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Chapel Beauty

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8140 Mall Pkwy, Stonecrest, GA 30038 United States of America
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM


Service options
  • In-store shopping
Health & safety
  • Mask required
  • Safety dividers at checkout
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
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  • NFC mobile payments

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Do not I mean do not shop at this store. The cashier can't count in its the African girl. The management is rude as hell. So I came to Chapel Beauty to buy some oils. And I got in line I gave the cashier 35 dollars but the total came up to 38 so I gave her 4 more dollars. Not a problem. Then the cashier going to say I gave her 33 dollars. And asked for me to give her 5 more dollars. Which is wrong. I saw this and I told the manager. And i told him he owes me money and he fused to give me back my money. Its not about the money it was she was wrong and he defended her. Im never shopping here again. Its over for me.
Do not shop here and do not shop here. The management is rude and unprofessional. Never shopping here. Or any Chinese beauty supply stores ever.
I loved this store and it was my main place until an experience that happened today. My niece recently bought a closure from them and it stated natural and unprocesed. She discovered that was not the case and tried talking to them. The manager was belligerent, and so was the young lady who spoke to her. My niece is always calm, so to see her bent out of shape is a first. I'm going to file a consumer complaint for false advertisement with consumer affairs. This could have been handled better, but they chose hostility instead.
Worst hair store I’ve ever gone to. And I’ve been to a billion of them. How can an employee on the clock be sitting down while customers are walking around and not asking for help? At the front of the store on the railing. When I did ask for help, the ladies looked like they didn’t want to help. I will not be returning to this store and glad I didn’t spend my money in this store. Terrible customer service. I won’t be coming back. I’ll go spend my money elsewhere where I feel appreciated and welcomed.
I have been to this store 3 times and each time I regret it. They have all the hair locked away and you cant even view bundles on your own. Extremely over priced. My final straw was when the system went down and took money after I payed cash. Mind you the watch you like a hawk
These are the rudest Asians I have EVER witness I been in this store on 2 Sep. Occasions & each time I witness that older Asian guy being totally rude to customers today I ask him where something was he immediately snapped & pointed down the aisle. I walk to counter & witness him tell off the black female worker. I happily put my items down & walked out. I will NOT give my hard earned coins to these rude azz people. They do it because they know the black community is going to shop withem regardless. Not this black woman!!!
Super helpful and patient staff! They answered ALL of my questions and pulled so many samples for me. I can’t say enough great things about the customer service I received!
The only positive star reviews I see are from people complimenting the BLACK WORKERS!! Lets talk policy and the people we shop with and who gain wealth in OUR community! Stonecrest/Lithonia is a very interesting place. This area is 99.99999% Black but majority of the stores ran and owned by Asians 124 package liquor store Chapel Beauty Entertainment etc.... the 124 package liquor store all black workers all have a gun on them along with the DeKalb County police officer who is security at the store. Out of all the places he could be besides making sure liquor is safe and out of harms way. Chapel Beauty all black workers most with sarcastic attitudes, you look good working for a foreigner in your community how about that. All the stores at the mall food entertainment ASIANS! But this Chapel Beauty and return policy, I can buy a pair of clippers take them home plug them in and they not work and you can not return nor exchange I learned quick how to deal with that. Spend your money with your own notwithstanding the policy and procedures. TAKE BACK OUR COMMUNITY Lastly I bet as a black person you can not go to a Asian community and start a business that they will support, you won't have a chance at the building!
I was assaulted by a can of Lysol. The young girl in the front was spraying over and over the Lysol walking around in the front part of the store. It was awful I was coughing and gagging, other customers were coughing too. You were think she would have stop spraying the Lysol, she continue to spray more ugh! I ended up leaving with a headache.????

Quick Facts About Chapel Beauty

Strengths: 1. Helpful and patient staff: One customer mentioned that the staff at Chapel Beauty was super helpful and patient. They answered all of their questions and pulled samples for them. This indicates that the staff at the store is knowledgeable and willing to assist customers.
Weaknesses: 1. Rude and unprofessional management: Several comments mentioned that the management at Chapel Beauty was rude and unprofessional. This is a significant weakness as it can create a negative atmosphere for customers and deter them from shopping at the store.
2. Inaccurate cash handling: One customer complained about a cashier at Chapel Beauty who couldn't count and accused them of shortchanging them. This reflects poorly on the store's cash handling procedures and can lead to customer dissatisfaction.
3. False advertisement: Another customer mentioned a negative experience where they bought a product that was falsely advertised as natural and unprocessed. Their attempt to resolve the issue was met with belligerence from the manager and a hostile attitude from the staff. This indicates a lack of transparency and customer service, which is a weakness for the store.
4. Poor customer service: Multiple comments referred to the poor customer service at Chapel Beauty. Customers reported employees not asking if they needed help and appearing unwilling to assist. This can create a negative shopping experience and discourage customers from returning to the store.
5. Overpricing and restricted access to products: A customer complained about the overpricing at Chapel Beauty and the fact that they lock away all the hair products, making it difficult to view and choose bundles. This hinders the customer's ability to browse and compare products, and the higher prices can be a deterrent.
6. Racist and disrespectful behavior: A customer mentioned witnessing racist and disrespectful behavior from the staff at Chapel Beauty. This includes snapping at customers and arguing with employees. Such behavior is highly inappropriate and creates a negative impression of the store.
7. Health and safety concerns: One customer reported being assaulted by a can of Lysol due to excessive spraying by a staff member, causing discomfort and even illness for themselves and other customers. This highlights a lack of awareness and consideration for the well-being of customers.
In conclusion, Chapel Beauty has several weaknesses that can impact its reputation and customer satisfaction. These include rude and unprofessional management, inaccurate cash handling, false advertisement, poor customer service, overpricing and restricted access to products, racist and disrespectful behavior, and health and safety concerns. Improving these areas would be crucial for the store to retain and attract customers.

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