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CHINA CHEF Chinese Takeaway

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466 W Green Rd, Harringay Ladder, London N15 3PT United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About CHINA CHEF Chinese Takeaway

China Chef Chinese Takeaway has both strengths and weaknesses as described in the comments provided.
Starting with the strengths, one commenter mentioned that the restaurant is always quick in delivering the food, which is a positive aspect for customers who are looking for a fast and convenient meal. This can be a great benefit for those who are busy or craving Chinese food on short notice. Additionally, affordability is highlighted as another strength. The commenter notes that the prices are reasonable, indicating that China Chef offers good value for money. This can be appealing to customers who are looking for budget-friendly options.
The comment also mentions that the takeaway place excels in classic Chinese dishes such as chow mein and egg fried rice. This indicates that China Chef is consistent in delivering well-known and beloved dishes, which can be reassuring for customers who prefer to stick to familiar options. Furthermore, the mention of the Sechuan duck being nice suggests that China Chef is capable of preparing flavorful and tasty dishes beyond the classics. This shows versatility in the menu and the ability to satisfy various taste preferences.
Moving on to the weaknesses, one commenter had a disappointing experience with their order. They highlight that the rice and sauce were already mixed together in the same box, resulting in a bland eating experience. This suggests a lack of attention to detail in the food preparation, as the separation of rice and sauce is important for optimal flavor and texture. Additionally, the mixed starters platter lacked flavor, specifically mentioning the disappointing satay chicken and flavorless ribs. This indicates a potential inconsistency in the quality and taste of certain dishes.
Another commenter expressed discontent with their order, stating that they spent over £60 and the food arrived late. They expected some extra items such as prawn crackers for the amount they spent. This suggests that China Chef may have issues with timely delivery and potentially lacks in providing additional items as a gesture of goodwill for large orders. Furthermore, the portion of roast pork was not as expected, with only a few slices and the rest being filled with vegetables. This indicates a potential inconsistency in portion sizes and ingredient distribution.
One particularly negative comment describes the food as the "worst Chinese food ever." The commenter mentions dry and flavorless butterfly prawns and sweet & sour chicken, as well as warm Fanta. This suggests a lack of attention to quality and taste in the preparation of the dishes.
In conclusion, China Chef Chinese Takeaway has strengths in terms of quick service, affordability, consistency in classic dishes, and the ability to prepare flavorful options beyond the classics. However, weaknesses include potential lack of attention to detail in food preparation, inconsistency in taste and quality, issues with timely delivery, and potential inconsistencies in portion sizes.

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Chinese are not the best in the world but I have to say the are always quick , affordable and you will never fail with Chinese TAKEAWAY classics such as chow mein or egg fried rice dishes. Sechuan duck was also nice. So if you don’t experiment much with choice of dishes you will be satisfied for sure
First time we ordered was okay, however this time was especially disappointing for myself. Having ordered the beef in black bean sauce with egg fried rice included in the dish (from the ‘Chefs Specials’) I was saddened to realise the rice and sauce with the protein has already been in the same box. It made for a bland experience of shovelling the same bite for the next five minutes as the rice and main weren’t separated. Additionally, the mixed starters platter for two was flavourless too… the satay chicken was disappointing at best and the ribs lacked flavour.
I was hesitant to order from here because of the reviews but my food was absolutely lovely :) Spare Ribs we’re fresh and tasty, king prawn fried rice was how I wanted it (they made it spicy) prawn crackers were fresh and delicious, spring rolls were excellent value for money and duck was succulent. Will be ordering again ????
We ordered from China Chef on multiple occasions and food was always tasty. Not understanding why so many bad reviews. Soups are my favourite and generous portions too. Also their Special Chow Mein was great. I would definitely recommend!
Spent over £60 and food arrived late. Would have expected some prawn crackers thrown in for the money I spent. Spring rolls came without any sauce. The portion of roast pork had about 6 slices and rest filled with vegetables. Unfortunately the last time I order there.
THE WORST CHINESE FOOD EVER!! i ordered the butterfly prawns and it was so dry and disgusting. there isn't any flavour in the food whatsoever! i also ordered sweet & sour chicken which was dry and plain and had no sauce, chicken was very dry and hard to swallow. fanta was warm! no one order from here
home delivery .. it was all dry and not spiced black chicken was not spiced at all zero flavor sweet sour chicken meat was old And not edible I ordered a chicken that had no sauce at all, just rice was not edible either. I will not order there anymore, I spent 35f And everything fell out in the basket
Idont know b4 I ordered the food tasted much better but now you can taste the quality has changed crispy won ton ? No just a dried deep fried pastry No fillings what so ever do better china chef

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