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Exodus Hair Studio inc

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478 Washington Ave, Belleville, NJ 07109 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Exodus Hair Studio inc

Exodus Hair Studio Inc. is a place that receives overwhelmingly positive feedback from its clients. The strengths of Exodus Hair Studio can be highlighted through the comments provided:
Passion and expertise: The first comment mentions that the stylist at Exodus Hair Studio is very passionate about what they do. This indicates that the stylist genuinely cares about their clients and takes pride in their work. The stylist also showed the client how to style their curls and provided guidance on hair products, which demonstrates their expertise in catering to specific hair types.
Professionalism: Multiple comments mention the professionalism of the staff at Exodus Hair Studio. Clients appreciate the level of professionalism displayed by the stylists, which creates a positive and comfortable environment. This is crucial as it helps to build trust and ensures that clients feel valued and respected.
Consistency: One comment highlights the consistency of Exodus Hair Studio, stating that they have been coming for over 20 years. Consistency is an important strength for any business as it shows that they consistently deliver high-quality services to their clients. This comment also mentions that Gustavo, the stylist, is highly skilled and is the preferred choice for the client and their family members.
Attention to detail: Another comment mentions that Exodus Hair Studio pays attention to curly hair and gives it the time and attention it deserves. This indicates that the stylists at Exodus Hair Studio are knowledgeable in working with curly hair, providing specialized services to meet the unique needs of clients with those hair types.
Wide range of services: One comment mentions that Exodus Hair Studio offers express facials in addition to haircuts. This indicates that the salon offers a diverse range of services, catering to different customer preferences and needs. Offering a variety of services can attract a wider customer base and increase customer satisfaction.
Tea tree experience: The final comment mentions the "tea tree experience" at Exodus Hair Studio. This indicates that the salon offers additional services or treatments that enhance the overall customer experience. The use of tea tree products leaves the client's scalp feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, providing an added value to their visit.
Based on the comments, some potential weaknesses of Exodus Hair Studio Inc could include:
Limited geographic reach: One comment mentions that a client had to travel from Toms River, NJ to visit Exodus Hair Studio. While this indicates that the salon provides excellent services, it also suggests that the salon's customer base may be limited to a specific area. Increasing awareness and expanding marketing efforts could help attract customers from a wider radius.
Lack of negative feedback: Although not explicitly mentioned in the comments, the absence of any negative feedback could indicate that Exodus Hair Studio Inc does not encourage or receive constructive criticism from clients. While positive feedback is a strength, negative feedback provides an opportunity for growth and improvement. Encouraging clients to provide honest feedback and addressing any areas for improvement can help the salon continuously enhance its services.
In conclusion, Exodus Hair Studio Inc has several strengths that contribute to its success. The passion and expertise of the stylists, professionalism, consistency, attention to detail, and range of services are all factors that attract and retain clients. However, the salon may need to consider expanding its customer base and actively seeking constructive criticism to further enhance its services.

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First time today and definitely will not be my last. I loved my haircut. I came in to reshape my curls and he went above and beyond. He showed me how to style my curls and how apply the products to my hair. You can see he is very passionate about what he does. Definitely recommend his services
This place is incredible!! Great professionalism !! Awesome hair styling skills!! Drove all the way from Toms River NJ and it is well worth the trip!!
Best place for curly hair to get the attention and time it deserves! The shape created and products used have left me mesmerized!!
I have been coming for over 20 years. My family and I all get our cuts here. No one is better than Gustavo! The overall experience is top class!
The key to Exodus’s success is… consistency. I enjoy my express facial along with my quality haircut. I highly recommend exodus to anyone in and around the area.
Exodus, hair studio, Is the curly hair capital of Belleville New Jersey. I don’t trust my curls with anyone else , time and time again exodus leaves my hair looking better and better! I highly recommend!!!!
Gustavo is an absolute professional from start to finish. Came here for a haircut plus some work (untreated dreads). Honestly can say from someone who does get his haircut often that this was hands down the best experience I've had. Gustavo made me feel comfortable with that he was doing and is well knowledgeable in his craft. I highly recommend anyone looking for a new style or great barber who cares to come by and and have a sit down!!
The Exodus Experience is epic like no other I absolutely love the tea tree experience. My scalp came out feeling brand-new, Refreshed , tingling & clean. .exodus is an Awesome man.

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Appointments recommended


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Monday 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Tuesday 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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