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3700 Sauk Trail, Richton Park, IL 60471 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Gorgeous Nails

Gorgeous Nails Place, based on the comments provided, has both strengths and weaknesses that can be analyzed.
1. Skill and Careful Service: Many customers appreciate the work done by Kim, the technician at Gorgeous Nails Place. She is praised for being careful with nails and providing good results. This skill and attention to detail are important factors for customers seeking manicure and pedicure services.
2. Customer Satisfaction: Several comments express satisfaction with the service and quality of work at Gorgeous Nails Place. Customers mention that they will come back for future appointments, which indicates a positive experience.
3. Durability: The durability of the nails done at Gorgeous Nails Place is highlighted in a comment, stating that the individual's nails lasted for two weeks without breaking or chipping. Long-lasting results can be a major strength for a nail salon as customers appreciate the value for their money.
4. Quick Service: Some customers mention that the salon provided quick and efficient service. These positive experiences can attract busy individuals who value their time.
1. Pricing: One customer expresses disappointment with the pricing of services at Gorgeous Nails Place. The comment suggests that the salon's rates are unrealistically high compared to the competition. High prices can deter potential customers, especially if they do not perceive the value or quality of the services to be worth the cost.
2. Congested Environment: A comment points out that the salon is narrow and crowded. This can negatively impact the overall experience for customers, as they may feel uncomfortable or cramped. A congested environment can also limit the salon's capacity to serve multiple customers simultaneously.
3. Lack of Credit Card Acceptance: Another customer mentions that the salon does not accept credit cards for payment. In today's cashless society, this can be inconvenient for customers who prefer card payments or may not have sufficient cash on hand. Limited payment options may discourage potential customers from visiting the salon.
4. Owner's Attitude: One negative review mentions that the owner seemed disinterested in the customer's business and was more focused on a phone conversation. This behavior can create an unwelcoming atmosphere and impression of poor customer service. If repeated instances of such behavior occur, it can impact the salon's reputation and customer retention.
In conclusion, Gorgeous Nails Place has several strengths, such as skillful service, customer satisfaction, durability of nails, and quick service. However, there are also weaknesses highlighted in the comments, including pricing, a congested environment, lack of credit card acceptance, and a negative impression of the owner's attitude. It is essential for the salon to address these weaknesses and capitalize on its strengths to maintain and grow its customer base.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Went to gorgeous nails for the first time a little less than a week ago and Kim did a very good job. She was careful on mine and my daughters nails. A few days later my daughter popped a nail (her own fault) and Kim took her in the chair immediately and fixed it. Will come here again.
Tbh my nails had to grow to my liking because it was my first time going to gorgeous nails bcuz I always end up disappointed elsewhere. I didn’t care too much with how they were shaped until I said something and she fixed it up better.They are cute and I do appreciate her doing them and them lasting a week so far now. I will be back for a 2nd try.
This is the place to go if you are close and need a Mani or pedi. Awesome service, quality work and a great price. CAN NOT AND PROBABLY WILL NEVER COMPLAIN. Kim is Awesome ????
Btw: these are my nails 2 weeks after getting them done. This is total basic acrylic with REGULAR polish. NOTHING SPECIAL AT ALL . They do very good work trust me
The man did an awesome job on my feet. It was my first visit and was a lil disappointed they didn't accept credit cards. So I was digging for a tip. Overall great service and they was quick and it wasn't crowded. Definitely coming back just gotta make sure I bring enough cash!!
Just got my set of nails . I found my new nail girl I am new to the area so glad I came here thanks a bunch your new customer ashley moore.
Not a long wait, but a wait. Too congested narrow place with many people. They are about business and my nails were done great. The environment may keep me from going back.
I’ve been coming to Kim for two years. I’m a regular and I love the work her and her husband does. I love small shops, it’s more personal and attentive. I will continue to come here. My nails last a long time. Very rare they ever break or come off. The only shop I will go to in the area.
My mother and I came in here to get a simple fill in with regular polish and the lady (I’m assuming was the owner) was not very interested in our business. She was on the phone and more interested in that conversation than our business. First of all she quoted us $30 for a fill-in with regular polish, and $45 for a full set with regular polish. There was nobody in the shop except her. I understand why nobody was in there now. She’s rude and her prices are unrealistically high compared to the competition. And I see her on here trying to defend herself against the other bad reviews she’s gotten, and I’m not afraid of her commenting on my review because everything I said is true.

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Cash-only


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