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Evelyn Dickerson Hair Design

+1 330-678-0262
1317 S Water St, Kent, OH 44240 United States of America
Open Today: 08:00 AM - 04:00 PM

Quick Facts About Evelyn Dickerson Hair Design

1. Friendly and welcoming staff: Multiple comments mentioned that the staff at Evelyn Dickerson Hair Design is friendly and welcoming. This creates a positive and comfortable atmosphere for customers.
2. Skilled stylists: Mary and David were specifically mentioned as skilled stylists who did a great job with color, cuts, extensions, and blends. Their expertise and ability to understand and fulfill customer requests contribute to the high satisfaction level of the customers.
3. Clean and up-to-date salon: Customers commented on the cleanliness and tidiness of the salon. This reflects the professionalism of the salon and ensures a hygienic environment for customers.
4. Excellent customer service: The positive experience does not end with the stylists' skills but also extends to the overall customer service experience. Customers mentioned feeling cared for, comfortable, and confident in the salon. It is clear that the staff at Evelyn Dickerson Hair Design prioritize customer satisfaction.
5. Consistency over the years: One customer mentioned going to Evelyn Dickerson Hair Design since they were a child and continuing to be satisfied with their services. This demonstrates the salon's ability to maintain quality and customer loyalty over the years.
6. Variety of stylists: Another positive comment mentioned the availability of both new and seasoned stylists. This allows customers to choose a stylist based on their experience level or preference, providing a range of options for customers with different needs.
7. Affordable prices: The salon was praised for its reasonable prices. This attracts customers who are looking for quality services at affordable rates, making Evelyn Dickerson Hair Design accessible to a wide range of individuals.
1. Inconsistent results: One customer experienced streaky and poorly blended hair color, resulting in an undesirable yellowish shade. Despite attempts to fix it, the customer was ultimately dissatisfied with the results. This suggests that there may be inconsistencies in the skills and techniques of certain stylists at the salon.
2. Unsatisfactory resolution: In the case of the customer who had a bad experience with their hair color, they mentioned that the salon did not refund the $150 paid nor offer any form of compensation. This highlights a weakness in the salon's customer service and willingness to resolve issues.
3. Drastic hair changes: Another negative comment mentioned that the salon turned an ombre hairstyle into something else entirely, requiring a significant amount of hair to be cut off. This indicates a lack of understanding and communication between the stylist and the customer's desired outcome.
In conclusion, despite the strengths of Evelyn Dickerson Hair Design, such as its friendly staff, skilled stylists, clean salon, and excellent customer service, there are weaknesses that need to be addressed. Inconsistent results and unsatisfactory issue resolution may potentially impact the overall experience for customers. It is important for the salon to prioritize consistent training for its stylists, improved communication with customers, and effective resolution of any issues faced by customers in order to continue providing high-quality services.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

When we first moved to the area I gave this salon a try. I’m so glad I did! They are so friendly and welcoming. I went with whoever they gave me. I got so lucky!! Mary felt like a long lost friend. She is amazing!! She does great color, cuts and seems to read my mind anytime I wanted a change. I have enjoyed my time in Kent and one of the things I will miss the most is catching up with Mary. It’s been a wonderful 5 years. Who knows, maybe I will drive two hours and still get my hair done by her!!
I saw David at Evelyn Dickerson & he was AMAZING! I received an extension service & could not be happier with my results! He also cut my hair & it’s seriously the best cut & blend I’ve ever received! I am also a licensed cosmetologist so I can be a little more “picker.” Everyone was professional, everything was clean & up to current standards. I cannot rave enough about how awesome David is! He was on time (I was late), professional, so fun & knew exactly what he was doing. I couldn’t be more pleased with my service at Evelyn Dickerson! I HIGHLY recommend David for all of your hair needs (color, cuts, extensions etc). He is a master of them all! I’ll never go anywhere else again. David is AMAZING!
This place is outstanding! Clean, tidy and the most welcoming staff. Had loads of conversation with the stylist and lots of laughs. They made sure I was comfortable and made sure I knew what my end-result style would look like. I was open to suggestions, and they restored my confidence. Will definitely come here again!
Mrs Reedy cuts my son Dalton's hair and does a fantastic job. Very neat, clean and friendly staff. Will be back again.
Evelyn Dickersons is an amazing hair salon. I’ve been going here since I was a little kid and I keep coming back. Every time, I have been so satisfied with not only the customer service but the price, the people who are absolutely amazing and the outcome of my hair. Recently I had my hair highlighted by Kaylee, a fantastic employee there and it turned out beautifully. She was caring, knew exactly how to turn my ideas into reality and made me feel so welcomed. I can’t thank them enough for making me feel confident about my hair and comfortable while there. Thank you to all the Evelyn Dickerson staff!
I never wrote a review before in my life! Wish I could give no stars. I went into this salon with my hair already the perfect shade of platinum blond and just wanted a touch up. This salon was close to my home and decided to give them a shot. They made my hair streaky and was not blended very well. They also took my beautiful platinum blonde into a yellowish color. I came back a second time for them to try to fix it and after 6 attempts from day one and day two, I was fed up with all the damage being done and had to go back brunette.... $150 that they did not refund back or even offer anything from this horrible experience. Very VERRY ticked off. It took me a lonnng time to get the hair that I had and in one appointment, it’s gone. On top of all this, I had to get a lot of my hair chopped off. Was down to my butt and now middle of back. I had an ombré and they turned it into something else..
Went and got 13 inches cut off, David did an absolutely amazing job. He was so friendly and made sure everything was just perfect and how I wanted it. He even had some extra time so he did a full blowout and style for me! Very clean and they follow covid protocol. I finally found “my stylist” that I’ve been looking for. I’ll be back again soon!
Lots of great stylists. Mary gives the best head massage so make sure not to skip the shampoo! They offer a variety of stylists both new and seasoned and prices are great! Good availability of stylists too.

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Appointments recommended


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