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Ivy and her team always take care of me. I’ve been coming here for over 5 years and I’ve never been disappointed with my nails. Ivy and her team take their time to really ensure quality work. I really appreciate that. I’m always getting compliments on my nails :).
I absolutely love this nail shop and the staff! They have every service you can ask for within the spa! Extremely friendly and my favorite nail tech is LUCY! She’s so pleasant and sufficient. Extremely reasonable pricing and always accommodating my fiancé and my little one! Keep up the great work HAPPY NAILS! We are happy!
My first experience here was good but the second time I came it was so horrible that I will not be returning.
I showed a picture of what I wanted and this was what I got. Absolutely horrible design and the woman who did my nails was even making fun of my nails to the one next to her.
I will not be going back here. I was charged $65 for these nails and it was not worth it. She was a bigger woman with short hair and she was very rough and rude with my nails I just wanted to walk out in the middle of my nails being done. Very disappointed that I had this experience. They lost me as a customer.
Service was horrible. My daughter asked for white polish the tech told her no she wants to do pink instead. They added butterfly stickers on her and then told me to pay $10 afterwards. They never asked me about adding anything until after it was done. It was cute so I paid the additional. Then my toes were horrible. I wanted neon yellow and she added white bottom. She kept forgetting to turn the UV light on and moving the machine to apply another coat and it wasn’t dry. This made lots of lumps of polish on my toe nails. She applied 4 coats of yellow and told me she’s done. She can’t add anymore and it wasn’t her fault that my nails were badly polished. She blamed it on the white polish that she applied. I told her the polish was horrible and that I was expecting a discounts because of this and says no full price $35 then proceeded to argue with me. I was forced to pay for terrible service. And this was my first time there because I just moved right up the street. Do not give them your money.
Never will i go back ! I got my nails done Sunday. One broke Monday , Wednesday, and today which is Thursday.Wednesday(yesterday) she made me wait two hours for ONE nail repair just because I was “the last person to walk in “ I think she just tired of me coming back but nobody told her to rush my nails in the first place. She rude and her customer service sucks. I the only person you should see is LUCY !!
My gel nails are very lumpy and sloppily done. It was $60 so i guess I got what I paid for. Also my nail art design is different on every nail... it was supposed to be the same, but again very sloppily done. They didn't even use the color I asked for. She completely did whatever she thought was best instead of listening to the customer. Also, my nail chipped not even 24hrs later... all I did was sleep. I wish I could take my tip back.
I stopped going here because I used to get pedis with them and then my toenails became flimsy and one fell off. I went back randomly because my cousin wanted to go for her nails and I needed mine done as well. I figured once wouldn’t hurt and it wouldn’t be my toes again. I was very wrong. I went to get a full set and the staff was rude. They were yelling at each other because they had mixed up my cousin and my services. The lady who did my nails was too rough. She was in a rush. I asked for gems on my nails and she ruined them completely. My gems were put on crooked, she plopped a huge glob of more nail powder and that’s how she stuck the gems on. My nails look like mountains. Wayyyy too think. I went to them because I didn’t want to do them myself this time around and now I’ll never make a shortcut again. I legit have my own mail kit at home with the same colors and gems. Now I know not to waste my money EVER with them. NEVER trust them.
This is the worst place my wife ever went to. The lady who did my daughter and my wifes nails hurt them. Cut my daughter several times. Her nails came of the very next day. My wifes started coming off two days later. They charge to much . And they weren't even worth it. Plus all the do is talk about you when you ask them a price. We will never go back there again!!!! ???????????? I don't even want to give them this one star but I can't post this review without me giving them this one star ????

Quick Facts About HAPPY NAILS & SPA

HAPPY NAILS & SPA is a nail salon that has received mixed reviews from customers. In order to fully understand the strengths and weaknesses of the place, let's analyze the comments given by customers.
Starting with the strengths of HAPPY NAILS & SPA, several customers have highlighted the excellent service provided by Ivy and her team. One customer specifically mentions that they have been coming to the salon for over 5 years and have never been disappointed with the quality of their nails. This indicates that the salon has experienced and skilled technicians who take their time to ensure quality work. The customer also states that they receive compliments on their nails, implying that the salon's work is visually appealing to others as well.
Another strength mentioned is the wide range of services offered within the spa. A customer expresses their love for the nail shop and the staff, emphasizing that the salon accommodates their needs as well as their family's needs. This indicates that HAPPY NAILS & SPA is customer-oriented and strives to provide a variety of services to cater to different preferences.
Reasonable pricing is also mentioned as a strength. The customer praises the salon for its affordable prices and mentions that they are always accommodated in terms of pricing. This suggests that HAPPY NAILS & SPA offers competitive prices, making their services accessible to a wider range of customers.
However, despite the strengths mentioned above, there are also some weaknesses highlighted by customers. One customer had a terrible experience with their nails during their second visit, which led to them not wanting to return again. They express disappointment with the design and mention that the technician even made fun of their nails. This indicates poor customer service and unprofessional behavior from the technician. Additionally, the customer felt that they were charged a high price for unsatisfactory work, further adding to their dissatisfaction.
Another customer had a negative experience with the service they received. They mention that their daughter was not given the polish color she asked for and that additional charges were added without prior consultation. Furthermore, the customer's toes were poorly polished, with multiple coats of polish applied without proper drying time, resulting in lumpy nails. The technician refused to take responsibility for the poor job and argued with the customer. This highlights a lack of attention to detail and a lack of accountability from the salon staff.
Furthermore, a customer mentions that their gel nails were lumpy and sloppily done, with different nail art designs on each nail. They also state that the nail chipped within 24 hours. This suggests a lack of skill and attention to detail from the technician.
In another comment, a customer stopped going to HAPPY NAILS & SPA due to their previous experience with the salon. They mention that the staff was rude and in a rush, resulting in a poor job on their nails. The customer also states that the gems placed on their nails were done incorrectly, making their nails look uneven and bulky. This highlights poor customer service, rushed service, and a lack of skill from the technician.
Lastly, a negative review mentions that the salon hurt the customer's daughter and wife while doing their nails. The customer also states that their wife's nails came off the next day and that the prices were too high for the poor service received. This indicates a lack of attention to customers' comfort and a low-quality service provided by the salon.
In conclusion, HAPPY NAILS & SPA has strengths such as experienced technicians, excellent customer service, a wide range of services, and reasonable pricing. However, its weaknesses lie in the poor customer service, unprofessional behavior from technicians, lack of attention to detail, rushed service, and low-quality workmanship. It is important for the salon to address these weaknesses in order to improve customer satisfaction and retain a loyal clientele.

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