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Flames Kebab House

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106 Norfolk St, King's Lynn PE30 1AQ United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Flames Kebab House has received mixed reviews from customers, with both positive and negative comments about their food and customer service. In order to provide a comprehensive analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the restaurant, I will discuss each comment individually.
Starting with the positive feedback, one customer mentioned that they have ordered from Flames Kebab House multiple times and found the food to be fresh, well-cooked, and tasty. They specifically praised the stuffed crust pizza, stating that it is their favorite in the city. This comment highlights the strengths of the restaurant in terms of food quality and taste. The fact that this customer is a repeat customer suggests that Flames Kebab House has created a positive dining experience for them, leading to customer loyalty.
However, there are several negative comments about the customer service at Flames Kebab House. One customer claimed that the staff had a terrible attitude, laughing at customers and overcharging drunk customers. This display of unprofessional behavior is a significant weakness for the restaurant, as it can negatively impact the overall dining experience and deter customers from returning. Another customer mentioned that the staff were rude and unprofessional, refusing to rectify a mistake in their order and contesting online prices. This comment further highlights the poor customer service provided by the restaurant. The absence of a manager on site was also mentioned, indicating a lack of leadership and the potential for disorganization.
Several customers expressed dissatisfaction with the portion sizes and prices at Flames Kebab House. One mentioned that they received small portions and were overcharged for their meal. The restaurant's refusal to rectify the mistake and their attempt to contest online prices further added to the customer's disappointment. This complaint suggests that Flames Kebab House may have inconsistent portion sizes and pricing practices. Another customer criticized the overall quality of the food, describing it as "crusty" and suggesting that the restaurant should shut down. This negative comment points to a weakness in the food preparation and quality control at Flames Kebab House.
In terms of online ordering, one customer mentioned that they had a negative experience with Flames Kebab House. They specified additions to their order, but the restaurant got it wrong. Additionally, the customer stated that their pre-ordered delivery arrived much earlier than expected, which could indicate a lack of attention to detail and miscommunication between staff members. When the customer called to complain, they were met with abuse, further highlighting the poor customer service provided by the restaurant. This feedback exposes weaknesses in communication and order accuracy at Flames Kebab House.
Lastly, one customer had a particularly negative experience with Flames Kebab House. They claimed that half of their order was wrong, and when they tried to call and resolve the issue, they were greeted by a horrible member of staff. Furthermore, the customer and their family members experienced food poisoning after consuming the food. This comment raises significant concerns about food safety and hygiene practices at Flames Kebab House, which is a major weakness for any restaurant.
In conclusion, Flames Kebab House has strengths in terms of food quality and taste, as well as repeat customers who enjoy their pizza. However, the restaurant has weaknesses in customer service, including unprofessional behavior, rudeness, and an absence of management. They have also received complaints about portion sizes, pricing, food quality, online ordering accuracy, and food safety. It is clear that Flames Kebab House has room for improvement in various areas to provide a better dining experience for its customers.

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I've ordered from this restaurant over a couple dozen times. The food is always fresh and well cooked, tastes great and their stuffed crust pizza is my favourite in the city. It's my go to take out place and you should consider it being yours too
Absolutely awful customer service. They laugh at customers and have this awful attitude. I've seen them take the micky out of the drunk customers and over charge them. Really not trustworthy in the slightest. Food was like warm at best. I certainly won't be going back. Not a safe place to go.
Small portions and over charged me, refused to rectify mistake, even tried to contest online prices were wrong on two separate websites (their own and uber) then to be told why didn't we order online! Very ruder very un professional and then to be told no manager was on site not happy at all!
Don’t waste your money here. What an embarrassment of a takeaway, have the cheek to charge them prices yet could be rated the CRUSTIEST, nastiest takeaway in kings Lynn. Can’t even make chips, might as well shut down now tbh.
The taste of the pizza is unreal, I don't know how they make it taste so good.
Brought a donner wrap with a can of coke, paid £8 for the meal, didn't receive the coke as was told I did not ask, and had to pay £1.50 for the wrap for my donner roll? Worst takeaway I have ever been to.
Ordering online? Specify additions by ticking box after box of things you DON'T want, then they get it wrong? Pre-order for delivery at 1900hrs? Delivered at 1740hrs!
Phoned to complain, met with abuse. Don't ever use this place! Pathetic customer service.
TERRIBLE!!! £45 not including £5 delivery just for half my order to be wrong tried to call to sort the issue out and got greeted by a horrible member of staff! EVERYONE in my family who ate this tonight has thrown up multiple times including myself (would give a 0 if I could) not to say he was 20 minutes later then we were told

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