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Ganzel's Barber Shop

(509) 946-5212
747 The Pkwy Richland, WA 99352
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I had a buzz. The online price was $16, but I was charged $18. Walk-in was no wait, and the barber did an excellent old school cut with an actual straight razor finish. It was worth $18, but it was disappointing that the prices weren't updated online.
Great service! Was able to walk in and get a trim right away!
This place is really special. Every time I get my haircut here I get dozens of compliments. Can't really walk in anymore...with covid and all things have changed you have to get an appointment a couple days out typically but it's worth it. So plan ahead and prepare to be dazzled.
This place is nice. Normally I'll visit a convenient salon somewhere in a strip mall. What the hell was I thinking? I realize now that not only did spend more money in a salon, I left with the same generic haircut everyone else had after 5 minutes of sitting in their chair. Sitting in the barber's chair at Ganzel's I soon realized that these guys took pride in their work and were relatively inexpensive.
The 2 barbers there take their time and make sure that you relay what you are looking for. Super friendly. Because they take the time to give you a proper cut there can be a wait, but I prefer a proper cut to a speedy one. Get there well before closing because they usually book up toward the end of the day.
If you want a great haircut or hairstyle in a relaxed atmosphere, this is the place. You can't be in a hurry as they don't take appointments. It's first come first serve so you may have to wait for a while but you get great service at a good price.
Does an excellent job. I wish they charged more so the wait times were not so long. I first choice, but many times I just look in and have to go to my second choice because of the wait times. The lady who used to run this shop moved down to a place on Lee. She is almost as good, but uses just a little less care. I also like John at Westgate, but his hours are somewhat short.
Laid back atmosphere. If you want a clean cut with attention to detail then hit up Russell Smith. I showed up last minute and he still did a killer job. Fair price for what a quality hair/ beard cut goes for around the Tri-cities.

Quick Facts About Ganzel's Barber Shop

Ganzel's Barber Shop has several strengths based on the comments provided. Firstly, many customers appreciate the excellent quality of the haircuts they receive at the shop. The barbers take their time and make sure to understand and deliver exactly what the customers are looking for, resulting in satisfactory and personalized cuts. They even provide an old-school straight razor finish, which adds to the overall experience and quality of the service. This attention to detail and professionalism has led many customers to receive compliments on their haircuts after visiting Ganzel's.
Another strength of Ganzel's Barber Shop is the ability to walk in and get a trim right away, as mentioned by multiple customers. This convenience is appreciated as not all barber shops or salons can accommodate walk-ins without a long wait time.
The affordability of Ganzel's Barber Shop is another strength. Many customers mention that the prices are relatively inexpensive compared to other salons or strip mall locations. Customers appreciate the value for money they receive at Ganzel's and feel that they are not overpaying for their haircuts.
The laid-back atmosphere of the shop is an additional strength mentioned by customers. This relaxed environment allows customers to feel comfortable and at ease during their visits. The presence of a friendly and skilled barber like Russell Smith adds to the positive atmosphere of the shop, as he is highlighted for his attention to detail and ability to deliver a quality haircut, even with last-minute appointments.
While Ganzel's Barber Shop has several strengths, there are also some weaknesses identified in the comments. One weakness is the outdated online pricing. A customer mentions that they were charged $18 instead of the advertised online price of $16. This inconsistency can be disappointing for customers who rely on online prices for budgeting purposes. It is important for the shop to update their online information to accurately reflect the current pricing.
Another weakness mentioned is the wait time. Some customers note that because the barbers take their time to provide proper cuts, there can be a wait, especially towards the end of the day. While customers appreciate the quality results, it can be inconvenient for those who are in a hurry or have limited time available. This wait time may discourage potential customers who are unable to wait and result in them choosing alternative barbershops.
In addition, one comment mentions that the lady who used to run Ganzel's Barber Shop moved to a different location. Although this may not directly affect the strength or weakness of the shop itself, it suggests a change in personnel and potentially a change in the level of care provided. The customer states that the new location provides a similar level of service but with slightly less care. This could be a concern for customers who were loyal to the previous owner and may impact their decision to continue using Ganzel's.
Lastly, another customer mentions that the wait times are often long, and as a result, they sometimes have to go to their second choice for a haircut. This indicates a potential issue with managing customer flow and wait times, which could deter customers from returning to the shop or trying to visit during busy periods.
In conclusion, Ganzel's Barber Shop has strengths such as excellent quality haircuts, convenience for walk-ins, affordability, and a laid-back atmosphere. However, there are also weaknesses including the outdated online pricing, potential long wait times, and changes in personnel that may impact the level of care provided. These strengths and weaknesses should be considered by potential customers when deciding whether Ganzel's Barber Shop is the right choice for their haircut needs.


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