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Cosy Corner

+44 1292 267700
5 Kirkport, Ayr KA7 1QB United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Lovely breakfast. Nice clean place. Friendly staff. Great prices.
I was in today with my husband for a breakfast and enjoyed the food and banter the girls are lovely, as was the food .I left my mobile phone on the table and later after doing my shopping and getting home I couldn't find it, these lovely lady's kept it safe till my husband phoned it ,and I later collected it .You are lovely ladies I thought I would not see my phone again ,thanks a million .will be back .
First visit and shall not be my last, Breakfast was awsome, cooked bang on and good portions very clean with clean toilet facility's. A lovely old fashioned style cafe a rarity nowadays! Staff lovely too
Great wee place. Amazing home made soup and great value for money. Facilities clean.
I just love the staff in Ayr High St Gregg's, both the stores. These guys go the extra mile, particularly during this climate. Plus Ayr can have a challenging clientele which Gregg's staff deal with amicably.
Beautiful fresh food at great prices! Very friendly restaurant, lovely surroundings. The fry ups are terrific, well worth a visit.
I had potato soup, and a rather unusual and delicious mincemeat with carrot roll. Nice ambiance, busy and friendly with family drawn Scottish animal themed artwork on the walls. Out of the way, only discovered by accident, next to an ancient stone gateway. Well worth looking for.
I have lived in Ayr for 39 years and although I had always known about this place I never actually tried it out.
This is truly a cosy little place with only about six tables, so might be difficult to get a seat at times. Quite often someone will offer to share their table with you which can lead to fantastic new conversations.
We tried the breakfast here and it was refreshing to see that they hadn't just deep fried everything like other places. My wife had a BLT which was delicious. There is also a selection of fresh cake available.
We managed to have food and drinks for two for about £13. Be aware that they do not appear to take card payments.
A fantastic little place to visit.

Quick Facts About Cosy Corner

Cosy Corner place has received a number of positive comments about its strengths, including its lovely breakfast, clean premises, friendly staff, and great prices. These comments highlight some of the key strengths of the establishment, but it is important to also consider any potential weaknesses that may exist. This analysis will discuss these strengths and weaknesses in detail, providing a comprehensive assessment of Cosy Corner place.
One of the key strengths of Cosy Corner place is its lovely breakfast. Many customers have commented on the deliciousness of the food, particularly the fry-ups. This indicates that the establishment serves high-quality breakfast dishes that are enjoyed by customers. This is an important strength, as breakfast is often considered a crucial meal of the day, and having a delicious and satisfying breakfast can attract customers and encourage repeat visits.
The clean premises of Cosy Corner place is another strength that has been noted by customers. A number of comments have mentioned the cleanliness of the place, including the clean toilet facilities. This indicates that the establishment takes cleanliness seriously, ensuring that customers are provided with a clean and sanitary environment. A clean premises can create a positive impression on customers, making them feel comfortable and confident in the establishment's hygiene practices.
The friendly staff of Cosy Corner place is also a significant strength. Multiple comments have praised the staff for their friendliness and willingness to go the extra mile. This positive interaction with staff can enhance the overall customer experience, creating a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere. Friendly staff can also make customers feel valued and appreciated, increasing the likelihood of repeat visits and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.
Another strength of Cosy Corner place is its great prices. Customers have commented on the affordability of the food and drinks, mentioning that they were able to have a meal for two at a reasonable price. Offering great prices can attract customers who are looking for affordable dining options, especially in a challenging economic climate. This can help Cosy Corner place stand out among competitors and appeal to a wide range of customers.
Despite these strengths, there are also some potential weaknesses that should be addressed. One customer mentioned that the small size of the establishment, with only six tables, can make it difficult to get a seat at times. This limited seating capacity could lead to customers being turned away or having to wait for a table. This can be inconvenient for customers who are looking for a quick meal, and may also discourage potential customers from choosing Cosy Corner place if they see that it is consistently crowded.
Another potential weakness is the lack of card payment options. One customer mentioned that Cosy Corner place does not appear to accept card payments. In today's cashless society, many customers prefer to pay with cards for convenience and security. Not accepting card payments may limit the potential customer base, as some customers may choose to dine elsewhere if they are unable to pay with a card.
In conclusion, Cosy Corner place has several strengths that contribute to its positive reputation, including its lovely breakfast, clean premises, friendly staff, and great prices. These strengths are important for attracting and retaining customers, as they contribute to a pleasant dining experience. However, there are also potential weaknesses that should be addressed, such as the limited seating capacity and the lack of card payment options. By addressing these weaknesses and building on its strengths, Cosy Corner place can continue to thrive and attract customers.

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