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Burford House

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99 High St, Burford OX18 4QA United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About Burford House

Burford House has a few strengths that are highlighted in the comments. Firstly, it is located in a beautiful village with friendly people and affordable prices. The hotel is centrally located in the heart of town, making it convenient for guests to explore the area. The staff members are described as nice and polite, providing good service to the guests. The food is also mentioned to be cooked beautifully, with some comments praising the full breakfast and others mentioning the good standard of the burger and chips. Additionally, the bar is described as pleasant with polite staff, providing a nice atmosphere for guests to relax and enjoy a drink.
However, there are also several weaknesses mentioned in the comments that suggest areas in which Burford House could improve. One recurring issue is the need for updates and refurbishments. Comments mention that the shower in the cottage didn't work properly and was tied with tiewraps, indicating a lack of maintenance. There is also mention of black mold around the bathroom door and outdated curtains, blinds, and carpets in the rooms. Plaster falling off the ceiling and water stains are also mentioned, highlighting the need for renovations. Some comments suggest that the hotel is dated and overpriced for the condition it is in, recommending either updates or a reduction in cost.
Another weakness mentioned is the lack of enthusiasm or a "bit off a lift" in the overall experience of staying at Burford House. Comments imply that the staff lacked enthusiasm and that the experience did not live up to the expectations of the guests. While the staff is described as nice and polite, there is a suggestion that more could be done to improve the overall experience and create a more enthusiastic and welcoming atmosphere.
In terms of the dining experience, there are mixed reviews. While some comments praise the food, others express disappointment. One comment mentions that the Sunday roast was the worst ever, with horrible beef that ruined the entire meal. Another comment mentions tasteless chicken on a bed of peas and overcooked potatoes, expressing disappointment in the quality of the food. This suggests a lack of consistency in the dining experience and a need for improvement in the kitchen.
In conclusion, Burford House has strengths in its beautiful location, friendly staff, and pleasant atmosphere. However, there are several weaknesses that need to be addressed, including the need for updates and renovations, lack of enthusiasm, and inconsistency in the dining experience. These are areas where Burford House can improve to provide a better overall experience for its guests.

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We have just stayed at burford house good location we was in the cottage in the garden you go up quiet a few stairs to a large room and a large bathroom The shower didnt work properly and was tied on with tiewraps black mould all round the door food was OK full breakfast but again use local resources like fresh crusty bread ect staff was nice but just things at burford house needed a bit off a lift lacked enthusiasm I wouldn't stay here again
Un villaggio stupendo. Le persone sono gentilissime, ottima anche la cucina e soprattutto i prezzi sono decisamente abbordabili. Luogo dove per gli appassionati si può dormi re anche 1/2 notti
firstly i would like to say that we have stayed at this hotel a few times over the years
today we had a sunday roast expecting it to be the usual good standard
however to our total disappointment
this had to be the absolute worst sunday roast i have ever been presented with
the beef was horrible and i mean horrible who ever put it on the plate must have been laughing
we wouldn’t normally complain but in this event really needed to
their response was oh sorry we won’t charge you for the pint u had
which was a token but the whole meal was ruined
did not expect this from this hotel as our previous experience was good
i can’t tell you how bad this meat was
My Cheltenham friend and I from Oxford regularly meet for lunch here having tried many others in Burford. Far and away the best.
A great location in the heart of town . We went in and settled at a table in the bar. The staff were nice but really inexperienced. One did seem to know what they were doing but was hard pressed. The place soon filled up and was really noisy. That's fine as it showed a buzz. The place is supposed to do Italian food we chose tge chicken at £
18 a meal so were expecting something good. What arrived was tastless chicken on a bed of peas and come overcooked potatoes. Very disappointed so we paid and left. Clearly loads of places are having staffing issues but no excuse for defrosted chicken with a tastless sauce. Hmmm.
The staff at this hotel were absolutely charming, helpful, and kind. Dinner/breakfast was cooked beautifully. However, my partner and I felt that for the price, it is very dated, over priced and needs a lot of TLC and updated facilities. Blinds in the bathroom were tatty and falling apart, the bathroom itself was very outdated as was the bedroom curtains and carpets. Plaster was falling off the ceiling in the hall and water stains looked awful... they should update or reduce the cost.
Just had a coffee there, but nice surroundings and pleasant boy who served us
A pleasant bar, with very nice polite staff.
I had the burger and chips, which was of a good standard.
There is very strong competition from some of the other restaurants here, but a pleasant enough meal.

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