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Cousin Jack's Fish and Chips

+44 7506 875468
8 Meneth Rd, Pengegon, Camborne TR14 7BS United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Open Today: 02:00 AM - 02:00 AM


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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Whilst on holiday went to get some fast food. Saw the reviews and decided on this. Maybe there was some confusion but I asked for a battered sausage as I looked in the display window I saw them. When we got back to our accommodation this is what I got given (look at the photo!) A baby battered sausage! We also ordered 3 cod. This was over cooked as it had a squeaky texture when eating. Chips were OK. Also lastly they have a 5 star hygiene rating. However on the customer side the walls are dirty and the light switch was filthy. It's not going cost a lot to simply replace the switch with a new one and wipe the walls. First impressions do last, especially when you're buying food from there.
Great fish and chips. Lovely portion great curry sauce. Highly recommend
I love this place!! Both the one in Pengegon and the one in Paynters lane. Went today and from the roaring laughter coming from within, to the lovely and happy staff. Enormous portion of chips with my chicken breast and that was cooked to perfection as were the chips. Best chips of any chip shop I've ever had and recommend it to anyone who comes here. Thanks so much guys, excellent shop and service.
Best fish n chips I’ve had in a very long time.
This place was recommended to us by the owner of the holiday cottage we are staying in in Leedstown. He said it was a short drive but was worth it - he wasn’t wrong. Staff are friendly and polite fish was cooked fresh and the chips were plentiful.
Very nice fish and chips. Chips where lovely and crisp, fish was perfect. SO much better than the one by the beacon pub.
Best fish and chips I ever had in a long time.The chips were made by the book...crunchy outside and soft inside.
Beautiful fresh and super fish, batter still crispy when I got home and an abundance of perfectly cooked chips
Fabulous fish and chips
Good portions
Best chips iv tasted in a long time

Quick Facts About Cousin Jack's Fish and Chips

Cousin Jack's Fish and Chips has received a mix of positive and negative feedback from customers. In order to assess its strengths and weaknesses, let's analyze the comments provided.
Starting with the strengths, several customers praised the quality and taste of the fish and chips from Cousin Jack's. One reviewer described it as the "best fish n chips I’ve had in a very long time", while another said it was the "best chips of any chip shop I've ever had." These comments suggest that the food at Cousin Jack's is delicious and highly enjoyable, indicating a strength in the taste and preparation of their fish and chips.
Additionally, customers highlighted the portion sizes at Cousin Jack's. One person mentioned receiving an "enormous portion of chips" with their meal, while others commented on the "good portions" and the abundance of chips. This demonstrates that Cousin Jack's offers generous serving sizes, which can be seen as a strength for those seeking value for money.
Another positive aspect noted by customers is the friendliness and politeness of the staff. One reviewer mentioned the "lovely and happy staff", while another appreciated the "friendly and polite" service received. This suggests that Cousin Jack's has created a positive and welcoming atmosphere, making customers feel comfortable and well-treated.
Furthermore, one comment mentioned that Cousin Jack's has a five-star hygiene rating. This is an official recognition of their commitment to maintaining high cleanliness and food safety standards. It can serve as a strength, assuring customers that their food is prepared and handled in a hygienic manner.
Moving on to the weaknesses, there were a few negative comments regarding specific aspects of the food and the establishment itself. One customer complained about receiving a small battered sausage instead of a regular-sized one, which suggests a potential mistake or miscommunication in the order. Another customer mentioned that the cod they received was overcooked and had a squeaky texture, indicating an issue with the cooking process and the quality of the fish.
Regarding the establishment, one person criticized the cleanliness of the walls and the filthiness of a light switch. This suggests a lack of attention to detail in maintaining cleanliness, which can leave a negative impression on customers and potentially impact their perception of the food's quality and hygiene.
In summary, Cousin Jack's Fish and Chips has several strengths, including positive feedback on the taste of their food, generous portion sizes, friendly staff, and a five-star hygiene rating. However, there are also weaknesses relating to specific food preparation issues, such as overcooked fish and incorrect orders, as well as complaints about the cleanliness of the establishment. These weaknesses could potentially impact customers' overall experience and perception of Cousin Jack's Fish and Chips.


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