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Gardeners Arms

+44 1903 233666
West St, Sompting, Lancing BN15 0AR United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About Gardeners Arms

Gardeners Arms is a traditional pub located in Sompting village. It has recently undergone renovations and offers a variety of amenities and services to its customers. The strengths of the pub can be identified from the comments provided:
1. Good food and service: Multiple comments mention the quality of the food and service at Gardeners Arms. Customers appreciate the home-cooked meals and mention that the staff is friendly, helpful, and attentive.
2. Nice atmosphere: Customers find the pub to have a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. The presence of a log fire and cozy seating adds to the ambiance, especially during the winter months.
3. Range of activities: Gardeners Arms offers various activities to cater to different interests. They have billiards, darts, and even host a quiz night on Wednesdays. These activities enhance the entertainment value for customers.
4. Sunday roast dinners: The pub is known for its delicious Sunday roast dinners, which are highly recommended by customers. This adds a special touch to the pub and is likely to attract more customers on Sundays.
5. Convenient location: Being situated in the middle of Sompting village makes Gardeners Arms easily accessible for both locals and visitors. The presence of a large car park allows for hassle-free parking, and customers also mention enjoying a nice walk to the pub.
6. Welcoming to all ages: The pub caters to customers of varying age groups, from their 30s to their 60s. This inclusivity is appreciated by customers and allows for a diverse and vibrant atmosphere in the pub.
7. Engaging events: Comments mention the pub hosting events such as a drag night and cribbage club along with musical performances. These events add to the entertainment value and give customers more reasons to visit the pub.
8. Homely feel: Customers mention feeling at home in Gardeners Arms, emphasizing the friendly and welcoming nature of the pub. This contributes to a comfortable and cozy environment for patrons.
Weaknesses: 1. Limited beer selection: A comment mentions that there are only a few ales on tap. While some customers appreciate the presence of Harvey's Ale, a wider variety of beer options could be desirable for those with different preferences.
2. Outdated decor: One comment suggests that the decor of the pub has a throwback to the 70s. While this may add to the traditional ambiance, it could be seen as a weakness for those seeking a more modern or contemporary aesthetic.
In conclusion, Gardeners Arms has various strengths that make it an appealing pub for visitors. These include good food and service, a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, a range of activities, and a convenient location. The pub also caters to different age groups, hosts engaging events, and creates a homely feel. However, the limited beer selection and potential outdated decor are areas that could be improved to attract a wider customer base. Overall, Gardeners Arms appears to be a popular and well-loved pub in Sompting village.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Steve and Kat has opened since Christmas. A bit of a spruce, log fire, billiards, darts, Wednesday quiz, lovely roast dinners on Sundays (yum, yum!) and other days new food menu coming soon. London Pride Harvey’s Best Sussex, Guinness, Birra Moretti and cider with the usual brand spirits and wine. Use it or lose it. This is one of those lovely welcoming traditional pubs and in the middle of Sompting village with lovely people and I would highly recommend a visit!
Had lunch there today, good food and service. Nice atmosphere. Will return
Absolutely brilliant nite Friday with drag with no name
Great little pub that serves up some of the best home cooked food in the area book if you are going on a sunday for lunch as it will be very busy
Lovely food all home cooked, staff fantastic very friendly,helpful and attentive, felt a very homely place. Looking forward to going again. ????????????????
We all love it in here! Our ages are 30's through to 60's but it has something for us all. We drive down and park in the great size car park or enjoy a nice walk for half an hour. It's lovely and welcoming with the fire in the winter and has a lovely decking area for the summer. The staff are lovely and Mick and Maggie great landlords working hard and have done a brilliant job of resurrecting the pub. The pub quiz is fun, the food lovely, the sunday roasts divine. We've been in on nights when their is cribbage club and when musicians are getting together to play. We really do love it!
This is a good pub.
Good beer, food and people, the fire in winter is very welcome!
Car parking is pretty good although the decor is a little throw back to the 70s.
Lovely little original ol' boozer country style...locals are friendly....good reasonably priced food,children made to feel welcome....only a few ales on tap but who cares when they have the Harvey's! Five stars

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  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance