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K C Nails

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4954 Manslick Rd, Louisville, KY 40216 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Wonderful family owned business. I go to Danny every visit and it's like visiting family!! He is an artist for sure!!! Thank for ALWAYS making my nails look great and for your wonderful personality ????????????????????????we love sharing our stories!! His wife Tiffany if very good too????
I love my nails and feet. ❤️❤️ the customer service is top notch. The massage chair is very nice. When I leave. I'm feeling good and looking good. Thank you
Went to get my nails done I have acrylic on my 2 big toes they said that they couldn’t refill them ok cool got a polish change & my nails are not colored all the way wasn’t worth $58……. Will Not Be Going Back
I really liked this place they are friendly and did a great job. My nails look great.
I will definitely keep going back.
I came in as a new client, didn't have the style I wanted and I chooses a natural look. And this how they do them embarrassing with my friends. When she was doing them at first they look ok , didn't expected to look horrible, and the price they charges me even worse. my friends have better looks than I.
I will have to re-due them elsewhere. Dissapointed ???? , looks very bad and ugly. Not recommended at all.
Had my first pedicure here this morning! Danny did a very nice job! Very clean & friendly staff! Glad I came & I will be back !!
Their price is reasonable but the staffs are horrible,NOWAY!!I am not going back again.I recommend not to go there.
Very professional, did a very exceptional job on my pedicure. Will be going back.

Quick Facts About K C Nails

K C Nails place has received a mix of positive and negative reviews, indicating both strengths and weaknesses. In this analysis, we will delve into these comments to provide a comprehensive understanding of the salon's strengths and weaknesses.
Starting with the strengths, one recurring theme in the comments is the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of the salon. Many customers mention feeling like a part of the K C Nails "family" and enjoying the personal connection they have with the staff. This is a significant strength as it creates a sense of loyalty and repeat business among customers. Additionally, the positive customer service experience mentioned by several individuals further reinforces the idea that the salon prioritizes providing excellent service.
Another strength highlighted by customers is the quality of the services provided. Numerous comments mention how satisfied they are with their nails and feet after visiting K C Nails. Customers express admiration for the skill and artistry of the nail technicians, particularly mentioning Danny's expertise. Providing high-quality services is crucial for any salon, as it helps to build a positive reputation and encourage repeat business. Additionally, the mention of a massage chair in one of the comments suggests that the salon provides additional amenities that enhance the overall customer experience.
The reasonable price mentioned by one customer also represents a strength for K C Nails. Pricing is an influential factor for customers when choosing a salon, and competitive pricing can attract a larger customer base. By offering services at a reasonable price, K C Nails has the potential to appeal to a broader range of individuals.
Now, turning to the weaknesses of K C Nails, a few negative comments stand out. One customer expresses disappointment with their nails not being colored all the way and feeling that the service was not worth the $58 she paid. This comment highlights a potential weakness in consistency and attention to detail among the nail technicians. Inconsistent service and quality can result in dissatisfied customers and negative word-of-mouth, which can be damaging to the reputation of the salon.
Another significant weakness mentioned in a comment is the dissatisfaction with the style and appearance of the nails. One customer suggests that her nails looked "horrible" and "ugly," and she was embarrassed to show them to her friends. This comment suggests a lack of skill or understanding on the part of the technician in delivering the desired style. Providing a range of styles and accurately executing customer requests is crucial for a nail salon's success.
Furthermore, a comment criticizing the staff as "horrible" raises concerns about the professionalism and customer service experience at K C Nails. While this comment is not elaborated upon, negative staff behavior can severely impact the perception of the salon and deter potential customers from visiting.
In summary, K C Nails has several strengths, including a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, a strong sense of family, quality services provided by skilled technicians, and reasonable pricing. However, the salon also has weaknesses, such as inconsistencies in service and attention to detail, dissatisfaction with style and appearance of nails, and potential concerns about the staff's professionalism. Addressing these weaknesses will be essential for K C Nails to maintain and improve its reputation and ensure continued success in the competitive nail salon industry.


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