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Guille's Dominican Hair Salon

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2031 Forest Ave, Staten Island, NY 10303 United States of America
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frequent customer for my sons haircuts and for my hair .
nice people , family shop. good vibes
This salon is horrible. The staff is rude and rough. Curly hair is very delicate and they were ripping through my curls. They do not know how to shampoo curly hair. They create tangles when lathering. When combing out the hair, they are stingy with the conditioner even though it’s imperative to use enough conditioner when detangling curly hair. Instead of using an appropriate tool to detangle my hair, they used a regular comb. And while they combed my hair they started from the top instead of working their way up from the bottom. They continuously gossiped about the state of my hair, calling it “way too curly”& they asked me if I’ve ever done my hair before. Which was highly offensive. They made such a spectacle of me at this salon and it was completely humiliating and hurtful. And as i was being ostracized, I cried because of their inappropriate treatment & I was told I was scaring them. I definitely don’t recommend this salon to anyone with natural curly black hair. They are unprofessional, completely disrespectful and discriminatory.
I had an amazing experience! I don't let anyone touch my hair like that, but i let the owner do my hair. She did a great job. My hair is natural and she managed to leave it shiny and bouncy, just like i like my hair to be... Reasonable prices and very nice staff.. Loved it!!
Have been going to this salon for years . I love when the owner at the time would do my hair . She does it perfect and actually takes her time making it come out right . I love how they wash my hair . You don’t have to use their shampoo you can bring your own products. I love a few other stylist they have , they open at 9am I believe Monday -Friday .
There under new management the guy was nice he offer me sum juice the ladies that wash my hair was ok they was talking about me in Spanish and I told the lady that’s the owner what I wanted she was rude and told me we don’t have time then the products I use to grow my hair she told me I can’t use it on my hair because it’s too greasy I don’t appreciate when I go in the Spanish salon they always being racist in rude and always damaging your hair and act like they don’t understand English and they live nyc it’s very confusing my son is Spanish and I don’t appreciate it being talk about while I’m in the salon they to have respect for all types of people with short or long hair mix white black Spanish it doesn’t matter so no stars for me very poorly I paid 30$ for my hair a waste of money and they need to stop putting chemicals in they shampoos cause people hair falls out that’s why I bring my own products and they get mad
I am writing this review as i am sitting in the salon getting my roller set done. Absolutely no one here knows how to do hair, the place is not very welcoming, the owner is the heavyset black lady and she’s rude. She can’t even wash and scrub your hair properly. I have witnessed her untangling this little girl’s hair and i felt bad for her. I really am wondering how do they still have customers because they do not care about their clients hair...This place really sucks!!!
I’ve always gone into the city to have my hair blown out and decided to try someplace closer to home. First girl I had was the daughter she was really good BUT her downfall is she burns ppl even when you complain she just still burns you it’s a painful hour.
I started going to someone else and then she disappeared and stop doing hair so I chose someone else. This woman i thought was great so kept going to her. About a month ago she ask me if i want the flat iron and i told her no and she said it would really be good for me to do so i gave in and allowed it.
After blowing out my hair with her, after a week, i just left my hair curly for next two weeks or so when i decided to blow my hair out again I walked out went home and noticed my hair in bits and pieces my hair was totally burned off top of my hair is in pieces like a mushroom and i have chopped up hair throughout my entire head and there’s nothing that can be done about this other than let it grow out so i just chopped off my hair (my hair is right above my behind) and now it’s right underneath my shoulders TERRIBLE! Will never ever go back again.
I have not comforted them with this because it’s pointless I’ll just look like a crazy customer complaining. Giving me my money back isn’t going to change my circumstances either but they lost a weekly customer and now have a bad review.
I have been going to Guille's for 15 years and I got to say my hair is still the
same from when I started and it has been growing much more since being
with them. I try going during the week cause Saturday's it just too pack so
with that said you be the judge of there services. I have waited long hours to do my hair but the wait is all worth it. I have followed Guillie since I meet
her when she was just am employee and today she and her sister has made
it possible to provide there services and there expertise for others. Please come all and see for yourself, you might have to wait but that's ok snack's and refreshments are sold at the salon. You all have blessed day.

Quick Facts About Guille's Dominican Hair Salon

1. Family-oriented atmosphere: Many customers appreciate the friendly and welcoming environment at Guille's Dominican Hair Salon. The salon is described as a "family shop" with "good vibes", which creates a comfortable and enjoyable experience for customers.
2. Skilled stylists: Some customers have had positive experiences with the stylists at Guille's Dominican Hair Salon. They mention that the owner and a few other stylists are able to do their hair perfectly and take their time to ensure the results are satisfactory. This indicates that there are skilled and experienced staff members at the salon.
3. Flexibility with products: One customer mentioned that they appreciate the option to bring their own shampoo and other hair products to the salon. This flexibility allows customers to use products that they are comfortable with and have had success with in the past.
4. Long-standing customer relationships: Despite some negative reviews, there have been customers who have been going to Guille's Dominican Hair Salon for many years. This indicates that the salon has developed strong relationships with their customers and has been able to maintain their loyalty over a long period of time.
1. Inconsistency in service quality: The negative comments highlight inconsistent experiences at the salon. Some customers have complained about rude and rough staff members, while others have had satisfactory experiences. This inconsistency in service quality can lead to a lack of trust and dissatisfaction among customers.
2. Lack of expertise in curly hair: One customer with curly hair described a disappointing experience at the salon. They mention that the staff members were unaware of how to properly handle and care for curly hair, resulting in damage and inappropriate comments. This suggests a lack of expertise in dealing with specific hair types, which can be a major drawback for customers with specific needs.
3. Language barrier: Another negative comment mentions that the staff members were gossiping about the customer in Spanish, making them uncomfortable and excluded. This indicates a potential language barrier issue that may affect the overall customer experience for some individuals who do not speak Spanish.
4. Poor customer service: Several negative comments highlight instances of rude and disrespectful behavior from the staff members, including complaints of rough handling, insensitivity towards customer preferences, and even causing hair damage. Such negative experiences can severely impact the salon's reputation and deter potential customers.
5. Hair damage and lack of accountability: Some customers have complained about hair damage caused during their visits to Guille's Dominican Hair Salon. These incidents include burns and severe hair breakage, suggesting a lack of proper techniques or inadequate attention to customer's hair health. Additionally, the lack of acknowledgement or compensation for the damage adds to the dissatisfaction and mistrust among affected customers.
In conclusion, while Guille's Dominican Hair Salon has strengths such as a family-oriented atmosphere and skilled stylists, there are significant weaknesses in terms of inconsistent service quality, lack of expertise in handling specific hair types, language barrier issues, poor customer service, and instances of hair damage without appropriate accountability. These weaknesses need to be addressed and improved upon in order to provide a better overall experience for customers and enhance the salon's reputation.


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