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2-4 Fairfax St, Bristol BS1 3DB United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About Fresh bakery

Fresh Bakery Place is a hidden gem that offers authentic food with Hong Kong cafe style vibes. One of its strengths is the quality and taste of its dim sum selection, which is all made in-house. Customers have praised the great taste of the food, with one commenter even stating that the Cantonese food at Fresh Bakery Place tastes better than most in Shanghai. Additionally, the friendly staff and efficient service contribute to a positive dining experience.
Another strength of Fresh Bakery Place is its authenticity. A customer who had lived in Hong Kong for almost 10 years noted that the restaurant provided the most authentic bit of Hong Kong food culture they had experienced in the UK. The hand-made, steamed dumplings were especially praised for their phenomenal taste. The service at Fresh Bakery Place is also described as undeniably authentic, efficient, and without fuss, which adds to the overall experience.
Furthermore, Fresh Bakery Place has attracted customers from various locations, with one person stating that they would travel from Manchester to Bristol just to visit the restaurant again. This indicates that the food and experience offered by Fresh Bakery Place are highly valued and worth the travel.
However, Fresh Bakery Place does have some weaknesses. One commenter mentioned that the vegan offerings at the restaurant are rather limited. While they praised the vegan crystal three mushroom dumplings, they stated that they would give the restaurant a higher rating if there were more vegan options available for a complete dim sum experience. This indicates that the vegan menu could be expanded to cater to a wider range of dietary preferences.
Another weakness mentioned is the size of the dining area. It is described as too small for the number of people when fully occupied. Additionally, the lack of ventilation can be a concern for some customers. However, these limitations are balanced by the acknowledgement that the restaurant provides an insight into basic Chinese cuisine, which may be adequate for certain customers.
In terms of ambiance, the decor of Fresh Bakery Place is described as uninspiring but nostalgic. The quaint and tucked away location near Chinese supermarkets adds to the charm, and the store offers a variety of classic Hong Kong buns. The friendly staff and fresh produce are also praised by customers, contributing to a pleasant dining experience.
In an update, it is mentioned that Fresh Bakery Place also offers take-away options. One customer shared their positive experience with a Valentine's/Chinese New Year take-away order, noting the high quality and quantity of the food. The customer also appreciated the warm and fresh ingredients, as well as the efficiency of the staff in preparing the food.
Overall, Fresh Bakery Place has several strengths such as its authentic and great-tasting food, friendly staff, and efficient service. However, it could improve by expanding its vegan options, considering the limited space and lack of ventilation in the dining area, and potentially updating the decor to enhance the overall ambiance. Despite these weaknesses, Fresh Bakery Place has created a positive dining experience for its customers and has garnered loyal fans who are willing to travel to visit the restaurant.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

This is a hidden gem; authentic food from Hong Kong cafe style vibes. The dim sum selection was good and great taste (all made in house). Friendly staff and service. Overall would go again and recommend to others to try.
Excellent Cantonese food that even tastes better than most in Shanghai. At around six pounds a dish, it is unparalleled among Chinese restaurants here.
Having lived in Hong Kong for almost 10 years, Fresh Bakery offered the most authentic bit of Hong Kong food culture I’ve had in the UK and best of all we stumbled across it by chance. The hand-made, steamed dumplings were just phenomenal and the super oily dry fried beef noodles were also totally on point. Po Lei Tea served as standard.
Service is also undeniably authentic, which is to say efficient and without fuss. If you have visited Hong Kong you’ll get this! The decor is equally uninspiring but in a nostalgic kind of way. Regardless, this is the place the local Hong Kong and Chinese population go for a family breakfast. A very lucky find????
Would travel to Bristol from Manchester just to visit this restaurant again. 11/10
The dim sum of the restaurant is really good. I think the food is better than the well-known one at Eastgate. The fried beef rice noodles is wonderful, the taste is almost the same as what I ate in Asia. If you are a lover of dim sum that live in Bristol, go and have a try!
My whole little family loves their vegan crystal three mushroom dumplings!
Unfortunately, this is the only thing we have ever ordered here, as their vegan offerings are rather limited, but these dumplings are excellent.
I'd give them that fifth star if they would add some more vegan items for an actual dim sum experience with more than one dish.
The dining area is too small for the number of people when fully occupied. Not enough ventilation The service staff are not wellcoming, made no effort to talk.
Adequate for customers who want an insight of basic Chinese cuisine.
Cutest store tucked away quietly on a street near the Chinese supermarkets. Just like traditional Hong Kong Bakeries it has many classic Hong Kong buns for you to choose from. Choices include Hot Dog bun,
taro, custard and red bean! Our favourite is Curry buns and sometimes when they don't have them we ask and they make them for us the next day!
Friendly staff and fresh produce! What more could you ask for! Waiting til the end of lock down so we can come and eat dim sum!
gives me so much nostalgia!
We got Dim Sum take away for Valentine's/Chinese New Year!
IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT! You get what you pay for! High quality and quantity of food, still warm even after half an hour of walking back in a snow storm!
We had 9 dishes in total and I was still eating it for breakfast! Really heartwarming and great taste! Fresh ingredients!
As soon as we walked through the door they had our food ready to go! Thank you Wah-Suk!
大変リラックスしておいしい飲茶をいただきましたが食事あとお手洗いにいこうとおもったら故障で使用不可と言われてあわててトイレをさがしにいきました せっかくの楽しい時間をすごしたのに残念でした

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