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Fayette Crossing

201 Walmart Dr, Uniontown, PA 15401 United States of America
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance

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Sorry for the book..but this needs said..You all need to have more than 1 cash register opened on a daily basis..we like having a human behind the register and smiling face. That smile goes along way when someone's having a rough day and most of all it keeps ppl employed and families fed..also have the pharmacy doors opened longer. And if you still choose to keep the hours at that time. Maybe make an announcement over the intercoms like you do when the store closes ..when you nag everyone to get out the store like every 10 minutes cause you all want out the store at 11pm..well customers could get out the door faster if they had more than one register opened and the middle doors closing warning so they can get home to and not take long getting home because you make it hard for them to get back to their car....because not everyone knows about when the middle doors close and you all need to go back to 24hr. The parking is horrible..you'd think you all in cahoots with the gasoline companies, the longer we take to park the more expensive gas we gotta buy and not everyone whose handicapped got a handicapped tag on their car or able to get a handicapped tag..and when you shut those middle doors without warning customers. The ones who are handicapped already have a hard time getting around as it is..you make it ten times harder on them to get to their car. Not everyone can get a electric cart or get one charged. So please be respectful of those who are handicapped. Pregnant. Elderly or with multiple kids. We give you our money to keep the store open..so keep the doors open for ppl already parked over by them and not make us walk all the way around. And my goodness the pandemic is over. Let's get back to normalcy. Not everyone is able to shop during the day because the of their work hours etc.
Same here as Connellsville Walmart looking for Motorcraft oil and no place has it. Apparently they sale a lot of it so order more of it. I've ask for it and the employee says they can't keep that one in. DAH get more of it. So dumb.
Quick in and out. Found everything I was looking for.
Well stocked. Down side it is,a very large store but it was well marked and easy to get through for a shopping scooter.
I love Applebee's. Great drinks ????a little pricey.. But worth it. You get a lot for your money as well as table top video games for yourself or your kids.. Kid menu's as well.. Very friendly staff and nice atmosphere. TV's all around and will put on whatever you want to watch. So they are an all around great place to go.
I do all my on line grocery shopping and pick up the next day. There quick and the staff is very friendly.
Food is decent, service is usually pretty good to great. It's about average to slightly above average for an Applebee's from customer perspective, nothing particularly "wows" you in either direction.
Don't know why but we haven't had good luck with the fish we get there. Most times its hard to even find an employee to help us.

Quick Facts About Fayette Crossing

Strengths: 1. Quick in and out: One commenter appreciated the convenience of being able to find everything they were looking for and complete their shopping quickly. 2. Well stocked: Another commenter noted that the store was well stocked and easy to navigate, particularly for those using shopping scooters. 3. Friendly staff: Multiple commenters mentioned the friendly and helpful staff, both in the grocery section and at Applebee's. 4. Convenient online grocery shopping: One commenter praised the quick and friendly service they received when using the store's online grocery shopping option.
Weaknesses: 1. Limited cash registers: One commenter expressed frustration with the store only having one cash register open on a daily basis, suggesting that having multiple open would improve customer experience and support employment. 2. Limited pharmacy hours: Another commenter suggested that the pharmacy should have longer hours or make announcements about their closing time, as it can be inconvenient for customers trying to pick up prescriptions. 3. Parking difficulties: Multiple commenters complained about the parking situation, mentioning that it was difficult to find a parking spot and that the store should be more considerate of handicapped individuals and those with mobility issues. 4. Stock issues: One commenter mentioned the lack of availability of a specific product (Motorcraft oil) and suggested that the store should order more of it to meet customer demand. 5. Inconsistent fish quality and lack of employee assistance: Another commenter mentioned their disappointment with the quality of the fish purchased at the store, as well as the difficulty they faced in finding an employee to assist them.
In conclusion, Fayette Crossing Place has strengths in terms of convenience, friendly staff, and well-stocked inventory. However, there are weaknesses related to limited cash registers, pharmacy hours, parking difficulties, stock availability, and inconsistent customer service in certain areas. These areas of improvement would enhance the overall customer experience at the location.

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