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Cellys - cash only

+44 1202 397979
644 Christchurch Rd, Boscombe, Bournemouth BH1 4BP United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM

Quick Facts About Cellys - cash only

1. Quality of service: Multiple customers mentioned that they have never been disappointed with their results at Celly's. The hairdressers, particularly Laura, are praised for their ability to understand and deliver the desired look. They take their time and offer suggestions based on the customer's features, ensuring a satisfactory outcome.
2. Affordable pricing: Celly's is highly regarded as the best hairdresser in Bournemouth in terms of price and quality. Customers appreciate the value they receive for the amount they pay. Many mention that they would pay double at other salons for the same service, highlighting the affordability of Celly's.
3. Highly recommended: Many customers recommend Celly's, specifically highlighting Laura's expertise and the overall quality of the service. The positive word-of-mouth recommendations indicate that Celly's has a strong reputation in the community.
4. Versatility: Celly's caters to the needs of various customers, including men, women, and children. The hairdressers are skilled in handling different hair types, making it a suitable choice for the entire family. This versatility is praised by customers who appreciate the convenience of having one place for all their hair-related needs.
5. Friendly and attentive staff: Customers frequently mention the friendly and attentive nature of the staff at Celly's. This creates a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere, making the overall experience enjoyable for customers.
1. Cash-only policy: One potential weakness of Celly's is its cash-only policy. Some customers may find this inconvenient, especially in a society that is moving towards electronic payment methods. The lack of flexibility in payment options may deter some potential customers, particularly those who prefer the convenience of using cards or mobile payments.
2. Price discrepancies: One customer mentioned a discrepancy in pricing between the website and the actual amount paid at the till. This inconsistency may lead to customer dissatisfaction and a perception of unprofessionalism. It is essential for Celly's to address this issue to ensure accurate pricing information and maintain customer trust.
3. Inconsistency in haircuts: One customer expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of the haircut received. Although this may be an isolated incident, it is crucial for Celly's to address such complaints promptly and ensure consistency in the skills and techniques of their hairdressers. Inconsistent results can negatively impact customer satisfaction and reputation.
4. Waiting time: As there are no appointments at Celly's, customers may need to wait for their turn. While many customers understand and accept this, it can be a potential drawback for those who prefer a more structured and time-bound approach. Implementing an appointment booking system or exploring ways to reduce waiting times may enhance customer convenience and satisfaction.
5. Limited services: Based on the comments provided, there is no mention of additional services such as spa treatments, nail services, or makeup services. While this may be the intentional focus of Celly's as a hair salon, it limits the potential customer base to those seeking hair-related services only. Expanding the range of services offered may attract a broader clientele and increase revenue opportunities.
In conclusion, Celly's has several strengths that contribute to its positive reputation, including the quality of service, affordability, positive recommendations, versatility, and friendly staff. However, the cash-only policy, price discrepancies, inconsistency in haircuts, waiting time, and limited services are potential weaknesses that may impact customer satisfaction and overall success. Addressing these weaknesses can help Celly's further enhance its position in the market and maintain a loyal customer base.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I have been going to Celly's for a few years now and only had good experiences in this place and never been disappointed with my results. I get bored easily with my hair so I'm asking for something different everytime. I always had a good result and Laura is the best!! She will explain to you the good and bad of what you are asking for, she takes her time and comes with suggestions based on your features.
Cellys, It is the best hairdresser in Bournemouth in terms of price and quality.
Laura is an excellent hairdresser. I love that she does my hair. She always recommends the most suitable for my hair style. I recommend it 100 percent.
I’ve been getting my hair highlighted by the lovely Laura at Cellys in boscombe for a very long time as she does such an amazing job with the exact colour and result I want and she is also so warm and friendly. My mum also gets her hair done by her and loves the results. I’d recommend Laura at cellys to anyone who is looking for an affordable yet quality service. You won’t be disappointed.
Never again. Prices are different on the website and when you pay at the till. My hair wasn’t cut properly when I checked at home, thinking a hairdresser knows how to cut and you put faith in them.
Daylight robbery for the prices. Look around other hairdressers
Absolutely amazing ???? Everything is okay and all staff are friendly and attentive . I love Laura, such a lovely hairdresser who has been working on my hair, she’s the best one in the cellys , ????????????
Hairdresser Laura is the best, we always go to see her with whole family, as she does the hairs for ladies, mens and kids. Couldn’t recommend more. Absolutely fabulous
very happy with the result of my balayage and with the hydration treatment they gave me, I will definitely repeat, the girls are super friendly and attentive
Always had a good experience here with Kate. She is a top class hairdresser and barber. She rescued me from a very bad haircut 2 years ago. Yes you have to wait a bit, as there are no appointments. The prices are great, when I'd pay over double for the same service in a salon where you just get to read a Hello Magazine for the extra money and still end up with a terrible haircut.

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  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • Cash only


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