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3249 Austin Peay Hwy, Memphis, TN 38128 United States of America
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Discount Wigs2 Store, located in Memphis, Tennessee, appears to have several strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided.
One strength of the store is their knowledgeable and helpful staff. Customers mention that the staff members assist in purchasing the right products for the desired hair style. This personalized service is likely to create a positive shopping experience for customers and foster loyalty. Additionally, the store's prices are highlighted as another strength. Customers state that the prices are affordable, which can attract price-conscious shoppers and encourage repeat business.
Another strength mentioned is the store's efficiency. Customers claim that the staff at Discount Wigs2 Store is friendlier and faster than other beauty product stores for haircare in the area. This can be a significant advantage, as it saves customers time and effort when making their purchases.
Furthermore, customers appreciate the wide selection of products available at the store. Specifically, the store is mentioned to have a variety of hair extensions, bundles, and other beauty supplies. This breadth of selection can attract a diverse range of customers and fulfill their specific needs.
The store's recent upgrade is highlighted as another strength. Customers mention that the store has undergone a complete upgrade, which includes safety precautions, an expanded clothing and shoe section, and a variety of weights. This shows that Discount Wigs2 Store strives to improve the shopping experience for their customers by providing a safe and diverse product range.
Despite these strengths, there are also a few weaknesses mentioned in the comments. One customer states that the staff can be rude and disrespectful, even to the sweetest people. This can impact the overall customer experience and deter potential shoppers from returning to the store. Rude behavior from staff can create an uncomfortable environment and negatively impact the store's reputation.
Additionally, while the store's selection of haircare products is praised, there is no mention of other beauty needs. It is unclear if the store offers a comprehensive range of beauty products beyond haircare. This could limit its appeal to customers who prefer to buy all their beauty products from one store.
In conclusion, Discount Wigs2 Store has several strengths including helpful staff, affordable prices, efficient service, a wide selection of products, and recent store upgrades. However, it is important for the store to address the issue of rude staff behavior to maintain a positive reputation. Additionally, expanding their range of beauty products beyond haircare could attract a larger customer base. Despite these weaknesses, the overall positive comments about the store's prices, efficient service, and product selection indicate that Discount Wigs2 Store is a popular choice for beauty needs in Memphis, Tennessee.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

The ladies assist you in purchasing the right products for the hair style you want to achieve. Their prices will keep your business for sure. They are friendlier and faster than all beauty product stores for haircare across Memphis Tennessee. No one is better.
Thanks Angel for the install ????. I've been going here for yrs Tina always done my hair .
Bought some bundles from here. This beauty supply store has everything you need.
this place is great forgotten it was still there. love the hair selection.
Rude and disrespectful even to the sweetest people.
Complete upgrade on the store. They’ve taken precautions on safety in the store. They added a large variety of clothes and some shoes. Plenty of weights and hair extensions to choose from. I was very impressed with the inside changing of the store. The prices are very reasonable.
I shop here for all my beauty needs.
My stylist Zyi, is the best. Always a wonderful visit. She is very professional, kindhearted and businesslike. I have known her for 3 years and I have never been disappointed. Her skills are 100.

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