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Burger & Co

+44 161 546 8193
220 Wilmslow Rd, Fallowfield, Manchester M14 6LF United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Tried Pandemic burger. Highly impressed. Its One of the best Halal burgers in town. Highly recomended. Also tried Groke. But will prefer Pandemic.
The only downside is their slow service. They will definitely have to learn to be more efficient. But still worth the wait
Good sustainable packaging, kept things from going soggy too.
Smashed burger has to be THE best burger I have had in a long time! The signature house sauce is delicious.
Awesome portion sizes.
The cheese sauce was SO yummy on my skin on fries.
Boyfriend had the FryDay burger, asked for no sauce and they listened ;) so another thumbs up! The chicken was very juicy and a lovely sized fillet, very meaty.
The only criticism we have is, it doesn't mention anywhere about the chicken burger having some zing spice on the coating.
Absolutely would eat here again, thank you :)
Best burgers in manchester
Consistently good experience, taste is amazing, friendly staff and great service. Every time I come I’m lost for choice when choosing a burger from the menu as they’re all amazing
Would 100% recommend
Burgers were amazing and cheesy crinkle fries but they forgot to give the other fries & wrong shake it was disappointing £4.50 for 8 small popcorn chicken
I wanted to try this because of the replies i read. But after eating it. I can say it was regular smash burger nothing special. And taste was normal. I dont highly recommend it.
Grabbed this as post night out scran last night and I'm still going on about how good it was this morning.
Kind of like fiveguys style but honestly I enjoyed this more than the last fiveguys I had.
Really recommend the smash burger.
Great food, definitely recommend the Danny Dorito burger.
Will be going back and working my way through the menu.
Friday night fancied some chicken on chips ????. I was passing so I went in ordered a fry-yay chipbox and a loaded chipbox, it took 35mins. 10mins drive home and the food was cold but it was tasty.
Been to busier places who serve you a lot quicker.

Quick Facts About Burger & Co

Burger & Co place has received mixed reviews from its customers. While there are several strengths that stand out, such as the delicious burgers and sustainable packaging, there are also weaknesses that the restaurant needs to address, such as slow service and mistakes in orders.
One of the most consistent strengths mentioned by customers is the taste of the burgers. Many customers praised the Pandemic burger and the Smash burger, describing them as some of the best burgers they have had in a long time. The signature house sauce also received positive comments, with customers finding it delicious. Additionally, the portion sizes were praised, with customers satisfied with the amount of food they received. This indicates that Burger & Co place is succeeding at delivering tasty and satisfying burgers to its customers.
Another strength mentioned by customers is the use of sustainable packaging. The fact that the packaging was able to keep the food from becoming soggy is also a positive aspect. In today's world, many customers are concerned about the environmental impact of fast food, so using sustainable packaging can help Burger & Co place attract eco-conscious customers.
Customers also appreciated the effort made by the restaurant to accommodate their preferences. One customer mentioned that their boyfriend's request for no sauce on the FryDay burger was followed, which shows that Burger & Co place values customer satisfaction and listens to their requests. This attention to detail can contribute to a positive dining experience and customer loyalty.
However, one major weakness that stands out from the customer comments is the slow service. Multiple customers mentioned that the wait time for their food was too long. While some customers were willing to wait because they found the food worth it, others expressed disappointment and felt that the restaurant needs to be more efficient. Slow service can lead to frustrated customers and may drive them away, so Burger & Co place should focus on improving their speed and efficiency.
Another weakness mentioned by a customer is the mistakes in their order. They mentioned that the restaurant forgot to give some of their fries and provided the wrong shake. Attention to detail and accuracy in fulfilling orders is crucial for a positive dining experience. Mistakes in orders can lead to customer dissatisfaction and should be addressed by Burger & Co place to prevent further disappointments.
The lack of information about the spice level of the chicken burger is another area that needs improvement. One customer mentioned that they were surprised by the spice on the coating of the chicken burger, as it was not mentioned anywhere on the menu. Providing accurate and detailed descriptions of menu items can help customers make informed choices and prevent any unpleasant surprises.
Overall, Burger & Co place has several strengths, such as delicious burgers, sustainable packaging, and the ability to accommodate customer preferences. However, the slow service, mistakes in orders, and lack of information about menu items are weaknesses that need to be addressed. By improving these areas, Burger & Co place can enhance the overall dining experience and ensure customer satisfaction.

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