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10 Gathurst Ln, Shevington, Wigan WN6 8HA United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Always good food, not cheap by local chippy standards but still not bad prices, decent portions, good service. Gets busy on meal times like any good chippy. Food is never too greasy - a complaint you can level at many chip shops.
The best chippy in the area by a mile. Really good food, good selection of chippy foods (burgers, kebabs, fish and chips, chicken...), and fair prices for good servings. It's always busy, which can only be a good thing... we don't mind travelling a couple of miles to go to Jordans because our nearest chippy (Pepper Lane) isn't a patch on Jordans.
Great chippy and great food. Reasonable prices. Very handy that it takes card payment as a lot round here don't.
Love the takeaways from Jordan's, I tend to go here all the time now
Your staff keep putting the peas on top of the chips which spoils the chips as it soaks all the way through.
I've worked in a chippy and it's peas first then the chips etc
Popped in on Thursday evening after taking my youngest rugby. After paying my order I waited over 30 minutes, so asked if my order was ready, wasn't aware i ordered, they asked me who
took my order, then after the confusion was over they managed to sort it and my order was ready. They very kindly give me 2 cans of coke (free) because of the wait which was a nice gesture, but unfortunately when I got home, large sausage was missing, oldest was devo????????‍♂️. I mean C'mon, It's not really rocket science to take and complete a simple order. Anyway the Staff seem really nice, unfortunately not very bright ????‍♂️
Always good food and the service is always really nice. It does get very busy on a Friday evening but I would say that's a good thing. Shows the food is good!
Top quality.. Good prices.. Nice staff... Even Better now they put vinegar on chips before the salt.
Nothing But Complements From Me Fantastic Food With One Of The Best Gravy’s I’ve Ever Had Fish Lovely And Soft Just How I Like It…
And Chips Were Soft And Quite Creamy Which Was Really Good Great Staff And Food I’d Say Might Be The Best Chippy I’ve Been Too. Great Stuff You Have Here ????????

Quick Facts About Jordan's

Jordan's Place is a popular chippy in the area, known for its good food, reasonable prices, decent portions, and good service. One of its strengths is that the food is never too greasy, which is a common complaint in many chip shops. The chippy offers a good selection of chippy foods such as burgers, kebabs, fish and chips, and chicken, catering to different preferences.
Customers appreciate the fact that Jordan's Place is always busy, as it indicates that the food is good. Many are willing to travel a couple of miles just to go to Jordan's Place, as they consider it to be the best chippy in the area. The prices are fair, making it a popular choice among locals. Additionally, the chippy accepts card payments, which is convenient for those in the area, as many other establishments do not offer this option.
Despite these strengths, there are some weaknesses that have been mentioned in the comments. One customer complained about the arrangement of the peas on top of the chips, stating that it spoils the chips as it soaks all the way through. This suggests that there may be some inconsistency in the way the food is prepared and presented by the staff. It might be beneficial for the management to address this issue to ensure consistency in the quality of their dishes.
Another customer had an unpleasant experience when they visited the chippy on a Thursday evening. They waited for over 30 minutes for their order, only to find out that it hadn't been placed. This miscommunication led to confusion, and even though the staff kindly compensated them with free drinks, it was not a satisfactory resolution. This highlights a weakness in the organization and efficiency of the staff, as they failed to take and complete a simple order. It is essential for the chippy to improve their communication and ensure that orders are properly recorded and fulfilled to avoid disappointing customers in the future.
However, it is worth noting that despite these weaknesses, other customers have had positive experiences and have left glowing reviews for Jordan's Place. They appreciate the good food, reasonable prices, and nice staff. One customer even mentioned that the chippy has recently started putting vinegar on the chips before the salt, which was well-received. Additionally, the gravy has been praised, with one customer describing it as one of the best they've ever had. Customers were also pleased with the quality of the fish and the soft and creamy texture of the chips.
In conclusion, Jordan's Place is a popular chippy in the area, known for its good food, reasonable prices, decent portions, and good service. While there have been some complaints regarding the arrangement of peas on top of the chips and issues with order accuracy, the majority of customers have had positive experiences and appreciate the quality and variety of the food offered. It would be beneficial for the chippy to address these weaknesses to ensure consistency in food preparation and improve the efficiency of their staff. Overall, Jordan's Place is highly regarded by locals and continues to be a favorite choice for chippy food in the area.

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