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Kurdish Kebab House

+44 121 565 2220
284c High St, Smethwick B66 3NU United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About Kurdish Kebab House

The Kurdish Kebab House place has received mostly positive comments from customers, praising its food, service, and value for money. These strengths make it a popular choice for many customers. However, there are also a few weaknesses mentioned, such as inconsistencies in portion sizes and the quality of the naan bread.
One of the main strengths of the Kurdish Kebab House is its amazing food. Customers consistently mention that the food is delicious, well cooked, and tasty. They specifically highlight the lamb dishes, rice, bulgur, salads, and mixed shawarma. The flavors and quality of the food seem to be a major strength of this place.
Another strength mentioned by customers is the great service. Many customers appreciate the helpfulness of the staff, who are willing to offer taste tests and recommendations to assist customers in making their orders. Friendly and efficient service is valued by customers, contributing to a positive dining experience.
Value for money is also highlighted as a strength of the Kurdish Kebab House. Customers mention reasonable prices for their meals, with a Chicken Shish meal at £9.99 and a Lamb Shish meal at £10.99. The portions are generally considered to be satisfying, with enough meat and rice for a good meal. These factors contribute to a perception that customers are receiving a good deal for their money.
However, there are also some weaknesses mentioned by customers. One customer mentioned that the amount of meat in the Lamb Shish meal was disappointingly small, with only around 200 grams or less. This is significantly less than they expected and felt like a waste of money. Inconsistencies in portion sizes may be an area for improvement for the Kurdish Kebab House.
Another weakness mentioned by a customer is the quality of the naan bread. In one instance, the naan was described as raw dough and had to be thrown away. This indicates a lack of consistency in the preparation of the bread, which can be a disappointment for customers. Ensuring consistent quality in all aspects of the meal, including the naan, is important for maintaining customer satisfaction.
Despite these weaknesses, the Kurdish Kebab House place has several strengths that contribute to its popularity. The amazing food, great service, and value for money make it a reliable choice for customers. With improvements in portion sizes and the quality of the naan bread, the Kurdish Kebab House could further enhance its reputation and customer satisfaction. Overall, it seems to be a favorite among locals in Birmingham.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Amazing food. Great service. Value for money.
The food was delicious, really well cooked and tasty. We ordered 4 lamb dishes, everything was soooo good!! The rice and bulgur were perfect same like salads. Even if we didn't know what to order, the staff was really helpful and gave us to taste to help decide.
3 ????weeks ago bought a Chicken Shish for 9.99£ with Rice salad and Naan and Drink .
The Chicken been tasted Nice and Fresh.????
The amount of Rice was good enough to have a good meal .
The Naan was been Grilled on open fire.
I was impressed ???? to buy and try something New.
In Monday a bought a Lamb Shish for 10.99£
When a was open me meal I was been shocked
The amount of meat was enough just for the child it was about 200 grams of lamb or even less.????????
The Amount of Rice was much less then was first time with chicken Shish.???? and Salad was poorly added with garlic sauce. ☹☹☹
The Naan Was Raw Dough so I throw it away to feed Pigeons.????????
Not recommend ta buy a Lamb Shish for Reason is Just Money wastage without any benefit. I m never will buy a Lamb Shish in This place Again.????????
Bought a mix platter takeout. Was well cooked and tasted very good. Presentation was also good. Service was good and friendly.The shop is nice and clean with seating
Best wings I've had since moving in Birmingham 4 years ago definitely 10/10
Best chicken shaworma wrap!
Good price with amazing service, like it
First time I went to this place today. Mixed Shawarma was amazing! The BBQ chicken wings were the best I've had. Excellent service, very clean, well presented place. Perfect for family dining in or takeaway. Great all round. Definitely a local favourite for me ????????

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