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Clips & Tips Nail Spa

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44 Washington Sq Washington Ct Hs, OH 43160 United States of America
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  • LGBTQ+ friendly
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Of the poorest quality on my nails. Several of the nails are totally offset, crooked to the point I want them off. Down by the cuticles already looks like I need a fill in and just had them done yesterday. Very dissatisfied.. 50$ just thrown away. So sad!!
Tano is the best in town. Great services and prices. I would recommend Clips & Tips to anyone!
I DON’T RECOMMEND em to nobody. I wanted a set of acrylic nails and got a French tip with no white tip, they were flimsy and 1 fell off the next day. Bad place.
Tano, Conie, his mom and Lin are all wonderful. U feel like a friend in the shop always. Does amazing job. My mom and I have been coming here for years and I recommend tano’s shop to everyone I know.
Today’s dip with nail art by Lin may be my favorite yet
i have been going here for awhile and tano always does a great job on my nails. no matter how busy he is, he never rushes and always treats every customer like a priority. my nails always look exactly how i want and i always get compliments on them. highly recommend!
Love this place excellent service and glad the suggested the sns nails.
I've been going to clips and tips for a little wile now I love the experience normally and love seeing their little guy (such a cutie) this last time I went i had great service and a nice talk and even let them pick my nail ???? color because I seem to have a comon color choice every time. I got my nails done Friday and same day I had chipping and all I did was wash dishes and normally they last the 3 weeks till I get them redone by Saturday I had color fully peal off of some of my nails. But I will continue to go because I love them there.
Everyone is so nice and professional. They really listen to what you want. I am so glad I found this place. I won’t go anywhere else!

Quick Facts About Clips & Tips Nail Spa

Clips & Tips Nail Spa place has received mixed reviews from customers, with some praising their services and others expressing dissatisfaction. In order to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the spa, let's analyze the comments provided.
Starting with the negative comments, one customer states that the quality of her nails was "poorest" and that they were "totally offset" and "crooked." Additionally, she mentions that the nails already look like they need a fill just one day after getting them done. This indicates a lack of attention to detail and poor craftsmanship, which are major weaknesses for a nail spa. Another dissatisfied customer complains about receiving a French tip with no white tip, flimsy nails, and one nail falling off the next day. This suggests a lack of skill and inconsistency in the technicians' work, which is a significant weakness.
On the other hand, there are positive comments as well. One customer mentions that Tano is the best in town and praises the great services and prices. Another customer states that Tano, Conie, his mom, and Lin are all wonderful, treating customers like friends and doing amazing jobs. This indicates that the spa has friendly and skilled staff who provide excellent service. Another customer highlights Lin's nail art as her favorite yet and another commends Tano for always doing a great job on her nails and treating every customer like a priority. These positive comments indicate that the spa has talented technicians who prioritize customer satisfaction, making this a strength for Clips & Tips Nail Spa.
There is also a comment praising the suggestion of SNS nails and another customer expressing gratitude for the nice and professional service, mentioning that they won't go anywhere else. These comments imply a commitment to providing a wide range of services and a focus on customer preferences, which can be considered strengths for the spa.
However, there are some concerns raised in the comments as well. One customer mentions that the nail color peeled off after washing dishes and that chipping occurred within a day, despite normally lasting three weeks. This indicates a weakness in the longevity and durability of the nail services provided by Clips & Tips Nail Spa.
In summary, the strengths of Clips & Tips Nail Spa include friendly and skilled staff, great customer service, competitive pricing, a wide range of services, and attention to customer preferences. However, there are weaknesses in the consistency and quality of the nail services provided, as well as concerns regarding durability and longevity. These weaknesses should be addressed in order for the spa to improve and provide a consistently satisfactory experience for their customers.

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