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Creative Nails and spa

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775 N Bethel Ave #106, Sanger, CA 93657 United States of America
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I came here for a gel manicure and although the service was quick, I was not happy with my nails. They look as though they are already outgrown since the lady didn’t polish them down to my cuticle. It’s also the highest price I’ve paid at any salon ($40 for regular gel mani not including tip). The place was also dirty. Tables were stained and dirty, the led light curator was super dusty, empty water bottles everywhere, and they don’t use liners for their pedicure tubs. I won’t be coming here again unfortunately.
I waited about 45 minutes for the fastest full set of my life. The lady was kind and professional but seemed to rush. Overall very happy but wished I would have come on a less busy day so I would have gotten more accurate work.
Don't go here the owner the woman is so rude Iquit going here because of how rude she was.I decided to try and go back today because I was saving some time. I'm sitting there waiting and I couldn't even sit any longer listening to how rude she was to 2 younger girl sisters getting their nails done. It's supposed to be relaxing to get your nails done and she's sitting there telling her don't do this with your hands don't do that with your hands why are you doing this you're pushing down your doing this you never got your nails done before huh just so rude like don't go here don't waste your money. If she's tired of doing nails then she needs to sell her business.
I enjoy getting my nails done here. Not usually a long wait for me and they dont take very long.
I love going here, the last time I didn't quite get the color i wanted. Always dose really nice nails that last. However my last ones chipped after a week. Thats my only " bad" experience and I wouldn't really call it that. Other than that one experience, they are very talented and I will continue to come here! Definitely recommend!!
The most Horrible place to get you nails or anything done! It’s supposed to be you’re relaxing time as a woman you go there to relax and get a nice service done ! The lady is always so rude! Has the worst attitude ever! Always arguing at each other in their language. If she can’t handle her business then go home and shut down the place lady! Had to go 3 times to redo my nails because of her poor job and still had to pay extra and deal with her mad attitude! She loves to be talking about how people have fungus in front of other customers out loud! How uncomfortable for the customer sitting and being embarrassed by her! Poor service period! Great job Peter you actually care for you’re customers keep it up or this place will go down!!!????????
My experience with the lady sitting on the first chair was horrible. She doesn't seem to really care about customers. She rushed doing my nails and even cut my cuticles with the drill. When I got home I noticed how bad they looked and had to pay more to get them fixed else where. I do not recommend going here. Waste of money!
I have always heard good things about this place but I've never come here before, and I regret it because the service and the quality here is very good. I came in needing a fill and mind you I had gotten a bad nail job before so they looked rough, and the lady who did my nails made them look so much better after. I wish I got her name. Since they are always so busy I didn't quite get the colors I wanted but in the end I fell in love with the results and I am so pleased to say I will definitely be going back here. If your ever in Sanger and need to get your nails done come here!

Quick Facts About Creative Nails and spa

Creative Nails and Spa Place is a nail salon that appears to have some strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. In order to provide a comprehensive analysis, this response will examine various aspects of the salon, including the quality of service, cleanliness, pricing, wait times, and customer service.
Starting with the strengths, some customers expressed satisfaction with the quick service provided at Creative Nails and Spa Place. They mentioned that the salon was efficient in providing their desired nail services, such as gel manicures and full sets. This indicates that the salon is capable of handling a high volume of customers and can complete services in a timely manner.
Additionally, some customers mentioned that the staff at the salon were professional and kind. They appreciated the demeanor and behavior of the employees, suggesting that there are some individuals who are able to provide a positive customer experience. This contributes to a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for customers.
Another strength mentioned by customers is the talent of the staff. Some customers were pleased with the quality of their nails and mentioned that their nails lasted well. This indicates that there are skilled technicians at the salon who are capable of providing good nail applications and designs.
Moving on to the weaknesses identified in the comments, cleanliness appears to be a significant issue at Creative Nails and Spa Place. Multiple comments mentioned stained and dirty tables, dusty equipment, and empty water bottles scattered around the salon. Additionally, some customers noted the absence of liners for pedicure tubs, which raises concerns about hygiene practices. Poor cleanliness can create an uncomfortable and unprofessional environment for customers.
Another weakness highlighted by customers is the high pricing at Creative Nails and Spa Place. One customer mentioned that they paid $40 for a regular gel manicure, which is considered to be expensive compared to other salons. This high price may deter potential customers who are seeking more affordable options.
The comments also mentioned wait times as a weakness of the salon. Some customers reported waiting for extended periods, such as 45 minutes, for their services. While this may indicate that the salon is in high demand, it can be inconvenient for customers who have a limited amount of time. A longer wait time may also contribute to rushed services, as some customers mentioned.
Customer service is another area of weakness for Creative Nails and Spa Place. Multiple comments mentioned the owner or one staff member being rude to customers. This is especially concerning as a nail salon should provide a relaxing and enjoyable experience for customers. Rude behavior can create a negative atmosphere and discourage customers from returning.
In summary, Creative Nails and Spa Place has some strengths in terms of quick service, talented staff, and positive customer experiences. However, there are several weaknesses identified, including issues with cleanliness, high pricing, long wait times, and rude customer service. Addressing these weaknesses is essential for improving the overall reputation and customer satisfaction at the salon.

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