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Quick Facts About Hair Etc

Hair Etc place, based on the comments provided, has several strengths that contribute to its positive reputation. One of the main strengths is the exceptional service provided by the stylists, as mentioned by multiple customers. Wendy, Patricia, Wendi, and Sierra are all praised for their skills and ability to go above and beyond for their clients. Wendy, in particular, is mentioned multiple times for her friendly and welcoming nature, making customers feel at home.
Another strength of Hair Etc is the comfortable and friendly atmosphere. Many customers mention feeling at ease and comfortable during their visits. This is essential for a salon as it helps create a positive experience for the customers.
The salon also receives praise for its fair prices. One customer mentions it as their favorite small-town beauty shop with great prices. This indicates that the salon provides value for money and is affordable for a wide range of customers.
In addition, the staff members are noted for their conversational skills and willingness to listen to customers. This enhances the overall experience and helps build rapport between the clients and stylists.
Hair Etc is also commended for its ability to handle challenging situations. One customer mentions how they came to the salon seeking help after a botched haircut elsewhere. The stylist, Wendi, was able to fix the hair and provide excellent service. This demonstrates the expertise of the stylists in handling various hair issues and their dedication to customer satisfaction.
Furthermore, Hair Etc has a diverse range of services available. Customers mention getting their hair cut, colored, and styled. There is also a mention of nail services provided by Janet. This variety in services allows customers to have their hair and nails taken care of in one place, making it convenient for them.
Despite these strengths, there are also a few weaknesses that can be identified based on the comments. One weakness is the lack of mention of other stylists apart from Wendy, Patricia, Wendi, and Sierra. While these stylists are highly praised, it would be beneficial to have a broader range of stylists mentioned to showcase the salon's overall quality of service.
Additionally, while the positive atmosphere is emphasized, there is no specific mention of the salon's physical ambiance or décor. This aspect may be an area for improvement as it can enhance the overall experience for customers.
Another weakness that can be identified is the lack of comments on the availability of appointments or the ease of booking. While the stylists are praised for accommodating customers, it would be helpful to know if the salon is easily accessible and appointments can be made conveniently.
In conclusion, Hair Etc place has several strengths that contribute to its positive reputation. The exceptional service provided by skilled stylists, the friendly and comfortable atmosphere, fair prices, and the ability to handle challenging situations are all strengths that customers appreciate. However, there are also a few weaknesses, such as the limited mention of other stylists, the lack of emphasis on the physical ambiance, and the absence of comments on appointment availability.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Wendy is absolutely amazing!! She always goes above and beyond to do an excellent job!! Also, she's super friendly and makes you feel "at home"????
I had my brows waxed by Patricia. I was very impressed with the service. And the atmosphere is friendly and comfortable. I will definitely recommend this place to my friends.
Writing this review for a dear coworker who went and got a botched cut (elsewhere) over his lunch break????He came back in a half panic so we went on a search for another hair stylist and thank God we found Wendi! We walked in and went “Help, can someone please fix his hair?!” Wendi was so so sweet and graciously squeezed him in and did an amazing job!!! She was so kind and conversational the whole time and did exactly what was needed!!! Thankful for a job very well done, her willingness, and sweet nature. She wasn’t even going to charge him. She’s an angel!
Wendi cut and colored my hair and I absolutely love it! She did such an amazing job! She has done my hair twice now and all I can say is I don’t plan on going to anyone else! She is so sweet and so nice! Definitely recommend!:)
Favorite small town beauty shop. Great prices, friendly faces!
Today was my first time at Hair, Etc. They're so friendly, especially Sue ???? Thank you to Janet, she did an excellent job with my nails, they're all pretty for Christmas!
I had Wendy and she is awesome! She did my hair fast and my hair went from brassy brown to blonde in minutes! i would definitely go back! thank you wendy .
This was my first time going to this salon. I had tried to lighten my color treated hair from a red/brown color, to blonde myself. Let's just say it didn't turn out the way I had invisioned in my mind. Unless you like hot roots and orange ends! Eeekkk! My hair needed to be rescued and that's exactly what Sierra did for me! Have no doubt that this girl is the real deal! She was very smart and excellent at what she does! I would highly recommend anybody to Hair Ect as well as to Sierra! She gets a 10 in my book????????

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