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H & P Nails place, based on the comments provided, has both strengths and weaknesses in various aspects of their service. Here is an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of H & P Nails place based on the comments:
Strengths: 1. Professionalism and Friendly Staff: One comment mentioned that the people at H & P Nails place were nice and professional, with Julie specifically delivering good service. This indicates that the salon has staff who are courteous and approachable to customers.
2. Attention to Customer Feedback: Julie, the nail technician, was reported to have regularly checked with the customer to ensure that they were satisfied with the service provided. This demonstrates that the salon values customer feedback and is willing to make adjustments as necessary.
3. Range of Services: The salon offers a variety of services such as spa pedicures and full set nail treatments, providing customers with options to choose from.
Weaknesses: 1. Poor Customer Service: Multiple comments mentioned the poor customer service at H & P Nails place. Customers felt that their concerns were not addressed or were met with dismissive attitudes. This indicates a lack of attention and care towards customer satisfaction.
2. Sanitation Practices: One comment mentioned that the salon does not properly sanitize their tools after each customer. This is a significant weakness as it raises concerns about hygiene and the risk of infection for customers.
3. Inconsistent Quality of Service: Several comments mentioned issues with the quality of the service provided. Complaints ranged from nails not being properly blended during an ombré treatment, nails lifting and popping off shortly after the treatment, to poor callus removal during a pedicure. These instances suggest a lack of consistency in the skills and techniques of the nail technicians.
4. Pricing and Additional Charges: A customer mentioned that H & P Nails place was overpriced for the services provided. Additionally, another comment highlighted the salon attempting to charge extra for a simple request of adding a third color to a child's nails. This suggests that the salon may not have transparent pricing policies and may try to charge customers extra for minor additions or changes.
5. Lack of Design Options: A comment mentioned that H & P Nails place only offers stencil and sticker designs, limiting the variety of options available for customers who want more intricate or unique nail art.
Based on these comments, it can be concluded that H & P Nails place has some strengths in terms of friendly staff and attention to customer feedback. However, they face significant weaknesses in their customer service, sanitation practices, consistency of service, pricing, and limited design options. These weaknesses can significantly impact the overall customer experience and satisfaction. Improvements in these areas are crucial for the salon to succeed and attract repeat customers.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

It’s 2023 Asian \Chinese need to learn customer service like the rest of us. They be so wrong and never held accountable. They have poor customer service and they over priced . They don’t do designs, only stencil and stickers. They tried to charge me extra because my 7 year old wanted a 3rd color, no design just color was an extra 5 dollars .Had me waiting for my eyebrows, just to tell me she couldn’t do it because they want to go home. And this is not my first time going there. I’m so mad I spent any money with them.
Hi I just got my lashes don’t on Saturday but ever since my eyes is irritated please call me to figure this out so I can take them out asap I had a great service don’t get me wrong very friendly but my dr say I’m probably developing an infection/allergic reaction to the stuff used and I need to take it out asap please I’ll call in the morning as well
Do not go here! The customer service is horrible. I went for a nail repair (unable to go to my normal salon) and it was the worst decision EVER! The nail was supposed to be ombré and he made zero effort to blend the pink into the white. Then when I tried to explain it to him he caught an attitude and grabbed my finger to cut the nail off. He was focused on trying to get to another customer. Also, they do not properly sanitize their tools after each customer. Save your money and time and find another shop!!
I got my nails done here on 6/10/22. I paid $75 for a full set with colored acrylic. on 6/16/22, i went by to address the fact that almost all of my nails were lifting at the cuticle, and they offered to only repair 3 of them. by 6/18/22, 9 of my nails had popped off due to lifting. I went to have the rest of them repaired, and they said it wasn’t their fault, and that they would not be repairing my set. after a bit of arguing (they said it’s because of my natural nails, but i work in esthetics, so i know for a fact that a fully formed nail doesn’t lift at the cuticle unless the monomer is bad), they said my only option was to get a brand new set. its bad customer service all around to argue with someone who’s spending their money with you when the service performed is. simply just not satisfactory.
short of the long, I will never come back here. nor will i ever encourage anyone else to do business here.
Worst nail salon ever. Embience was OKAY at best. Nail tech just didn’t listen. I asked for specific things. She would tell me she couldn’t or wouldn’t do it. Paid for the spa pedicure with callus removal, wasn’t done well. Had to keep asking her to address Specific calluses. She would do a fake little scrub and move on. This is not what I paid for. To rub my foot and for it to not be smooth is ridiculous. I will go elsewhere and pay AGAIN for a new pedicure. Will never come here. They waste your money and time.
The people here were really nice and professional. I had Julie and she did a really good job. I had the spa pedicure and she gave me the foot lotion that came with the spa package. She made sure to ask whether I liked my nails and toes at every step and adjust as necessary. Would definitely go back!
Never ever go to this place never spend your money here. I asked for one thing and they charge me $100 to give me a messed up full set and didn’t even paint nails please avoid this place by all cost.. this business needs the close
My hands & feet are just as important as getting a haircut. Thanks for always hooking me up. See you next time

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