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Empress Nails Place, based on the comments above, has both strengths and weaknesses. In order to fully understand and analyze these strengths and weaknesses, it is important to consider the feedback provided by the customers.
One of the strengths mentioned in the comments is the knowledge and friendliness of the staff, particularly the young ladies named Daja and Melissa. This suggests that the employees at Empress Nails Place are well-trained and able to provide knowledgeable advice regarding nail treatments. Additionally, their friendly and welcoming demeanor creates a positive atmosphere for customers.
Another strength is the option to get a dip for the nails. This indicates that Empress Nails Place offers a variety of nail treatments to cater to different customer preferences. This versatility can be appealing to individuals who prefer specific techniques or have certain nail concerns.
However, there are several weaknesses that have been pointed out by customers. One significant weakness is the poor quality of the nail services. Several customers complained about their no-chip manicures chipping or peeling off within a few hours or days. This indicates that the manicure treatments do not meet the expected standard of durability. In addition, customers mentioned lumpy and uneven results, as well as polish smudging and chipping on their toes.
Another weakness of Empress Nails Place is the lack of professionalism exhibited by some staff members. One customer complained about sharing nail clippers and the brush used to clean excess nail polish. This lack of hygiene raises concerns about the cleanliness practices within the salon. Additionally, there were instances where nail technicians did not paint the customer's toe nails, indicating a lack of attention to detail and professionalism.
Furthermore, customer satisfaction appears to be an issue at Empress Nails Place. Several customers expressed their disappointment with the overall experience and the quality of the service provided. Complaints about a lack of color samples, unexperienced technicians, and rushed appointments indicate a lack of attention to customer needs and a disregard for quality standards.
Another major weakness is the lack of proper communication and professionalism by the manager, as mentioned by a customer. The manager's negative attitude towards the promotion and potential new customers raises concerns about the overall management and customer service at Empress Nails Place.
Lastly, the overall appearance and maintenance of the salon is another weakness. Comments about the need for better decor, a clean facility, and a wider selection of colors suggest that the salon may be lacking in aesthetic appeal. This can deter potential customers who value a visually pleasing environment during their nail treatments.
In conclusion, while Empress Nails Place has some strengths, such as knowledgeable and friendly staff and a variety of nail treatments, the weaknesses identified through customer comments cannot be overlooked. These weaknesses include poor quality nail services, lack of professionalism, dissatisfaction with the overall experience, and the need for improved salon appearance. These issues must be addressed and improved upon in order for Empress Nails Place to provide a satisfactory experience for its customers.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Doesn't even deserve a start! I went there last night to get a no-chip mani-pedi done for a special occasion today and I regret every penny I paid! My "no-chip" looks horrible!!! It started melting away today as I showered! Never in my life had I experienced such thing!! My toes I had to redo this morning and I had polish all over!! Wally did a horrible job!! Very vey poor quality work! Wouldn't waste my money! The nails don't even have a gloss they are so flat!!!! I'm beside myself!!!
The young ladies that work here Daja, and Melissa. They are very knowledgeable about their work. Just let them know exactly what you are looking for or want. I love getting the dip for my nails.
These ladies are very friendly and welcoming.
I recommend that you make an appointment, so that you not sitting around waiting.
I used to go here in hs for dances and they always did a good job. New owner uses personal number for contact so email is the only way to reach them. I had a groupon but isn't worth it since both the regular pedicure and no chip manicure lasted a week, maybe.
I had an appointment but the tech decided to run an errand, got stopped on the way back, and rushed through the process. The nails were lumpy and uneven. Spend your money elsewhere.
First impression of the shop was that it was new and overall can use some better Decour and paint . I decided not to judge and go ahead with my No chip mani and peddicure appointment . Second thing that I thought was odd was that they had no color samples you had to choose from a bottle which does not reflect the color very well . The staff was friendly but the nail technician to me was not very experienced and after the service I wonder if she was even certified technician . She acted surprised and told her self good job when she did my nails and they came out OK . The no chip was ok she could have done a better job with the filing and cutting. The pedicure was terrible the very first day and nail polish was smudged and chipped. Overall if they would like to be successful I think they need better training staff and spruce up the overall image of the place .
My friend purchased the Groupons one for her and one for me. I wish I could have saved my friend the money that she spent on these. I wish I could rate them a Zero, but the lowest is a 1.
We had appoints schedule as it's recommended. The nail technicians we friendly, but by no means were they professionals. We went in for a Regular Pedicure and No Chip Manicure. They had to share nail clippers, the brush to clean excess nail polish was also shared. My nail technician didn't even paint my toe nails, the other nail tech did it.
Within an hour my "No Chip" manicure chipped, within a few more hours it chipped some more. My toes looked terrible.
My nail technician was the "Manager" and mentioned several times how she hated being so busy because of the specials they were advertising multiple times. In today's world the competition is vast in this field, you would think they would love the potential new customers form their specials. The interior can use some major upkeep.
Ladies, save your money!! I would not reccomend this place not even to my worst enemy. I will have to get my Mani & Pedi done again. I did tip because it's the right thing to do but not because I was happy with my nails.
Two stars because the girls were super nice. Zero stars for everything else. Bought a Groupon to treat myself for my birthday and should’ve heeded other warnings. Showed up 5 mins before my appointment but waited 45 mins to be seated. The facility needs updating and a good clean. Not a great selection of colors and paid extra for shellac so I’d last longer. Toes dried the entire time I got my nails done and had a major smear by the time I got home. Didn’t realize until later that the toenails weren’t even cut. On nails, the cuticles had polish on them thus causing them day 2 to start chipping and peeling off. Last complaint is I had to argue price. They wanted to charge me $7 more than what the groupon said, that was annoying. Anyhow, genuinely sweet girls but service, atmosphere and quality work wasn’t there. I won’t return.
Can it be given no stars? I’m crying such a horrible pedicure never again in my life. 17$ down the drain. As soon as I saw the outcome of my pedicure I said I had to go I was definitely not about to proceed to my no chip manicure. GARBAGE. The lady was very nice but that doesn’t justify the horrible job she did. I wanted to try out new places and I found a Groupon you definitely get what you pay for.. I will continue to pay $60 for a good job rather than the cheaper route for something I would’ve done a better job at myself.
I ordered a groupon. When I went in to receive my mani pedi the woman was very rude and said she was leaving. She had another job to go to. Even though, the hours stated that they would be open for 5 more hours. She was very unapologetic and basically was like "oh, you're bad". I would NOT recommend.

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