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Fancy Nails Salon

+1 229-245-8886
2941 N Ashley St, Valdosta, GA 31602 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Fancy Nails Salon

Strengths: - Walk-ins welcome: This allows customers to visit the salon without an appointment, making it convenient for those who may have last-minute plans or busy schedules. - Decent prices: The salon offers affordable prices, which can be appealing to customers who are looking for budget-friendly options.
Weaknesses: - Lack of amenities for regular polish pedicure: The comment mentions that there was no foot massage included in the regular polish pedicure, which may be disappointing for customers who expect a full spa-like experience. - Limited services in gel manicure: The gel manicure at Fancy Nails Salon was described as lacking essential steps such as hand washing, massage, and cuticle cleaning. This can make the service feel incomplete and less professional. - Lack of sanitation practices: The comment suggests that the salon does not use individual tools for each customer and does not have proper sterilization solutions. This raises concerns about hygiene and the potential risk of infections. - Unclear pricing with card payments: The sliding-scale fee for card payments was not disclosed until the time of payment, which can be seen as unprofessional and may lead to customer dissatisfaction. - Lack of massage during mani/pedi: The absence of a light massage during the manicure and pedicure services is mentioned, which can be disappointing for customers who expect this as part of the overall experience.
Strengths: - Excellent customer service from Terry: One customer had a positive experience with Terry, who provided great customer service and a high-quality pedicure. This suggests that there are capable and professional staff members at the salon. - Reasonable prices for certain services: The comment mentions a relatively affordable price for an eyebrow waxing, lip and chin waxing, and gold glitter French tip nails. This can attract customers who are looking for specific services at reasonable rates. - Repeat customers satisfied with Nail designs: The salon has some loyal customers who have been going back for over a year and are still satisfied with the nail designs. This indicates that the salon can provide creative and appealing nail art.
Weaknesses: - Uncaring employee: The comment notes that one worker seemed uninterested in their work and tried to overcharge a customer. This can lead to negative experiences and customer dissatisfaction. - Issues with gel polish application: The comment describes gel polish coming off and the unprofessional appearance of the white gel polish. This hints at problems with the quality and skill of the technicians. - Additional fee for card payments: Some customers find it unfair that they have to pay an extra fee to help the salon cover the cost of their credit card machine. This may be viewed as a negative business practice and may deter potential customers. - Poor nail service and lack of attention: The customer expresses disappointment with the nail service, mentioning that the nails were not cut to the desired length and shape. Additionally, the technician was frequently getting up to do other things during the service, suggesting a lack of attention and focus.
Strengths: - Personalized service and attention: One customer appreciates the personal service received at Fancy Nails Salon. The staff remembers them and listens to their specific requests, creating a personalized experience. - Clean facility and reasonable prices: Another customer compliments the cleanliness of the salon and the affordability of services. This indicates that the salon maintains a hygienic environment and offers competitive pricing. - Owner's ability to fix issues: The owner of the salon is mentioned as being able to fix a customer's nails, which shows expertise and a commitment to customer satisfaction.
In conclusion, based on the comments provided, Fancy Nails Salon has strengths in terms of walk-ins being welcome and having decent prices. However, it also has weaknesses, including shortcomings in certain services such as regular polish pedicures and gel manicures, and concerns about hygiene and sanitation practices. The salon also faces issues such as unprofessional behavior from some employees, unclear pricing policies, and unsatisfactory nail services. On the other hand, satisfied customers appreciate the excellent customer service from specific staff members, reasonable prices for some services, and the personal attention provided by the staff and the owner.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Pros: walk-in’s welcome and decent prices
Cons: everything else.
$30, regular polish pedicure - no foot massage - wait, what?!
$30 gel manicure - no hand washing, no massage, no cuticle cleaning, no soapy water soak, and I can not stress this enough - NO INDIVIDUAL TOOLS and nothing sitting in sterilization solution. (See pics)
Had I observed this staph-infection promotion prior to my manicure, I would never have gotten one. Everyone else was getting acrylics which is kind of a different beast.
They charge a sliding-scale fee if you use a card. Unprofessional IMO, and not disclosed until time of payment ????
Maybe it’s a Georgia thing - but I kinda thought part of the mani/pedi experience was a light massage; guess I’ll have to look elsewhere for my sore feet. #RNProblems
Terry gave me the best customer service and pedicure I’ve had in a long time. Definitely recommend going to her.
I paid $70 for an eye brow wax a lip and chin wax and gold glitter French tip nails... The lady that done my work took her time and was very professional. There was another worker a gentleman who seemed uninterested in his work and tried to over charge a customer.. But the lady corrected it... She is so nice... I'll be back when it's time...
I've been going back for over a yr now! Trying new nail designs. Here's the lastest... And I still love her work!!
I love the personal service I get at Fancy Nails. The staff remembers me when I come in. The staff listens when I ask for specific details. The facility is not the most fabulous but it is clean and the prices are good. I also have my eyebrows waxed and they are always on point. I enjoy going here to relax. I leave there relaxed and beautiful.
The owner is great. She fixed my nails and they look great.
horrible !! gel polish coming off went up there twice to get it fixed my acrylic broke and seem like the white gel polish old cause it’s not dry all the way
Im new to Valdosta I love the service.he did a good job. But I don't think it's fair for the customer to have to pay for the service and tip, thennnn have to pay 3.99 and up depending on the price of your service to help them pay for their credit card machine that's not fair to the customers it's your business to it's up to you to pay for what you as biz owner need in your establishment. If you can't afford it. Maybe you don't need a business.
I asked here for short and
square they short all right for 35 wow and they filled down one side who do that she keep getting up doing other things omg lmao never go back I would not care if it was the last shop

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