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Diva Amina Hair Braiding

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398 Springfield Ave, Newark, NJ 07103 United States of America
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I took my niece there to get small knotless box braids done! Looks great!
My hair look great. The wait time was long though but that’s because I waiting for a specific hairstylist.
Drove from Philly on a Saturday. Arrived at 7:30am, first in-line, for a simple BRAID DOWN FORA SEW- IN (not even the install). Was seated first at 8:15am..it’s 10:12am and I’m still sitting here. Everyone after me is half way down (for knotless) or already down (for simple braids). Never again.
She started my hair NOT knowing how to do crochet with straight hair. She gave up after sitting from 5om to 7:30 pm est . So i had to rush and find someone to finish my hair!!!!!!
They do not care . They tax for hairstyles just to rush through it. I got butterfly locs and they’ve been sliding out since. There’s no real foundation underneath the locs. No braid , twist or anything. Just hooked the loc on my hair any kind of way. The style didn’t even last 2 weeks. Total waste of money. The stylist are also rude. Save your time and money don’t come here I recommend dee dees.
????????????????! I traveled all the way from upstate NY to get my hair done by Fatima. After waiting for over 1.5 hours a lady suggested that someone start my box braids and Fatima would come to finish the cornrows. 10 braids in the lady comes with a book asking you to sign in and pay. That was a first! I never paid for services up front. This time i did and i regret having done so! It took 5 hours to do my box braids the lady had to take a 45 minute break in between to eat. When my box braids were done I sat waiting for Fatima to show up instead she called the shop and told me that she had an emergency and had to take her daughter to the hospital. I wondered why they couldn't have said that earlier. They waited until half my head was done to tell me that! Fatima then told me that she'd recommend that Fatu who's just as good as her finish my hair off. I was left without a choice. Only thing was that Fatu was in the middle of doing someone's hair and another lady had been waiting for 2 hours for Fatu to do her hair! This caused a riff because the lady was told she'd have to wait until Fatu was done with mine. The lady around up leaving which was smart because it was late so they began doing rush jobs! I finally say in Fatu's chair to begin my cornrows an hour after my box braids were done! I showed fatu a picture of what I wanted. I kept the picture visible and I told her from the first braid I thought she was parting it wrong. I explained that she was parting straight back and the picture had downward curved parts. After she braided 4 braids parted wrong she then starts complaining about the hair I brought and saying that it's not going to look exactly like the model because of my hair line. I agreed that it wouldn't be an exact look but if it were parted right it could be close. Below I'll post a picture of my request and my outcome nowhere near what I wanted. After leaving there I felt like I wasted 12 hours between braids and travel time and over$200. Because I supplied my own hair I paid had and tolls. And they did the bait and switch. ????????????????
Told me 30 minutes for an hour and a half wait. Then would not let me leave when I tried to go. I had to beg them to let me out of the business, very uncomfortable. The work looks incredible online, however now I am scared to reenter this place of business. Rude customer service.
I Don't Respect The Owner Of The Braiding Salon. How Can You've Women Braiding Poorly & Not Satisfying Results. I'd My 10yr. Old Granddaughter There Getting Small/Medium Box Braids. The Results Of My Granddaughter Hair, Looked Like Someone Else Not Professional Braided Her Hair.. This Was My Second Time Sending Her There & This Will Be Her Last Time. I'm Not Satisfied With My Granddaughter Hair & Paid $130. I Could've Paid Someone Else To Do A Better Job. Fatimah A King

Quick Facts About Diva Amina Hair Braiding

Strengths: 1. The hair braids turned out great for one customer, indicating that the stylists at Diva Amina Hair Braiding have the skills to produce quality work. 2. The commenter appreciated being able to wait for a specific hairstylist, suggesting that the salon allows customers to choose their preferred stylist. 3. The salon's work is highly regarded online, as seen in the commenter's mention of the incredible work displayed online. 4. The commenter mentions that the salon offers a variety of hairstyles, such as knotless box braids and butterfly locs, indicating that Diva Amina Hair Braiding provides a wide range of options to its customers.
Weaknesses: 1. Wait times at the salon can be long, as mentioned by two commenters. This may suggest that there is a lack of efficient scheduling or insufficient staffing to handle the number of customers. 2. One commenter expresses frustration with the lack of knowledge and inability of a stylist to complete a specific hairstyle like crochet with straight hair. This indicates that some stylists at the salon may not have the necessary skills or experience for certain techniques or hair types. 3. Another commenter mentions that the stylist rushed the hairstyle, resulting in a poor foundation for the butterfly locs, causing them to slide out within two weeks. This suggests that some stylists may prioritize speed over quality, leading to unsatisfactory results. 4. The commenter who traveled from upstate NY had a negative experience with both the timing and professionalism of the salon. They mentioned waiting for a prolonged period, unclear communication about an emergency, and feeling rushed and unsatisfied with the final outcome. This indicates poor customer service and ineffective management in handling emergencies and appointments. 5. Another commenter mentions feeling uncomfortable and trapped in the salon when trying to leave, suggesting a lack of professionalism and respect for customers' autonomy. 6. The commenter who brought their granddaughter for braiding expresses dissatisfaction with the results, stating that the braids looked unprofessional and not satisfying. This highlights a lack of consistency in the quality of work provided by the salon.
In conclusion, while Diva Amina Hair Braiding has the strength of producing great hair braids and offering a variety of hairstyles, it also faces weaknesses such as long wait times, inconsistent skills among stylists, rushing through styles, poor customer service, and unsatisfactory results. These weaknesses indicate a need for improvements in scheduling, staff training, customer communication, and overall professionalism.

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