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Hair On The Floor Barbershop

+1 513-479-6331
2603 Madison Ave, Covington, KY 41014 United States of America
Open Today: 08:00 AM - 06:00 PM


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Appointments recommended

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We took my 3 year old grandson here after looking for some time for a barber who caters to kids, his hair, and men that look like him. We settled on this shop after I drove past 1 day, checked their website, socials. How can you not support a barbershop that has book clubs for kids in their community? (We live 30 minutes away)
England was awesome! I called on a Saturday, and England suggested we make an appointment for 1st thing in the morning when the shop is empty and not intimidating for the little man. England was very patient and used a few techniques to calm my grandson.
*** wheelchair accessible with a ramp directly in front. ***
Walked in, my son was able to hop right up into the chair where he was given the best haircut of his life, lol. Guys who were working there were very welcoming and the atmosphere of this barber shop is great for the whole family. Lot of great people working here who care deeply for their community! Check them out!
Im absolutely embarrassed. I scheduled an appointment to have my hair done and when I arrive she had scheduled someone else the same time as me. Which no big deal it’s whatever until it pushed my hair appointment back 4 hours. My hair was not parted into section before the braiding started she just picked out hair as she went. I asked for medium blonde box braid even showed her a picture, she said hair provided I get there and she doesn’t have enough hair. The day after getting my hair done my braids felt a bit lose like I’ve had them done for a month. Couple days pass all the braid in the back of my head are slowly coming out and one of the braids on the side of my head fell out. At this point I wanted to cry. I paid 180 dollars and 12 hours of my time. Lesson learned never again. Although she is a nice person she needs a lot more practice. Her work is not professional.
Mr.Dexter and all the guys were very welcoming! It was our 3yr old first hair cut, which he did not want to get. But Mr.Dexter was very patient and quick. He made us feel very comfortable. We will definitely keep coming back.
Took my youngest there to get his hair cut! Dave B cut his hair and was so patient with him. Highly recommend this place! The other gentleman ( sorry I never caught your name) that was there was also very kind with him and gave great advice on the haircut!
I took my 14 year old son here the other day for a much needed professional haircut for the first time. I called the afternoon before, and it was an "appointment only" day, so they were already booked. I took that as a good sign, so we waited until the next morning and was able to walk-in first thing at 8am. I believe certain days are reserved for appointments only, so if you're new & planning on doing a walk-in, you might want to call and check their schedule first. When we got there, the owner (Reginald England) greeted us as soon as we walked in the door. He was VERY personable, immediately made my son feel comfortable, and I should probably mention his appearance. Me personally... I think the appearance of the person I'm paying money to, to enhance my son's appearance, is VERY important. It shows a certain level of dedication & passion towards the work they do. The owner's hair was long & beautiful, was lined up perfectly, braids were flawless, & he was kempt head to toe. It sets a great example for the kids to be around someone like that. The shop itself was immaculate. My son was very unsure about how he wanted his hair done so he was pretty nervous at first. It didn't take but a second for Reginald to sense this, & to ask him a few questions about his hair & say "can you just trust me?" & then had them both laughing. Besides hair, I found out that Reginald is also very active with the kids in this community. He organizes a flag football event intended to strengthen neighborhood bonds between the kids and the police. Something that I feel is very important for the kids of Covington. That alone says a lot about a person.
My son told me as soon as we walked out the door that he "REALLY liked that guy, & we're definitely coming back next time". His hair was perfectly lined up and he was more than happy!! That makes momma happy!!
If you're looking for a new barber or if you just happen to be in town, I definitely recommend stopping by Hair On The Floor Barbershop!!
(Also, I saw another review complaining about the barber answering his personal calls and I'd like to add what I witnessed. This is a small buisness. At the time we were there, he was the only one there. His cell phone IS the shop phone. He did answer the phone a couple times but made it VERY quick and told the caller he was with a client. These were not personal calls from what I heard. It didn't matter if they were really, because he was very professional about it with us. I'd rather pay less for a haircut, than pay more because he has to hire a secretary just to answer the phone. This wasn't even on my radar until I saw someone else comment on it. Also I am only speaking of my experience with the owner, Reginald)
My visit here was so good I went back a few days later to take pics just to write this review. At that time there were 2 other barbers there cutting hair at chairs sitting on each side of the owners. Making it 3 total cutting hair that day.
I brought my Nephew here for his first haircut at a barbershop. This shop came very highly recommended and it did not disappoint.Dave did his thing and my nephews hair never looked so good. We will definitely be back and I will definitely be recommending the shop to others.
I took my boys here, it was our first experience at a barber shop. England took good care of them and talked to them, the customer experience will definitely be having us coming back for their haircuts. He did an great job on their hair cut, I highly recommend this place! Thank you again England!

Quick Facts About Hair On The Floor Barbershop

Hair On The Floor Barbershop has several strengths that contribute to its positive reputation among customers. Firstly, the barbershop caters specifically to kids, which is a highly valued service for parents and guardians. The commenter mentioned that they had been searching for a barbershop that caters to kids and was pleased to find Hair On The Floor Barbershop. This focus on catering to kids sets the barbershop apart from others in the area and establishes it as a go-to place for parents seeking a child-friendly environment.
Additionally, the commenter commended the barber named England for his patience and ability to calm the 3-year-old grandson during the haircut. This highlights the excellent customer service provided by the staff at Hair On The Floor Barbershop. The ability to work effectively with children, especially those who may be anxious or resistant to getting a haircut, is a valuable skill that helps create a positive experience for both children and their parents.
Another strength mentioned by a commenter is the barbershop's commitment to the community. The commenter noted that the barbershop hosts book clubs for kids in the community, showcasing their dedication to fostering a love for reading and education. This community involvement demonstrates Hair On The Floor Barbershop's values and commitment to making a positive impact beyond just haircuts.
The barbershop's wheelchair accessibility is another strength highlighted by a commenter. The presence of a ramp directly in front of the barbershop ensures that it is accessible to individuals with mobility challenges. This inclusivity makes the barbershop more accessible and welcoming to a diverse range of customers.
Furthermore, the positive experiences of customers with specific barbers at the shop contribute to its strengths. Commenters mentioned the professionalism and skill of barbers like Dave B and Mr. Dexter, highlighting their ability to provide great haircuts and excellent customer service. These positive experiences create a sense of trust in the barbershop and its staff, prompting customers to return and recommend the shop to others.
However, there are also weaknesses that can be identified based on the comments. One commenter expressed their dissatisfaction with their hair braiding appointment. They mentioned several issues such as appointments overlapping, lack of proper hair parting, and the braids feeling loose and falling out shortly after. This suggests that there may be room for improvement in the braiding services provided by the barbershop. Ensuring proper organization of appointments and addressing any issues with the quality and durability of braids can help to avoid similar negative experiences in the future.
Additionally, there was a comment that mentioned the barbershop owner answering personal calls during the appointment. Although the commenter observed that the owner handled the calls professionally, it still raises a concern about potential distractions during the service. It may be worth considering implementing policies or procedures to minimize interruptions during appointments, ensuring a more focused and uninterrupted experience for customers.
In conclusion, Hair On The Floor Barbershop has several strengths, including its focus on catering to kids, the excellent customer service provided by barbers, community involvement, and wheelchair accessibility. However, there are also areas that could be addressed to improve the overall experience, such as enhancing the quality and durability of braiding services and reducing potential distractions during appointments. Overall, the positive feedback from customers highlights the strengths of Hair On The Floor Barbershop and establishes it as a respected and customer-friendly establishment.

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