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Hoy Sam

+44 1246 766250
387 Chatsworth Rd, Chesterfield S40 2DH United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Fresh and tasty every time. Thank you for doing gluten free for my coeliac partner too :)
Finally! I found a fantastic Chinese takeaway that cooks FRESH FOOD. Smaller menu than your typical run of the mill Chinese takeaway, certainly delivers quality over quantity though and actually I loved the fact they aren't pinging 70 different meal options in a microwave. The food is really really tasty and big portion sizes!
You have a regular customer - Great work! ????
Oh and love the cardboard containers the food is served in 10/10 ????????
Great takeaway. Made a large order to collect and was ready on time. Food was delicious and portion sizes excellent. Reasonably priced with very good choice of dishes. Would recommend and will be back.
Lovely Chinese take away with fantastic salt and chilli squid. Good sized portions. They only take cash though so be aware. Since the new owners the service is better the time they quote for pick up is accurate which is always a bonus. Worth a go if you live in Chesterfield. Chinese does travel well so a great takeaway food.
First time I’ve used this takeaway, can’t believe it’s taken so long. Very high quality, great service. Nice extra’s in the bag. Recommended!
Just had a takeaway meal from this place , the chicken chow mein meal and egg fried rice is my favourite especially from this place and after walking all day on mam tor castleton this meal was the most satisfying meal from this takeaway ???????? 5 stars to this takeaway, thank you to the staff it was awesome and i am from Luton Bedfordshire ????????
OMG. The best Chinese takeaway I've had in years. Very generous portions - we ordered too much! Restaurant quality dishes at reasonable prices. All food comes in cardboard cartons. I will return.
Slightly pricier than your traditional Chinese takeaway, and unfortunately no option for delivery, but 5 stars based solely on the food and staff. Unbelievably good quality and flavours. Best around!

Quick Facts About Hoy Sam

Hoy Sam Place is a Chinese takeaway that appears to have several strengths based on the comments provided. One of the major strengths highlighted by customers is the freshness and tastiness of the food. Customers appreciate that the food is cooked fresh rather than being reheated from pre-made dishes. This sets Hoy Sam Place apart from other Chinese takeaways and ensures that customers receive high-quality meals. Additionally, the comment about the gluten-free options suggests that the restaurant is accommodating to customers with dietary restrictions, which is a strength in terms of inclusivity and customer satisfaction.
Customers also praise the portion sizes at Hoy Sam Place, stating that they are generous and satisfying. This is an important aspect of any takeaway as customers want to feel that they are receiving value for money. This strength, along with the positive comments about the taste of the food, indicates that Hoy Sam Place excels in terms of providing a satisfying and enjoyable dining experience for customers.
The speedy and efficient service is another strength of Hoy Sam Place. Multiple comments mention that orders were ready on time and that the quoted pick-up times were accurate. This shows that the restaurant is well-managed and can handle a high volume of orders while maintaining prompt service. The positive comments about the service suggest that the staff at Hoy Sam Place are friendly and attentive, contributing to an overall positive customer experience.
The packaging of the food in cardboard containers is mentioned positively, with multiple customers giving it a 10/10 rating. This suggests that the packaging is practical and environmentally friendly, which is a strength in terms of sustainability and customer satisfaction. The fact that multiple customers specifically mention the packaging as a positive aspect of their experience indicates that it is a unique selling point for the restaurant.
Despite the overwhelmingly positive feedback, there are a couple of weaknesses that can be identified from the comments. One weakness mentioned by a customer is that Hoy Sam Place only accepts cash payments. This can be inconvenient for customers who prefer to pay by card or do not carry cash regularly. Accepting card payments or implementing a contactless payment option would address this weakness and make the payment process more convenient for customers.
Another weakness mentioned by a customer is that Hoy Sam Place does not offer delivery services. While Chinese food typically travels well, some customers may prefer the convenience of having their meal delivered to their doorstep. Offering delivery services would broaden the customer base and attract those who prefer to dine at home.
Lastly, a comment mentions that Hoy Sam Place is slightly pricier than traditional Chinese takeaways. While this did not seem to deter customers from giving a high rating, it could be a potential weakness for price-sensitive customers who may opt for cheaper options. However, the overwhelmingly positive comments about the food quality and portion sizes suggest that customers are willing to pay a premium for the superior dining experience.
In conclusion, Hoy Sam Place has several strengths including the freshness and tastiness of their food, generous portion sizes, efficient service, and environmentally friendly packaging. The positive comments from satisfied customers demonstrate the strengths of the restaurant. However, there are a few potential weaknesses such as the lack of card payment options, absence of delivery services, and slightly higher prices compared to traditional takeaways. However, these weaknesses do not seem to significantly impact the overall positive customer experience at Hoy Sam Place.