at the barbershop.
Another strength mentioned by customers is the competitive pricing at Kutz By Rocky's All American Barbershop. While some other barbershops in the area are perceived as expensive, Rocky's prices are considered reasonable. This affordability makes his services accessible to a wider range of customers.
Furthermore, the longevity of Kutz By Rocky's All American Barbershop is highlighted as a strength. Customers mention that the barbershop has been around for years, which indicates its consistency and ability to sustain business. This longevity instills confidence in potential customers who may be hesitant to try a new barber.
In terms of weaknesses, it is challenging to identify any significant drawbacks through the comments provided. However, there is only one comment that mentions a previous negative experience at another barbershop in town, suggesting that some customers may have had subpar experiences elsewhere. This could be seen as a weakness as it reflects a potential dissatisfaction among customers in the area. However, this weakness is not directly related to Kutz By Rocky's All American Barbershop itself.
Overall, the strengths of Kutz By Rocky's All American Barbershop, as highlighted by the comments, include Rocky's exceptional skills and talent, attention to detail, friendly atmosphere, affordability, and the longevity of the business. These positive attributes contribute to its reputation as one of the best barbershops in the area, attracting loyal customers and establishing a positive brand image.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

So I have been bouncing around looking for a solid barber and let me just say this Rocky is definitely top notch. Been to a few barbers in town and the atmosphere at others just isn't right. Plus their prices are on the higher side. Rocky is definitely skilled in what he does, fades are killer and the atmosphere at his place is great. Also his prices are not bad I will definitely be coming back to him from here on out.
THE BEST CUT IN THE STATE. I been to nearly 20 places in the area. Never was happy. Missed hairs slightly off. And im picky and notice everything. He puts in more effort, and takes the time and care to make your hair perfect. When someone enjoys the art they do a better job. And hes super nice, alot of nice people and good coversations. and is always a fun experience getting my hair cut there.
He does great work and treats everyone like family. I have been taken my there for years.
If your looking for a Barber who is nice with a pair of clippers then Rocky is your man. Very personable and very professional, will cut your hair exactly how you want every time. I have yet to get a bad cut from Rock, unlike some other local so-called barbers.
Best hair cut around been that way for years longevity should tell people all they need to no keep up the great work rock
Hands down best haircut I've got around here I've been to a lot of different places from Putnam down to Norwich. Perfect fade all the way around period one of the only people who offered to shape up my beard came out perfect! Classic style has been in the game for a while knows what he's doing! finally found my new Barber.
We went to the barbershop up the street but were turned away. On our way home we saw Rocky's sign and stopped in...SO GLAD WE DID!! My NIECE got a fade and a Harry Potter design shaved into the side of her head! He did an AWESOME JOB! He gained a very happy little girl as a client today!
From all the barbershops in Plainfield he is the best one out here by far He’s very on point I’ve never had an issue my kids love their cutz by him

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Kutz By Rocky's All American Barbershop Info


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Restroom
  • LGBTQ+ friendly
  • Transgender safespace