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Fish & Skewers

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151 Holloway Rd, London N7 8LX United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About Fish & Skewers

Fish & Skewers Place, based on the comments provided, has several strengths and weaknesses that can be analyzed.
1. Friendly and Accessible Staff: Multiple users have mentioned the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff at Fish & Skewers Place. This is an important strength as it creates a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for customers.
2. Range of Menu Options: Customers have praised the variety of food options available at the establishment. From fish and chips to pork chops and salmon, Fish & Skewers Place offers a diverse menu that caters to different preferences.
3. Value for Money: Many reviewers have noted that the prices at Fish & Skewers Place are reasonable and offer good value for money. This is a strength, as customers appreciate getting quality food at affordable prices.
4. Fresh Ingredients: Several comments mention the freshness of the food at Fish & Skewers Place. Fresh vegetables and meats are highlighted, indicating that the establishment prioritizes using high-quality ingredients.
5. Cleanliness: Reviewers have positively commented on the cleanliness of Fish & Skewers Place. This is a crucial strength, as a clean environment is important for both hygiene and customer satisfaction.
1. Inconsistent Quality: One reviewer mentioned that the chips they received were raw inside and that an order of chips was missing. The cook's response, as described in the comment, was defensive and unprofessional. This inconsistency in quality and the negative customer service experience are weaknesses for Fish & Skewers Place.
2. Negative Customer Experience: Another commenter expressed dissatisfaction with the food, mentioning a stale bun, reheated chips, and feeling overcharged for their meal. This negative customer experience is a weakness for the establishment, as it reflects poorly on the overall quality of their offerings.
3. Inconsistent Feedback on Fish & Chips: While some reviewers praised the fish and chips at Fish & Skewers Place, others did not specifically mention it or had negative experiences with the chips. This inconsistency suggests that there may be a lack of consistency in the quality of the signature dish, which is a weakness for a place that claims to specialize in fish and chips.
4. Busy on Match Days: One comment mentioned that Fish & Skewers Place gets very busy on match days, resulting in longer waiting times for customers. While popularity can be a positive indicator, not being adequately prepared for higher demand can negatively impact the customer experience.
In conclusion, Fish & Skewers Place has strengths such as friendly staff, a range of menu options, reasonable prices, fresh ingredients, and cleanliness. However, weaknesses include inconsistent quality and negative customer experiences, particularly related to the fish and chips, as well as potential issues during busy periods. Addressing these weaknesses can help improve the overall dining experience and reputation of Fish & Skewers Place.

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Super freundlicher Koch.Süßer kleiner laden
Fish & chips correct en très grosse quantité ! Je recommande avec la sauce curry !
Such a lovely local cafe with really friendly members of staff. They're very accessible and have a range of clients and it's a great place to go for an informal lunch, breakfast or brunch. I usually have their roast beef, or lamb and the fresh veg is delicious. For £6 it's a great homely cooked meal.
My husband's tried their spagbol and it was also delicious. They have a range of meals from fish and chips to pork chops, salmon and lots of fresh meats in their food counter. Very good value for money and fresh food what more could you want. We absolutely love this place and regularly come here of a weekend. They have a lot of great offers on which I've taken images of and included their pies also look delicious.
I’ve visited this place twice in one week,as the fish & chips are world class.
The prices are very fair,and if you like Poppy’s fish & chips which isn’t cheap,then you’ll love this place,as it’s half the price of Poppy’s!
You can see from the picture everything is cooked to perfection,and I rate this place my second favourite in london.
They get very busy on match days,so you’ll have to wait a little longer then usual.
The owners are very friendly,and provide a good service,and the restaurant is very clean.
The owner told me in the morning it’s run as a cafe.
I rate this place 10/10 keep up your excellent work,as not many fish & chips can cook like you!
Impressive fish in dimension and quality. It is also fried very very well. The owner is kind and professional, the location does not smell of fried oil like many other fish and chips. The menu available is quite large and they served all day breakfast, which however we never tried. We will surely come back frequently to this place in Holloway road. Also, the location is clean, which is a big plus.
The chips was completely raw inside and an order of chips was missing. Called the shop and the cook answered saying he did it himself and then started to ramble about how he tried his best and hundreds of people have complained today about the chips for no reason and that we were lying.
The best fish & chips ive had in a long while very tasty ????
Staff very friendly.
I don't mean to sound negative but that was the pits, I don't know what was worse, the 50p burger on a very stale bun or the reheated three day old tasting chips or that I paid £6 for the displeasure of the whole lunch, I was happy with the slice of cheese and the bottle of water, so not all bad.

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