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Foxy Nails and Spa

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646 21st St, Vero Beach, FL 32960 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Foxy Nails and Spa

Foxy Nails and Spa has received a mixture of positive and negative comments, highlighting both strengths and weaknesses of the establishment. It is important to analyze these comments in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.
Starting with the strengths, one recurring theme is the exceptional customer service provided by the staff. Customers have repeatedly mentioned how accommodating and nice the staff members are. They are willing to listen to customer requests and go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. Additionally, one customer specifically mentioned the owner's granddaughter being taken care of, indicating that the staff is attentive to customers of all ages. This emphasis on customer service contributes to a positive atmosphere and builds customer loyalty.
Another strength mentioned is the longevity of gel manicures and pedicures. Many customers appreciate the durability of the gel polish, which can last up to three weeks. For busy individuals, this is a significant advantage as it reduces the need for frequent salon visits. Gel manicures and pedicures can be time-consuming and costly, so having them last longer is a valuable service for customers.
Additionally, the positive experiences of customers regarding the quality of services provided are another strength of Foxy Nails and Spa. Multiple reviewers mentioned the stellar job done by the technicians. One customer even specifically named Destiny as doing a beautiful job for their wedding manicure and pedicure. This indicates that the technicians at Foxy Nails and Spa have the skills and expertise to consistently deliver high-quality results.
Moving on to the weaknesses, one common complaint is the price being considered as overpriced. Although not explicitly stated, it can be inferred that the price of services might be higher compared to other salons in the area. This may deter potential customers looking for more affordable options, resulting in a negative impact on the business.
Another weakness mentioned is the inconsistency in the results of gel manicures and pedicures. One customer experienced chipping and lifting of the gel polish after only four days. Although they visited the salon to fix the issue, it occurred again after eleven days. This inconsistency in the longevity of the gel polish raises concerns regarding the quality and application techniques used at Foxy Nails and Spa. This customer explicitly advised others to opt for regular polish instead, indicating dissatisfaction with the gel services offered.
Furthermore, negative experiences related to lash and eyebrow services have been mentioned. A customer complained about the rudeness of the staff, specifically mentioning being snatched and experiencing a burning sensation due to uncured glue during the lash application. Additionally, inadequate cleaning and patchy spots on the eyebrows were reported. These experiences highlight a lack of professionalism and attention to detail in these specific services. Such negative experiences can tarnish the reputation of Foxy Nails and Spa and deter potential customers seeking lash and eyebrow services.
In conclusion, Foxy Nails and Spa has several strengths that contribute to a positive customer experience. These include exceptional customer service, longevity of gel manicures and pedicures, and high-quality services provided by skilled technicians. However, there are weaknesses that need to be addressed, including complaints about overpricing, inconsistency in gel manicure and pedicure results, and negative experiences with lash and eyebrow services. Addressing these weaknesses can improve customer satisfaction and ensure a positive brand image for Foxy Nails and Spa.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Came here to get a manicure and pedicure for my wedding. They were so accommodating to all of my requests and so nice. Destiny did a beautiful job.
Been going here for about 11 years! Always accommodating and a great family business
I always Gel manicure and pedicure because it last at least 3 weeks wich is amazing for a busy woman. This is the 2nd time visiting this salon 1st was just a gel pedicure ( didn't need it yet just wanted a pedicure) and the color looked blotchy but service was amazing so thought I would give them another try. This time for both mani and pedi. After 4 days the nails started chipping away. I went in and they fixed it but exactly 11 days it all basically started chipping away and lifting as if it was a sticker on my nail. Im giving 2 stars because of the service and toes stayed pretty good but i wont return and would advise you to get regular polish if going.
I took my 4 year old to get a pedicure. The Owner took care of the Granddaughter. I was charged $25.00 for her. But the OWNER didn't do an actual Pedicures. She didn't scrub her feet. Didn't massage her legs. All she did was paint her Nails. Period. The lady that took care of me, Kim was Very Good. I like the salon but take My Advice and DON'T let the OWNER touch you. She Ripped me ay Granddaughter OFF. I wouldn't be back.
Very pleasant people and technicians. I absolutely love everybody that works there and even the little dog.
I guess my last review was deleted?
Acrylic nails lifted up less than a week later
I went to get my lashes and eyebrows done they told me to come back at 4 I was a couple mins late but the lady was already walking out (which they could have just said come back tomorrow) I could tell they were talking trash because she wanted to leave but she reluctantly took me…went to the back and she was snatching my head opening up my eye letting the glue sting it knowing it had not dried! When she did my eyebrows she left patchy spots towards the end of it and did not clean them up good at all! When it was time for me to get up and leave out I couldn’t even see my eyes were burning so bad! I had to ask for a tissue! She gave that to me and walked right past me trying to find the bathroom and said “it’s not dry yet” with an attitude she didn’t try to help me AT ALL she just left! They are very rude in this place and not welcoming at all I’ll take my money elsewhere!
Best experience out of every salon I've ever visited. Customer service is above and beyond. They work very hard to make sure you get every detail you pay for. We paid for 2 most expensive pedicure packages and it had to last at least an hour. Her hands had to be so tired. But she kept smiling and asking if I felt OK, if I needed another margarita. I can't praise this establishment enough. Their work is flawless on top of it. My girlfriend had her eyelashes done and they looked perfect, so real. Great, great business!

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