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Elite Nails

+1 918-333-9888
2334 SE Washington Blvd F, Bartlesville, OK 74006 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM


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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot

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I went to Elite nails for the first time with my friend to get our nails done for her wedding. We originally went in and they were busy, so the lady there said she could take us at 6. She fit us in last minute and it was so nice. We each had a picture of what we wanted and the people here absolutely nailed it. Not only did they make our nails look amazing, they were so kind and funny! We had such a great experience with them and cannot wait to continue going back.
Vinnie and the crew are absolutely AMAZING! Called ahead and made appointment, was in the next day and I appreciate the creativity and friendliness of this establishment! They are easy to work with and very helpful! I have been using Vinnie for at least 20+years and I will not ever change! If you don’t like it he is always willing to make it right!♥️♥️♥️
I came in about an hour before they closed and they were so nice and did a beautiful set on me and my two friends! First time getting an oval shape and it was so cute. Definitely recommend if you’re in the area! Worth driving an hour. 10/10 :)
Elite has great service and the staff are amazing! My nail guy was more than willing to answer questions. He even went back and was willing to change my nails shape after I realized what I wanted.
Been going here for awhile, my nails always look great!! Best in town!!
This place is the best around hands down! If you like red then request Vinny red and tell them that Patti and Vicky said its a awesome color that Vinny created not to mention the pedicures that allows you to really relax in the massage. They are located on the backside Unnderneath of McAlister 's Deli.
Was my first time getting nails done, he was extremely professional and nice and explained everything to me. Will definitely go back, highly recommend them.
This is a very beautiful place. The service is wonderful. Vinny and his co-workers are also very helpful and kind. Walked in today and Vinny was so helpful towards myself and mother. He took his time with our nails and the pricing was absolutely reasonable. I would also recommend this place over any other nail salon because the nail prices in Bartlesville are expensive. Overall great experience.

Quick Facts About Elite Nails

Elite Nails Place has several strengths based on the comments provided. Firstly, they have excellent customer service. The staff is described as kind, friendly, and willing to answer any questions. They go out of their way to accommodate customers, such as fitting them in last minute or staying open even when it's close to closing time. This shows that they prioritize customer satisfaction and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure a positive experience.
Secondly, Elite Nails Place is praised for their nail expertise. Many customers mention that their nails always look great after visiting this salon. They have skilled technicians who can create various nail shapes and designs, as well as replicate specific designs shown in pictures. This indicates that they have a high level of skill and attention to detail.
The salon also seems to have a loyal customer base, as some reviewers mention going to Elite Nails Place for many years. This suggests that they have built up a reputation for consistently delivering high-quality service and results.
In terms of weaknesses, it is difficult to identify any significant ones based on the comments provided. However, one potential weakness could be related to availability and wait times. Some comments mention that the salon was busy, and one reviewer had to wait for an appointment until 6pm. This indicates that it may be challenging to get an immediate appointment, especially during peak times. However, it's worth noting that the customers were still satisfied with their overall experience despite any initial delays.
Another potential weakness could be related to pricing. One reviewer mentioned that nail prices in Bartlesville are expensive, but Elite Nails Place offers reasonable pricing. This suggests that pricing may be relatively high compared to other local salons. However, without further information or additional comments discussing pricing, it's challenging to draw a definitive conclusion.
Overall, the strengths of Elite Nails Place seem to outweigh any potential weaknesses. They excel in customer service, nail expertise, and have a loyal customer base. These strengths contribute to a positive and enjoyable experience for customers.

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