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Big Apple Nail & Spa 1

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2068 Eagle Dr, Woodstock, GA 30189 United States of America
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Kind of a weird gel manicure experience the other day. I came in with SNS on my nails and I wanted to switch to gel polish. Michelle did my nails. She had me soak my fingers directly in acetone for quite awhile as she tended to other guests, which was different than the normal acetone cotton ball/foil method I usually get. My fingers were brittle after. I thought Michelle was not going to survive my manicure—she sighed and let out a few “phew’s” throughout removing the SNS from my nails. It was kind of stressful. She painted one nail with gel at a time, having me put my whole hand under the light each time a nail was painted, so my hand was under the light during the entire manicure. If you’re worried about excessive exposure to the light, I wouldn’t recommend. She made several comments about how my manicure was not going to look right because my nails were “bumpy” from the SNS and became frustrated with my nails but it seems like that’s something she may have been able to fix? I’ve never had that problem before. I asked for chrome powder which she applied with her gloved finger-I’ve always had it applied with a sponge. But they look fine. She basically just complained to me the whole time so it wasn’t very relaxing. ???? Probably won’t return. $69 at the end with tip.
Michelle and Leah were very kind! I was 45 minutes late to my appointment which put me at 7:15 when they close at 7:30! They insisted on me still
Coming regardless of the time. They both did a great job! Thank you so much!!
I got a basic French gel pedicure. I asked the price she said $55. Apparently for $55 the pedicure doesn’t come with callus removal. And the massage really wasn’t done that well. The clean up wasn’t done well because she didn’t see I had in growns until the end. She kept leaving the line way too thick when I kept telling her thin and she actually never fixed my pinky toes. And when I paid she quickly grabbed the receipt just to look at what tip I left her right in front of me which is pretty rude. I left her $6.
I got amazing service from Ruby!! She gave me a beautiful acrylic nail fill and perfectly waxed my eyebrows! Ruby is so nice and made sure I was comfortable, I will absolutely come back to her next time.
I loved the work Michelle did. She was so precise and patient with the nails i asked her to do. Would highly recommend this place to anyone!!!
My daughter asked for ombre and the man doing her nails said it couldn't be done . She was getting a fill in and had French colored nails with gel polish
The design is what she asked for vs what lt she got . Also they charged 63.00 for a FILL IN! I ASKED THREE PEOPLE TO confirm that was correct...they charged extra 5 dollars as they said she has long nails ??? Also he left the tips of her nails some white some with grey polish I had to ask him to make them consistent. 63.00 for a fill in. That is ridiculous.
We will never go back .
There are many other shops locally that won't try to rob you and give sub par service
The place is itself is quite accommodating and most of the staff is nice. HOWEVER, Leah has no social grace and her skills are that of a BUTCHER. Everything she did was rough - from the way she grabbed my hands for the manicure, to the awful massage as part of the pedicure to the uneven shape of my nails. It was so bad that I even had to ask another technician to tell her to take her time and to stop being so rough, and she still didn’t stop! If I do go back, it would not be with her. Buyer beware!
I have been struggling to find a place since I moved and they came recommended from a friend. She has the absolute best service from them. The atmosphere is great. Everyone is friendly and they make me laugh. I enjoy visiting there because of that. My first visit was great.
The day after I was there I had 2 nails chip. The next day another nail broke. I called, went in and they fixed it for me. The fix was thicker but they were fixed at no charge.
A week after my first visit I had another nail break and another one crack. They never break like this which leads me to believe their product is bad for that specific color. I decided to just wait until it was time for a fill in.
I went back yesterday for my third visit and I tried to let them know that I believe they have a bad batch. After trying to tell 3 people I gave up. 2 started listening but ignored what I said. One asked who did my nails and I said I didn't know and she walked away from me. I refuse to get someone in trouble when I fully believe the powder is bad.
They sat me and another person at the same time. No problem. The problem was they started working on her when she walked im after me. She didn't have an appointment. When my tech started working on my nails, I let the tech know I do not like thick nails. I want to be able to pick things up or scratch and itch! I have always had thin nails and they always work fine for me. This tech dipped my nails the equivalent of 10 times. Not only that, they used the same brush to brush access powder off my nails and got the orange on the white. They knew this. The tech mentioned it and started using a different brush. But never fixed it. My nails are thick, bumpy, uneven and the white nails look dirty. Honestly, not happy at all with them or my nails. This weeks nails have turned out to cost me over $100.

Quick Facts About Big Apple Nail & Spa 1

Big Apple Nail & Spa 1 offers gel manicures, acrylic nail fills, eyebrow waxing, and basic French gel pedicures. Customers have left a variety of comments regarding their experiences, highlighting both strengths and weaknesses of the salon.
1. Accommodating and friendly staff: Multiple customers have mentioned the kindness and friendliness of the staff members, such as Michelle, Leah, and Ruby. They appreciate the warm atmosphere and the fact that staff members make them feel comfortable.
2. Precise and patient nail work: One customer specifically mentions that Michelle did a great job with her nails, being precise and patient with the specific design she requested. This indicates that the salon has skilled nail technicians who are capable of delivering satisfactory results.
3. Good first visit experience: A customer shares that their first visit to the salon was great, highlighting the enjoyable atmosphere and the quality of service provided.
4. Free nail fixes: When a customer experienced chipped and broken nails shortly after their visit, the salon fixed the issues for free. This demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction and a willingness to rectify any problems that arise.
1. Complaints about gel manicure process: One customer describes a stressful gel manicure experience with Michelle. They were unhappy with the way acetone was used to remove their SNS nails, the excessive exposure to the light during the manicure, and the constant complaining by the technician. This indicates that the salon may need to improve its gel manicure process and the overall customer experience during the service.
2. Pricing and miscommunication: Customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the pricing and services provided. One customer was surprised to learn that callus removal was not included in their $55 gel pedicure, while another felt that $63 for a fill-in was excessive. There were also issues with miscommunication about the pricing of services.
3. Inconsistent service quality: Some customers had negative experiences with certain technicians. Complaints include rough handling, uneven nail shaping, and a lack of social grace or skill. In one instance, a customer had to ask another technician to intervene and address the rough treatment.
4. Product quality concerns: A customer complained about their nails breaking and cracking shortly after their visit, leading them to believe that the salon may be using a bad batch of products. However, their attempts to communicate this concern to the staff were unsuccessful, leading to frustration and dissatisfaction.
Based on the feedback provided, Big Apple Nail & Spa 1 possesses strengths such as friendly staff and skilled technicians. However, the salon needs to address weaknesses related to the gel manicure process, pricing transparency, service consistency, and product quality. By addressing these areas of improvement, the salon can enhance customer satisfaction and maintain a loyal customer base.

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