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Hometeam Barbershop

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2101 Lejeune Blvd, Jacksonville, NC 28546 United States of America
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Jaime was the best! I drove half an hour every week to have him fade me, and then bless my week. It really mattered. He took his time, amd he paid attention to the customer's wants.
I've went to a lot of barber shops since moving to Jacksonville and in my opinion the best in town. Had multiple people cut my hair and they're all great,and the owner is excellent and a really cool guy,I would highly recommend everyone to go there,and fair prices
As a single mother of 2 boys I have finally found a barbershop I am comfortable in. They know my boys by name and they’re haircuts are always on point. The prices are some of the best in town as well.
This is by far the best location for haircuts for little boys. My 2 year old loves it here because they are super patient with all the squirming and moving little ones do. They turned on cartoons for him and gave him candy to help him relax and stay seated. The prices are extremely good so you definitely don't mind tipping because they deserve it. I would bring cash to pay for the cut though if you're only getting one cut because not all the barbers have card readers and you would have to pay the ATM fee to use the in shop ATM. No complaints about them here.
Took my son here for a hair cut. He got a great cut but I wish the barber would have paid more attention to all the hair my son was getting all over his face. My son complied 2-3 time about the amount of hair in his face and eyes.
The old barber in the back was extremely rough with the clippers. No neck strip, No alcohol, No talcum powder. Just a rough cut. I flinched several times and was shocked that he didn’t cut me open. I had to come home and immediately apply Shea Butter on my head and neck to relieve the pain. Zero stars.
This is the 3rd place I have taken my 4 year old. By far the best quality, specifically the line up and fading. Love my son's hair cut!
There was a lot of people and there wasn’t an actual organized line. The haircut was $10 but it was really fast. I asked for a little off the top but he never even touched the top. Whenever I go to barbershops it’s usually implied that I want my edges done but they didn’t get done here.

Quick Facts About Hometeam Barbershop

Hometeam Barbershop has received a mix of positive and negative comments, providing insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the place. In order to analyze these comments and determine the strengths and weaknesses, we will categorize them into different aspects of the barbershop experience.
1. Skill and Attention to Customer's Wants: One of the standout strengths of Hometeam Barbershop is the skill and attention to detail. Customers have praised the barbers, specifically mentioning Jaime and the owner, for their exemplary work. These barbers take their time and pay attention to customer's wants, resulting in great haircuts. This focus on customer satisfaction is a major strength that sets Hometeam Barbershop apart from others in town.
2. Atmosphere and Comfort: Multiple comments highlight the comfortable and welcoming atmosphere of Hometeam Barbershop. Single mothers feel at ease bringing their boys to this barbershop, as the staff knows them by name and consistently delivers quality haircuts. The barbers are patient with children, providing entertainment and treats to keep them comfortable during the haircut. This inclusive and child-friendly environment is a significant strength of the barbershop.
3. Pricing: Several customers have praised Hometeam Barbershop for offering fair and affordable prices. The barbershop is considered to have some of the best prices in town, making it accessible to a wide range of customers. This affordability is a major strength that appeals to clients looking for quality haircuts without breaking the bank.
4. Consistency and Quality: There are positive comments regarding the quality of haircuts at Hometeam Barbershop. Customers have mentioned the excellent line-ups and fading, making it clear that the barbers have the necessary skills to deliver well-done haircuts. This consistency in providing top-notch cuts is a significant strength.
5. Lack of Attention to Detail: Despite the positive feedback on overall skills, some customers have expressed concerns about attention to detail. One customer mentioned that the barber did not remove all the hair that was falling onto their son's face, causing discomfort. Another customer complained about the barbershop not offering edge work, which is usually expected in barbershops. These comments indicate a weakness in the attention to detail aspect of the barbershop experience.
6. Rough Barbering: One negative comment describes a negative experience with an old barber who was rough with clippers and did not follow proper hygiene practices. This specific incident highlights a weakness, as it does not align with the positive experience others had. The barbershop should address this issue to maintain a consistent standard of service.
7. Waiting Time and Organization: A few customers mentioned that there was no organized line or a long wait time. While the haircut speed is praised for being fast, some customers felt a lack of organization and an unclear system. This feedback suggests a need for improvement in managing customer flow and waiting times to enhance the overall customer experience.
In conclusion, Hometeam Barbershop has several strengths that make it stand out, including the skill and attention to customer's wants, comfortable atmosphere, fair pricing, and consistent quality of haircuts. However, there are also areas for improvement, such as attention to detail, ensuring a consistent experience across all barbers, and addressing waiting time and organization. By addressing these weaknesses, Hometeam Barbershop can further enhance its reputation and maintain customer satisfaction.


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