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Creative Nails Concepts

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2365 GA-196, Hinesville, GA 31313 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Creative Nails Concepts

Creative Nails Concepts appears to have some strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. Let's analyze them in more detail.
Starting with the strengths, one customer mentioned that they loved their nails after visiting Creative Nails Concepts. This indicates that the salon is capable of delivering satisfying results. Additionally, the commenter encouraged others to visit despite any apprehensions, further suggesting that the quality of the work is good enough to disregard any initial doubts.
Another positive aspect highlighted by a customer was the friendly and welcoming atmosphere. They specifically mentioned the pleasant personalities of the staff, noting that the nail technician, Kim, was sweet and engaging. This personal touch can contribute to a positive customer experience and build a loyal customer base.
Based on another comment, Creative Nails Concepts seems to be accommodating to customers with special needs. The commenter mentioned that the salon is accepting of their service dog, which is crucial for them due to previous negative experiences elsewhere. This inclusivity and willingness to accommodate different customers can be viewed as a strength of the salon.
Efficiency and time management appear to be strengths as well. One customer mentioned that the salon is able to perform both a manicure and pedicure simultaneously, allowing them to save time. This efficiency can be appealing, especially for customers who have busy schedules.
Moving on to the weaknesses, a few customers expressed dissatisfaction with the salon's attention to detail and technical skills. One customer mentioned that their nails were not done correctly, with the technician not following their specific request for white tips. Another customer experienced a situation where one of their nails fell off only eight days after the appointment. These incidents suggest a lack of precision and quality control within the salon, which can undermine customer satisfaction and loyalty.
In terms of pricing, one customer felt that the salon's rates were too high compared to other nail salons. They mentioned getting the same services elsewhere for a lower price. This can be seen as a weakness as it may deter potential customers who are price-sensitive and seeking more affordable options.
Hygiene and sanitation also appear to be areas of concern. One customer raised the issue of the drills not being properly disinfected, which poses a potential health risk. Additionally, another customer mentioned experiencing a burn during an eyebrow waxing due to wax being applied to the eyelid area. These incidents indicate a potential lapse in cleanliness and safety protocols.
Some customers also commented on the salon's physical appearance, describing it as messy and junky. This perception can create a negative impression and may deter potential customers who prioritize a clean and organized environment.
To summarize, Creative Nails Concepts has several strengths such as the ability to deliver satisfying results, a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, efficiency in managing appointments, and a willingness to accommodate special needs. However, the salon needs to address areas of weakness, including attention to detail, pricing competitiveness, hygiene and sanitation practices, and maintaining a clean and organized physical space. By focusing on improving these areas, Creative Nails Concepts can enhance its overall reputation and attract a wider customer base.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

My nails were definitely not the business but wanted to go in to get my nails done and celebrate pride month. HAPPY PRIDE MONTH ????️‍???? loved the after ❤️ If anyone of you are iffy about going in just ignore it and go in anyway cause they’re good! Check them out.
I asked for white tips. She started off with clear tips and was going to paint my full nails white. I had to correct her multiple times. Then 8 days after I had them done, one just completely fell off...never going there again.
I actually like this place, but the drills are used to the max. They can cut your skin, and they will keep going. Not to mention, I have never seen them disinfect the drills either. Also, I got my eyebrows done here. Why are you putting wax on the eyelid area? The wax burned me. As much as I love the personalities here, I won't return.
$124 for a full set and a pedicure with gel? That’s a rip off. I can get the same thing at another nail salon for $90.. the ladies were really nice however.. the place is kind of messy & junky which isn’t a good luck. At the end of the day my toes and nails were done relatively well but I probably will not return.
Kim is really sweet and great to talk to during your appointment. Her husband is funny too! Definitely not your usual nail shop! Love my nails both times I have gone. Kim is always willing to make adjustments and seems to really want her customers to be happy with her work and the service that they receive. Despite being in the middle of a pandemic, she is still welcoming and a pleasure to sit with!
Everyone there is extremely nice and talented. This last time, I was able to get my feet and nails done at the same time. They get you in and out in great time.
They're also very accepting of my Service Dog, which is an important thing for me, since I have had bad experiences with other places.
Absolutely love! I was going to Creative Nail Concepts about 7 years ago and I moved away. Now that I'm back I went for the first time today. As usual, my girl Kim killed it! My nails are gorgeous and EXACTLY how I wanted them. My only suggestion is to get there as early as you can because they STAY BUSY! NO LIE!
Went in to get a simple polish change and my results were terrible. The tech didn't even take off the old polish completely. You can still see it under the new polish. 25$ for half done work..... so sad. Won't be returning.

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