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Kun Indian Grill & Bistro

+44 1274 727786
3a Wilton St, Bradford BD5 0AX United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Menu now includes an excellent choice of curries. All freshly served aromatic, delicately spiced and absolutely delicious. All 3 of us agreed it was the the best curry we have ever had.
Ambience of the place was wonderful. Staff were superb. We could see the chef cooking in the sparkling shiny kitchen. Surrounds of the restaurant was beautiful and comfortable.
Definitely would recommend my contacts to visit when in town. Guaranteed not to be disappointed. Can't wait to be back
Just had a wonderful meal here, a real little find. Beautiful decor, fabulous service and the food was delicious - clean plates all round. Will certainly be returning and would recommend to all.
We had an absolutely delicious meal. The use of spices was skilled and delicate. I was very impressed. The staff were friendly and helpful. I definitely recommend this restaurant. They don't serve alcohol but you can bring your own.
This was such a lovely experience, such friendly staff and a lovely ambiance, perfect for large gathering or even couple as the seats can be altered easily. Nimra was a star, thank you for taking care of us. Food was amazing- do try the lamb karai, chicken pakoras and drinks were all refreshing and smooth. Will definitely visit again, thinking of trying out the hot drinks next time.
First time going after reading the article in the T&A today. I'm always happy to try new places. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food. The Naan was so fluffy one of the best I've had. The lamb Khari I got so tender it was just melt in your mouth and soooo tasty. The staff were very friendly and took time out to speak to us. Well done all, will be visiting again soon. ???? I forgot to take pic of the mains lol.
We called today mid Saturday afternoon. We'd seen the article in the T&A and knew the car park opposite was suitable for my disabled husband which is important. The service was attentive yet not intrusive and the food freshly prepared while we watched in the open kitchen. Mixed meat starter sharing platter had tender treats we had not tried before. The mains did not disappoint but the Lamb was the star of the visit! We finished with pink tea and a mango sunset mocktail. Intimate calm unrushed atmosphere. Perfect before a trip to the Alhambra. We will be back.
Unfortunately the wait for food was just too long at approx 1.5 hrs for two of us. There can be no excuses about being busy as there was only one other table (3 people) on arrival.
As per the food see below:
Lamb chops tough and chewy so should be avoided.
Green herb chicken was nice
Seekh kebab - below acceptable standard and tasted like supermarket frozen kebab unfortunately.
Butter chicken - this is the poorest attempt at butter chicken I've tried. Not creamy or flavourful however the chicken was cooked well
Lamb Karahi - just tasted bland with some spice added but lacked actual flavour, however the lamb was tender
Naan - this was nice.
Also as I took the curries home I also got the verdict of other family members to see if this was just me and without offering my own opinion I was told the curries lacked flavour by everyone that tried them.
To be successful and compete against other curry houses in Bradford I recommend as a first step looking at ways to increase the speed in getting food to customers.
Also as a second suggestion some of the recipes may need adjusting and I suggest without bias that the owners compare their dishes to other established curry houses for ways to improve.
Was first time visiting the restaurant and was not disappointed. Have had takeout from here previously and have always enjoyed their food. We booked our table in advance and had absolutely no issues in being seated and wait times for food was what you would expect in a restaurant. Staff were courteous and attentive. Portions sizes looked deceptively small but between our group we ended up packing food up to take home as we were delightfully full. Cleanliness was top notch and the decor was cute. Had a homely feel. Any requests we made, staff were happy to accommodate. Thoroughly enjoyed our dine in experience and look forward to coming again.

Quick Facts About Kun Indian Grill & Bistro

Kun Indian Grill & Bistro has received mostly positive reviews from customers, highlighting its strengths in terms of menu options, food quality, ambience, and service. However, there are also some weaknesses noted, particularly in terms of food waiting times and certain dish flavors.
Starting with the strengths, customers have praised the restaurant for its excellent choice of curries, which are described as delicious, aromatic, and delicately spiced. The use of spices in the dishes is also commended for being skilled and delicate. Customers specifically mention the lamb karai, chicken pakoras, and naan bread as standout dishes.
The ambience of the restaurant is frequently mentioned as wonderful, with beautiful decor that creates a comfortable and homely feel. The open kitchen, where customers can see the chef cooking in a sparkling shiny kitchen, adds to the overall experience. Additionally, the staff are highly praised for their superb service, friendly attitude, and attentiveness to customer needs. Special mentions are made for staff members like Nimra, who provided excellent service.
The restaurant also receives positive feedback for its suitability for large gatherings or couples, as the seating arrangement can be easily altered. The ability to bring your own alcohol is seen as a positive aspect by some customers. Cleanliness is also highlighted as a top-notch feature of the restaurant.
While the overall feedback is positive, there are a few weaknesses mentioned by customers. One recurring criticism is the wait time for food, with a comment stating that it took approximately 1.5 hours for two people to receive their food. This is seen as too long, especially considering the relatively low number of customers in the restaurant.
Certain dishes also receive mixed reviews in terms of taste and flavor. The lamb chops are described as tough and chewy, so they are recommended to be avoided. The seekh kebab is criticized for being below acceptable standards and tasting like frozen kebabs from supermarkets. The butter chicken is described as lacking creaminess and flavor, despite the well-cooked chicken. The lamb karahi is deemed bland, despite the tender lamb.
These weaknesses suggest that the restaurant could improve in terms of efficiency and consistency in food preparation. Suggestions are made to increase the speed of food service and to compare the restaurant's dishes to those of other established curry houses for ways to improve flavor and taste.
Overall, Kun Indian Grill & Bistro is praised for its menu choices, food quality, ambience, and service. While there are some areas for improvement, the positive feedback outweighs the negatives, making it a recommended dining option in town.

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