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Ebony & Ivory Hair Salon

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1051 E Bogard Rd UNIT 5, Wasilla, AK 99654 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Ebony & Ivory Hair Salon

1. Excellent customer service: The salon staff, particularly Nicole and Cheryl, are praised for their friendly and attentive customer service. Nicole is even mentioned for going above and beyond by offering to visit the hospital to do a client's hair. This level of dedication and care is a major strength for Ebony & Ivory Hair Salon.
2. Skilled stylists: Several clients mention the expertise and skill of the stylists at the salon. Nicole is specifically highlighted as the best hair stylist, with customers expressing satisfaction with their haircuts and colors. Lance is also mentioned as being particularly skilled at providing clean and cool haircuts. This demonstrates the salon's strength in hiring talented and capable stylists.
3. Reasonable prices: Many clients mention that the salon offers competitive and affordable prices for their services. Heidi Carr specifically mentions that the cut and color done by Lili was reasonably priced. This affordability is a strength that can attract new customers and retain existing ones.
4. Pleasant atmosphere: Multiple comments mention the welcoming and friendly atmosphere at Ebony & Ivory Hair Salon. Shirl is praised for being fun and charismatic, and the staff are described as having smiles and being friendly. This positive ambiance makes clients feel comfortable and relaxed during their visits.
1. Inconsistent quality: One comment mentions a negative experience with Lily, who incorrectly colored a client's hair and showed poor communication skills. The client had to contact someone else in the salon multiple times just to get a response, and was even told that fixing the mistake would cost more money. This inconsistency in quality and lack of professionalism is a weakness that could harm the salon's reputation.
2. Uneven placement and dull colors: Another comment mentions a disappointing multi-colored dye job done by Lily. The client describes the blue color as looking greyish green in multiple places and mentions that the pink and purple colors were dull. This reflects a weakness in the salon's ability to provide consistent and vibrant hair color services.
3. Lack of responsiveness: In the same comment about Lily, it is mentioned that it took multiple attempts to get a response from her. This lack of responsiveness can frustrate clients and potentially drive them away from the salon. It is important for a business to be prompt and responsive in addressing customer concerns and queries.
4. No mention of specialized services: None of the comments mention any specialized services or unique offerings provided by Ebony & Ivory Hair Salon. This lack of standout features can be a weakness in attracting customers who are specifically looking for certain services or experiences.
In conclusion, Ebony & Ivory Hair Salon has several strengths, including excellent customer service, skilled stylists, reasonable prices, and a pleasant atmosphere. However, there are weaknesses in terms of inconsistent quality, lack of responsiveness, and a lack of standout features or specialized services. These weaknesses should be addressed in order for the salon to maintain and attract a satisfied customer base.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Nicole is the best hair stylist we’ve ever had. She is a beautiful young lady very eager to fix your hair cut your hair color your hair even come to the hospital and fix your hair if you’re unable to come to the shop this young lady deserves the service award of the year because she came to the hospital and did my fiancé‘s hair and did a great job at it. Thank you Nicole you’re the greatest
My daughter, who has blonde hair, went in for multi-colored ends. The blue turned out greyish green in multiple places. The pink and purple were dull, plus the placement looked uneven. It took contacting someone else in the salon multiple times to get Lily (the stylist) to respond. I was told it would cost more money to fix it. Since I would have to pay again, I took her somewhere else (Ulta, who did an awesome job). The salon itself is great and I was impressed by the other staff member who not only helped but also cut her hair, I just cannot recommend Lily.
Lance is the best, my husband & son always get a clean-looking, very cool haircut. My son started going here when he was just a little over a year old and he is almost 4.
Shirl is absolutely amazing! She was so much fun to get my hair done by. And her prices are more then fair. Everyone in the business had smiles and were so friendly. Wonderful place.
My name is Heidi Carr. I had my hair done by Lili. She did such a great job with my hair and listened to what I wanted. I would definitely recommend this salon for all your needs. She did a cut and color and it was very reasonably priced. I will definitely go back!!
I love Cheryl. She is so sweet very tuned into conversation with her clients. And made sure my 14 yeR daughter didn't wait in the rain. Nope Cheryl said to sit right in her station until I was back from grocery shopping. I thought that was so dang nice.
I really enjoyed this place. It was a good, comforting place. They cut my hair well and are patient.
Nicole is a master at fixing DIY cuts ???? my daughter showed her a pic of what she wanted and Nicole delivered it perfectly ???????????? in under 30 mins too!!

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
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