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1000 Easton Rd Suite 207, Wyncote, PA 19095 United States of America
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More like a hair museum lol, but my first time stopping in and I was pleasantly overwhelmed. There were rows and rows and rows...and then some more rows of hair! I didn't know where to start or end but I winded up looking at closures and bundled hair which was decently priced for the length I was looking for. When I got back to the front there were all kinds of doo-dads that I couldn't help but searching through...Cleaning stuff, soap, accessories, etc. Staff was also decent. I would recommend taking a trip to see this museum (store) yourself.
The sell fake hair saying it can curl up to 400 degree heat! I put my curling iron on 350 degree heat and the didn't even curl. Instead the hair melted and was on the floor. STOP ADVERTISING FAKE HAIR AND TAKING PEOPLE MONEY. IM GOING TO GIVE HAIR BUZZ MY BUSSINESS . I WILL NOT GIVE THIS STORE ANOTHER DAMN DOLLAR. !!????
I only go to this store have been going for a year since I moved up here. I bought a lipliner duo set there was nothing in the liner. I didn't complain then yesterday 9/30/2022 I went in bought $72.02 worth of items and they have a sign where the socks are that reads 6pair for &8.99 I picked out my 6 I love socks. I go to the register pay for my items. Anyway when I get home I noticed it's only 4pair of socks I called she says are you sure your calling the right store I say yes then she asks what was the total spent I tell her she tells me to call back so she can check. I call back she says they checked the tape & that I got everything I paid for I tell her I'm looking at the socks she tells me to come in & view the tape & I sure will be going up there today 10/1/2022 I'm not spending not another dime in that store PERIOD.
The staff is really helpful and knowledgeable about where products are located. This store has just about everything I ever need. Hands down one of the best hair stores in Philly, if not THE BEST.
Best prices and best selections.
Please double check your receipts before leaving this beauty store! I encountered two incidents where I was overcharged, but thankfully I looked at my receipts before leaving. I understand accidents happen, but I don’t appreciate the way I was treated as if I didn’t know what I was talking about. Be careful!
I have spent thousands of dollars in the store and not just on synthetic wigs I have bought a total maybe five six human hair wigs and I come and get wigs a couple of times a week synthetic long story short I bought two wigs yesterday and I did not have on my glasses and one of them was the wrong color so since I didn't open the package I go back after work thinking I will be able to exchange because I haven't opened it or anything why the man the Chinese man that's the manager says to me they have a strict no return policy and stood me down and talk to me like I was nobody I will never ever ever ever spend not even a dollar in this store or this location again because that was horrible when I tell you I have been a DieHard customer I come to this store two times a week and I know they know who I am and it was a $39 synthetic wig this man would not even exchange it for me so it was a lady in there getting run up as I left out the store and I just gave the week to her just to let him know I don't need nothing out this store very unhappy customer never again
Very nice, clean and organized store. Staff is helpful and prices are reasonable.
I went to purchase some wigs I drive about an hour to get to hair town. Upon checking out I paid my bill went to the car to look over my receipt why I didn’t get a wig at the discounted price but he added $34 extra dollars on my bill!! I went back inside he spooky and gave me my money back the wig I can understand your at the front you don’t run the wig section but charging extra money for profit that was so crazy.. BE AWARE CHECK YOUR RECEIPTS !!!

Quick Facts About Hair Town

Hair Town has a number of strengths that are evident from the customer comments. First and foremost, the store offers a wide variety of hair products and accessories. One customer describes the store as a "hair museum," highlighting the extensive selection of hair items available. This wide range of options allows customers to find exactly what they are looking for, whether it be closures, bundled hair, or hair accessories.
Another strength mentioned by customers is the reasonable pricing of the products. One customer mentions that the prices for the length of hair they were looking for were decently priced. Another comment highlights that Hair Town has the best prices and best selections. This attracts customers who are looking to get value for their money, making it a competitive advantage for the store.
The helpful and knowledgeable staff is another strength of Hair Town. Multiple customers mention that the staff is knowledgeable about the products and can assist with locating items. This creates a positive shopping experience for customers who may need assistance or have questions about the products.
The cleanliness and organization of the store are also mentioned as positive attributes. Customers appreciate that the store is clean and well-organized, making it easy to navigate and find what they need.
However, despite these strengths, there are some weaknesses mentioned by customers. One customer had a negative experience with the quality of the hair sold at the store. They purchased hair that was advertised as being able to withstand high heat, but it melted when they used their curling iron at a lower temperature. This suggests that the store may have issues with false advertising and selling products that do not meet their claims.
Another weakness mentioned is a customer service issue regarding a pricing discrepancy. A customer noticed that they were charged extra on their bill and had to return to the store to get a refund. This suggests that there may be issues with accuracy in pricing and potentially customer dissatisfaction with how the situation was handled.
Another issue that arises is a strict no return policy. One customer had a negative experience when they purchased the wrong color wig and tried to exchange it. The manager refused to allow the exchange, despite the wig being unopened. This highlights a lack of flexibility and customer satisfaction in the store's return policy.
In conclusion, Hair Town has strengths in its wide variety of products, reasonable pricing, helpful staff, and cleanliness. However, there are weaknesses in the quality of some products, accuracy in pricing, and inflexibility with returns. These weaknesses should be addressed by the store to improve the overall customer experience.

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