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Castleinch Venue Sunday Market

+353 56 772 9266
Parkmore, Brownstown, Co. Kilkenny Ireland
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Quick Facts About Castleinch Venue Sunday Market

Castleinch Venue Sunday Market has several strengths that make it a popular and recommended destination for shoppers. One of the main strengths is its wide variety of offerings. Customers mention that they can find everything they want, from tools to paper rolls, toys, jewelry, and crystal. This diverse range of merchandise allows shoppers to find unique and interesting items that may not be available in regular retail stores.
Another strength of Castleinch Venue Sunday Market is the presence of a nice restaurant and indoor area. This provides shoppers with the opportunity to take a break and enjoy a meal or snack during their visit. Customers appreciate the quality and freshness of the food served in the café, and comment on the efficiency and friendliness of the staff. The spotlessly clean environment also adds to the positive experience.
Customers also mention the reasonable prices of the items sold at the market. The comment in another language states that there is a good selection of retro and antique items available at acceptable prices. This suggests that Castleinch Venue Sunday Market offers a mix of new and second-hand goods at affordable rates, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious shoppers.
The market is also praised for its organization. One customer mentions that it is a well-organized car boot sale. This indicates that the stalls and vendors are set up in a logical and accessible manner, making it easy for customers to navigate and find what they are looking for. Clean toilets are also mentioned as a positive aspect, indicating that the market takes cleanliness and hygiene seriously.
However, there are also a few weaknesses mentioned by customers. One comment suggests that the market can be overwhelming and disorganized at times. The random selection of vendors and goods may contribute to this feeling. Another comment mentions that not many stalls were open in the afternoon, suggesting that the market may be more vibrant and lively earlier in the day.
In conclusion, Castleinch Venue Sunday Market has several strengths that make it a recommended destination for shoppers. The wide variety of products, the presence of a restaurant and indoor area, reasonable prices, and cleanliness all contribute to a positive experience. However, there are some weaknesses, such as occasional disorganization and limited stall availability later in the day. Overall, the strengths outweigh the weaknesses, making Castleinch Venue Sunday Market a popular choice for those looking for a diverse and enjoyable shopping experience.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

This is a very well organised cat boot near Kilkenny. You can find everything you want, from tools to paper rolls, toys, jewellery, crystal, almost everything. And they have a nice restaurant and an indoor area as well. Highly recommended ????????????
Great place to pass a few hours on Sunday. Lovely cafe serving great fresh food. Staff are so efficient and friendly. Spotlessly clean. You might even find a bargain or two.
Neblogas įvairių retro ir antikvarinių daiktų pasirinkimas, dažniausiai už priimtinas kainas.
Great place to go on a Sunday to buy all sorts of stuff and u can get your dinner here also..
We have been trading in car boot sales for many years now.
We have been trading in Castleinch for the last year .We find this market the best by far no messing or messers allowed.Michael and his staff run a great show . It has been an honour to do business here.
Thanks .Pat and Eilish
Very random sunday market, mostly second hand stuff, toys, phone cases, makeup etc..little disorganised and overwhelming.
Usually a nice change of vendors & goods. Restaurant ! Clean toilets.
Arrived about 2pm not many stalls open. Probably be better early morning time.

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  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • Public toilet


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Sunday 08:00 AM - 04:00 PM

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