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Dina Hair Braiding

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6435 Rising Sun Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19111 United States of America
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I highly recommend Dina's to anyone who wants to get braids. They were kind and professional. They work quickly, too. The young lady who did my braids did an excellent job. She took great pride in her work. My pictures don't do this style any justice. I absolutely love my hair. I get so many compliments on it. I will definitely be back. I highly recommend Dina's.
Giving them a 5 Star!! I had my braids taken out here and these ladies are fast and affordable!! Took my 5 year old daughter to get her hair braided here too (4 braids) in and out in 30 minutes. They are professional and I definitely recommend them.
I’ve been going to this salon once a month for almost a year and they have never let down. Everyone there is so friendly and I’ve had my hair done by just about each stylist there and I am never disappointed. They all do a very good job. I’d also like to inform you that the shop is clean and neat!! I’ll be there tomorrow to get my hair done again!!
1st time here, Got medium knotless. Dina did a nice job. my braids were all the same size and it only took about 6 hours. Shop is welcoming and clean, has ac so i was comfortable
Pendant mon séjour aux état unis j’ai travaillé chez Dina.
Pour moi cela à été a expérience très enrichissante qui ma apporté beaucoup de connaissances.
Je tiens à remercier toutes l’équipe
Madame Dina, Marizou, Mama, Jemimah
Une équipe exceptionnelle.
Je vous aime beaucoup les filles,
Je reviendrais…
I really liked this shop, I’ve been looking for a good braiding spot in Philly. I made an appointment and had to wait about 30-45 mins to be seated but the environment was pleasant, they were nice and efficient and I really like my hair. They don’t braid tight at all either ( which I’m so happy about). I will definitely be back for my next style.
I truly love going to Dina’s braiding salon. They are nothing but sweet women in the shop. This is my second time getting my hair done by Marielle.
So my stylist was Mary new to the NJ area getting braids . Even had to stop to pick up my lil guy. I paid her came back . Again I live in south jersey. So the travel was a bit much but worth it love my box braids. My son likes them too. They was kind to me and my son. A very clean shop very welcoming. And beautiful women. Prices reasonable they made me feel at home. Love my hair my hair is tied up . But I was able to sleep and my hair is not tight at all I love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️. And the energy of the shop is beautiful . Going back thank you. Dina's y'all go get y'all hair braided ......

Quick Facts About Dina Hair Braiding

Strengths of Dina Hair Braiding Place:
1. Professional and Kind: Many customers appreciate the professionalism and kindness of the staff at Dina Hair Braiding Place. They are praised for their friendly demeanor and making customers feel comfortable throughout the braiding process.
2. Quick and Efficient: Several reviewers mention the speed and efficiency of the braiders at Dina Hair Braiding Place. Customers are pleased with the fast service, especially when getting braids for themselves and their children.
3. Excellent Job: Numerous comments highlight the skill and expertise of the braiders at Dina Hair Braiding Place. Customers mention that their braids were well done, neat, and uniform in size. They express satisfaction with the final results and receive compliments from others.
4. Clean and Welcoming Environment: Customers appreciate the cleanliness and welcoming atmosphere of the salon. The positive comment emphasizes that the shop is tidy and has air conditioning, making the experience comfortable for customers.
5. Knowledgeable and Exceptional Team: One comment in French mentions that the commenter had an enriching experience working at Dina Hair Braiding Place and acknowledges the exceptional team, including Madame Dina, Marizou, Mama, and Jemimah. This indicates that the salon has a knowledgeable and competent staff.
6. Good Braiding Technique: A customer specifically notes that Dina Hair Braiding Place does not braid tightly, which is a positive aspect for some individuals. This suggests that customers with sensitive scalps or who prefer looser braiding styles may find this salon suitable.
7. Affordable Prices: One customer mentions that the braids taken out were done at an affordable price. This implies that Dina Hair Braiding Place offers competitive pricing, making their services accessible to a wider range of customers.
Weaknesses of Dina Hair Braiding Place:
1. Wait Time: One customer mentions that they had to wait approximately 30-45 minutes for their appointment. While the environment was pleasant, the wait time could be seen as a downside for customers who prefer prompt service.
2. Language Barrier: The comment in French suggests that there may be a language barrier for non-English speakers at Dina Hair Braiding Place. This could potentially limit communication and understanding between staff and customers who do not speak English fluently.
3. Location Inconvenience: One customer mentions that the travel distance to the salon was a bit much for them. This indicates that the salon's location may be inconvenient for some potential customers who have to travel a significant distance.
Overall, Dina Hair Braiding Place receives a majority of positive feedback from customers, highlighting their professionalism, speed, skill, cleanliness, and affordability. While there are minor weaknesses mentioned, such as wait times and location inconvenience, the strengths mentioned by customers outweigh them, indicating that Dina Hair Braiding Place is generally a reputable and highly recommended salon.

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