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Cool Nails, Wax & Lashes

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9255 N Government Way, Hayden, ID 83835 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About Cool Nails, Wax & Lashes

Strengths: 1. Skilled and talented nail technicians: One customer commented that their ombré nails turned out fabulous and praised the technician for doing an amazing job. This indicates that the salon has skilled nail technicians who can deliver excellent results. 2. Kind and friendly staff: Multiple comments mention that the employees were kind and friendly, creating a positive and welcoming atmosphere for customers. This is important for creating a great overall experience. 3. Relaxing pedicure experience: One customer mentioned that they enjoyed the "Pedicures in a Box" experience, which included scented products and hot towels. This suggests that the salon offers a relaxing and pampering pedicure experience for customers.
Weaknesses: 1. Lack of punctuality: There were multiple comments mentioning that the employees were late for appointments, causing delays and frustration for customers. This indicates a lack of punctuality and organization within the salon. 2. Rough treatment during pedicure: One customer commented that the technician was rough during their pedicure and ended up filing their skin. Another customer had an even worse experience where their skin was cut and they left with blood running off their toe. These incidents indicate a lack of proper technique and care during pedicures. 3. Inconsistent quality and rushed service: Some customers mentioned that they felt rushed through their service and did not receive the level of care and attention they expected. One customer mentioned that their nails chipped after only 5 days, indicating subpar quality or improper application of the gel polish. Inconsistent service quality and rushed service can lead to customer dissatisfaction and a negative overall experience. 4. Pushy sales tactics: One customer mentioned that the staff was pushy in trying to upsell them to upgrade their pedicures. This can be seen as aggressive or annoying to customers and may create a negative impression of the salon. 5. High pricing for underwhelming service: One customer mentioned that they paid $150 for a pedicure and gel manicure for two people, but were disappointed in the service they received. This suggests that the salon's prices may not align with the quality of service provided, leading to customer dissatisfaction.
In conclusion, Cool Nails, Wax & Lashes place has strengths in terms of skilled nail technicians, friendly staff, and a relaxing pedicure experience. However, weaknesses such as lack of punctuality, rough treatment during pedicures, inconsistent quality and rushed service, pushy sales tactics, and high pricing for underwhelming service are areas that need improvement. By addressing these weaknesses and focusing on delivering consistent quality service and exceptional customer care, the salon can enhance its reputation and attract more satisfied customers.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

T did an amazing job with my ombré nails. They got me right in and they turned out fabulous. Everyone was very kind and it was a great experience. I’m from out of town and bummed I can’t come to her from now on. I’d definitely go back.
Employees were late with 7 people waiting for appointments. When she started on my pedicure she was very rough and kept filing my skin. When she started with the nippers I had to leave. Rushing and sharp objects is not a good combination. I left with blood running off my toe. This was probably my 3rd or 4th time there and, while I’ve never left feeling like they did the best job, this will be my last time there.
Loved it, they have these new "Pedicures in a Box" where you can choose your scent. My daughter and I chose Tangerine-it was wonderful. They put bath crystals in the water, followed by the tangerine sugar scrub. Packet #3 was a super thick moisturizer wrapped with their usual hot towels. They finish with another packet of scented body butter/lotion. A thoroughly relaxing experience!
This is the second time we have tried this establishment. The first time my husband and I had pedicures done. They rushed through both of us, and it wasn’t busy that day.
This last time we came in, my husband asked if he could get a basic pedicure, no polish, but just soak in plain warm water for a little bit before starting the nail trim. The tech said she would have to charge for the deluxe pedicure if he wanted to soak longer. ($25 more to soak in water for 10 minutes) She also cut his skin by his big toe, which is now infected. (Also, we were the only 2 people getting pedicures at the time…and they still rushed through the process)
I got a pedicure and gel manicure. The tech did an okay job and was friendly. But it’s been only 5 days and 3 of my nails have chipped. (I’m thinking it’s due to old gel polish)
We were both disappointed in the service and high price of $150 for both of us.
We won’t be coming back.
Always very friendly staff. Highly recommend you make an appointment or you'll wait. Does good basic nail style, if looking for designs on your nails this isn't your place. Great pedicures!
Bill ROCKED at my nails. He did them perfect, I’m so picky and I love my nails dainty, narrow, and not thick AT ALL, and he listened when I described what I wanted. He is the only one who I have actually loved the work, in all of CDA. Coming from someone in the beauty industry, I’m impressed and very happy!
I don’t regularly get to get pedicures, so when I do, it is normally a serious reward. I can confidently say I left the salon feeling worse than I did when I walked in.
I was quoted a 20 minute wait on the phone, walked in and was seated at a pedi chair not even 5 minutes after calling. Then, I waited 50 mins for someone to even start the pedicure bath.
I requested the gel spa pedicure. The older gal that was doing my pedicure didn’t actually execute any of the items listed under the spa pedicure. She barely let the pedi bath fill up before getting started, didn’t even push my cuticles back.. she just ran the cuticle pusher across the base of my nails. There was barely any shaping or care taken with my toes at all. The entire pedicure was incredibly rushed and I definitely didn’t get a luxury pedicure by any means. My pedicure took twice as long as the girl next to me and I didn’t even receive full service I paid for.
I saw the hard work and care a couple of the other staff were putting into their clients and walked away feeling incredibly disappointed.
People were walking in like crazy and I can understand being busy. But it is incredibly disrespectful to rush through my service when I more than waited my turn and was pleasant and polite.
Don’t recommend in the slightest. Make an appointment at a salon where people want you to feel cared about and pampered.
very pushy to get us to upgrade from a regular pedicure to gel or paraffin wax. also rushed us out of the salon, nails not even close to dry and looked horrible. would not recommend

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