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Cut & Dye Salon

+1 724-775-4446
2284 Brodhead Rd, Aliquippa, PA 15001 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot

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This shopping center is pretty much run down. Theres a couple of ok stores in it but the parking lot is in really bad need of repaving. Tons of pot holes and craters. Theres j.w. halls here. They used to be a great place to eat but now its just a really over priced restraunt with long john silvers class of sea food.this whole shopping center needs an overhaul in my opinion. Sad just 20 years ago this was a really great place to go to shop and have fun.
Still has some decent establishments. Kuhns market, J.W. Hall's restaurant, empire palace Chinese restaurant. Overall the shopping center is run down and the parking lot is often full of pot holes.
Stopped for a few groceries for the sick daughter and her sick family. Khun's Market is a family-owned grocery. It's smaller than your standard Walmart, but they still have a good variety of things from which to choose. I'd shop there again any time I'm in the area.
The owners of this shopping center care nothing for the parking lot or businesses they host. Extremely dishonorable in my opinion. The businesses here are good honorable local businesses. However, the maintenance clearly is overlooked and poorly managed; in particular the parking lot. I find it to be a disgrace and avoid it when I have the option.
Only place in area that has a Kuhns Market close. Also JW Hall restaurant is next door which is SUPERB eats ! China Palace is great Chinese dine in / out. Big Shot Bob's in front if you wanna break the bank on their wings (NAY)
Nice place close to home, my main problem though is the condition of the roads. Potholes are everywhere here, and there are not too many shops. Jamie's physical therapy is great though
My fiance and I took a lot of time deciding on a seafood restaurant for my birthday.
I came here especially for the shrimp scampi...it was horrible!! It had so much lemon taste in it, I couldn't taste any butter or garlic. Also the noodles were hard. I needed a small sipping straw for my martini and she totally forgot about it... Had to wait and wait for that. I will never go there again, as the service and cooking was not up to par!!
Depending on what you want. If you live in the area pretty much easy access shopping. Kuhs the paint store games store or arcade. Nails and tanning. Their. Make shop and home good store. A few places to eat. Its close for me and I like have g it there.

Quick Facts About Cut & Dye Salon

Cut & Dye Salon is located in a shopping center that has received mixed reviews from customers. The main strengths and weaknesses of the salon, based on the comments, can be summarized as follows:
Strengths: 1. Convenient Location: One commenter mentioned that the shopping center is close to their home, making it easily accessible for local customers. This convenience factor may be beneficial for Cut & Dye Salon, as customers value proximity and ease of access.
2. Local Businesses: Another customer praised the shopping center for hosting good, honorable local businesses. This positive association with the shopping center may reflect positively on the salon and attract potential customers who appreciate supporting local establishments.
3. Decent Establishments: Despite the run-down condition of the shopping center, there are a few mentioned establishments, such as Kuhns Market and J.W. Hall's restaurant, that were rated positively. The presence of these establishments could potentially draw customers to the shopping center and, by extension, to Cut & Dye Salon.
Weaknesses: 1. Run-down Shopping Center: Multiple comments indicate that the shopping center is in poor condition. The overall run-down appearance may reflect negatively on the salon, making potential customers hesitant to visit. The lack of upkeep in the shopping center can create a negative impression of Cut & Dye Salon as well.
2. Poor Parking Lot: Several customers specifically mentioned the poor condition of the shopping center's parking lot, including pot holes and craters. This issue can be a major deterrent for customers, making it difficult for them to reach the salon and potentially causing frustration and inconvenience.
3. Negative Reputation: One individual expressed a strong negative opinion about the shopping center's owner, stating that they care nothing for the parking lot or businesses. This negative reputation may extend to Cut & Dye Salon, affecting its image and credibility among potential customers.
4. Poor Dining Options: A customer mentioned a negative experience at a seafood restaurant in the shopping center. If other establishments within the shopping center also receive negative reviews, it may negatively impact customers' perceptions of the overall quality and standards in the shopping center, potentially affecting their decision to visit the salon.
5. Limited selection of shops: One customer mentioned that there are not too many shops in the shopping center. This limited variety of options might discourage some potential customers, who might prefer to visit shopping centers with a wider range of choices.
In conclusion, while Cut & Dye Salon benefits from its convenient location and association with local businesses in the shopping center, it faces challenges due to the run-down condition and poor upkeep of the shopping center, particularly the parking lot. The negative reputation and limited selection of shops within the shopping center further impact the salon's image. It is vital for Cut & Dye Salon to address these weaknesses and work towards providing a positive and inviting environment for customers.

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