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Estrella Salon De Belleza

+1 303-487-6778
1706 W 92nd Ave, Federal Heights, CO 80260 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Estrella Salon De Belleza

Estrella Salon De Belleza has received a mix of positive and negative comments, highlighting both strengths and weaknesses of the place. By analyzing these comments, we can gain a better understanding of what customers appreciate about the salon and areas where improvement may be needed.
One of the strengths mentioned by multiple customers is the quality of the haircuts and hairstyles. Customers have noted that they receive amazing results and love the way their hair looks after visiting the salon. This indicates that the stylists at Estrella Salon De Belleza are skilled and capable of delivering satisfying hair makeovers. Furthermore, the positive experiences have resulted in some customers stating their intention to become regular visitors to the salon.
Another strength of the salon that has been mentioned is the affordability of the services. One customer specifically stated that the salon provides beautiful hair styles at an affordable price. This affordability makes the salon an attractive option for customers looking to get their hair done without breaking the bank.
Customers have also commented on the good customer service provided by some of the staff members. One customer mentioned that the barbers at the salon are great and provide excellent customer service. Another customer specifically praised Diana for her exceptional fade skills and great customer service. This indicates that some staff members at Estrella Salon De Belleza go above and beyond to ensure that customers feel satisfied and well taken care of.
However, there are also weaknesses identified in the comments that point to areas where Estrella Salon De Belleza can improve. One of the most significant weaknesses mentioned by customers is poor customer service. Multiple customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the way they were treated, including being scolded or spoken to rudely. This type of behavior can taint the overall customer experience and discourage customers from returning or recommending the salon.
Another weakness mentioned is the lack of professionalism and unprofessional behavior. One customer mentioned that the salon did not have a functional bathroom and when they returned from using a neighboring business's bathroom, someone else was already being serviced. This lack of organization and professionalism can create a negative impression and deter customers from choosing the salon.
Some customers have also expressed dissatisfaction with the pricing and quality of the haircuts. One customer mentioned that the salon charges a high price for the area, and others have commented that the haircuts did not meet their expectations in terms of length and unevenness. These comments indicate that there may be inconsistencies in the quality of the haircuts provided and that the pricing may not align with the level of service received.
In conclusion, Estrella Salon De Belleza has strengths in delivering satisfying hair makeovers, offering affordable services, and providing good customer service by some staff members. However, the salon needs improvement in terms of overall customer service, professionalism, and consistency in the quality of haircuts. Addressing these weaknesses is crucial for the salon to enhance its reputation and attract and retain customers.

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Las peores mechas y el peor corte de pelo luce horrible tube que ir a cortarlo casi hasta por los hombros para q se viera decente. No volveré nunca me atendió susi.
Wonderful place for a hair makeover. They pay attention to what you want and deliver amazing results! Went in for a cut and she styled my hair. I love the results! I plan on making this my regular place. Definitely worth checking out for an affordable, beautiful hair style!
Ay terrible, aun ni fui hacerme el servicio y el viejo q me contesto el telefono ya me estaba regañando porque necesito servicio en la tarde ya a trabajao en la mañana, literalmente me hablo como regañandome, y me dice necesita 3-4 hrs para el servicio q quieres, y le pregunto cuando pueden en la tarde y empieza a gritarme diciendome q no me puede dar un estimado x telefono, viejo loco, q bueno q no use mi dinero en un salon mediocre donde tratan mal a los w ni siquiera aun son clientes NO RECOMIENDO ESTE LUGAR BUSQUEN OTRO LADO.
Pues no, nadie le pidio q me hiciera highlights en 1 hr, solo yo pedia en la tarde. Pero bueno ojala le sirva para aprender a ser mas amable con quien se interesa en sus servicios.
Poor customer service!! Had an appointment at 5 and got called at 5:30 needed to use bathroom but their bathroom was out of order "supposedly"I told them I was goin next door to use a bathroom because they couldn't let my 4yr old use their bathroom they are a business how can they not have a functional bathroom business bathroom, when I come back they had someone else sitting down already!!! This place is trashy and unprofessional. DONT RECOMEND THIS PLACE AT ALL!!
Always get great haircuts here
Now first off they charge 42 bucks for a cut that’s expensive for the area it’s in!!! second when they cut your hair they don’t do a great job on the length you ask them ..they cut shorter pieces and uneven !!!they look stressed ect . Not a good place to get anything done I suggest to go elsewhere if you don’t want to get ripped off! ???????????????? And have your hair looking uneven best of luck to all if you do get a haircut here !!!!
I love they way my hair looked when she was done with it, very good job. You do have to wait a little cause they are busy
Very good service and all the barbers are great. They do a very good job. Diana is is excellent at fades and her customer service is great!

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Health & safety
  • Mask required
  • Temperature check required
  • Staff wear masks
  • Staff get temperature checks
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom
  • Restroom
  • Appointments recommended
  • Debit cards


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