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Please please please don’t come to this place . I left here crying. I made an appt for 3 and waited half hour it didn’t bother me that’s fine , I have gone to many nail salons this one was just not okay . I wanted a fill and the lady seemed very bothered to even do my nails . They were so crooked I asked nicely if she could even them out and she barley acknowledged me I asked twice and after that I just said put the polish on not to mention she slabbed the acrylic on like a child and the polish as well . I was mortified my husband owns a business in hammonton so I usually over tip and this was a time where she’s lucky she got 5 dollars from me . She charged me an extra 5 dollars on top and didn’t explain why . It really sucks when you come to a place to relax and feel pretty and you walk out feeling so Upset , nails sore and just disgusted . Please do better as a business
The bottom of my nails were very thick and the heart that I wanted was not a heat at all and I wanted the heart to face me and not the front and the nails were very pointy. I usually come here but ever since this year it’s been a major issue. Other than that the white designs were good.
If I could give a 0 star I would. Service is absolutely terrible. All I asked for was a French nail with dip. Guy that did my nails didn’t even file them and they are so thick and clumpy. After saying I didn’t like them he started getting very rough with my finger and made me bleed. I have gel all over my skin and cuticles. Don’t come here. Also told me to pay him right at his station because he was scared I wasn’t going to pay.
Poor customer service, you have to stand awkwardly for 10 minutes for someone to check you in. My gel started to chipped after the 3er day and my friend acrylics were so bad and thick that she had to go to another place to get them fix , definitely not recommending this place.
The worst place I’ve ever been to in my life. The second picture is what I asked for, the first picture is what I got. I was there for about three hours asking the girl to please fix the shape of my nails. I gave up and told her okay just polish. once she started polishing She did such a horrible job and had to redo it so many times that I just asked her to please remove all the polish and let me leave. I also got a gel pedicure and was charged $47. Altogether my total was $97 for the worst service I’ve ever had. I will never be going there again.
Second time with Belle Nails. I had trouble on the second day, after the manicure had been done. They
took me right in and did a new full set of nails, with no complaints and or any angry facial expressions. The lady, of course, did not want to get paid but I did anyway as I thought was the right thing to
do. rightthicoursthey didnot want to charge me but I went ahead and p as I'd again as I thought it was the right thing yo do.
I went to this nail salon around thanksgiving 2021. I wanted nice nails because I was going to my Boyfriends thanksgiving and meeting most of his family for the first time. I had been here once before years ago and remember them doing a good job. My nail tech wasn’t available but this place was. As the lady was doing my nails, I realized it was lumpy, bumpy, and VERY uneven. She seemed inexperienced and filed acrylic on my nails that she had JUST put on, it was still wet. She didn’t go to the other hand to allow the other one to dry! As I was telling her what was wrong with my nails, she kept saying okay she’ll fix it but never did. She seen the look on my face which was pure disappointment, and offered $5 off. I’m not a picky person, but if there is MULTIPLE things wrong with my nails, I’m going to politely ask for them to be fixed because I’m paying for a service and want to be satisfied with my nails. So I pay $50 and walk out very upset. I gave my nails a good look and said there’s no way I’m paying $50 for lumpy, bumpy, and uneven! I went back in and talked to the lady that I believe is the manager and told her I hated them and showed her them. She had a client but said she’d redo them. I waited for 15 minutes and other nail techs came up to me to see my nails and they clearly knew they looked horrible. I got my nails done by the manager and she did what she could to fix them. I had an appointment after that, and I was made late because I had to get my nails REDONE for someone else doing a poor job. And also, when I went home my nails were beyond sore. I usually don’t leave reviews for places, but I had to just so no one has the experience I had. Please beware .
I had a 1130 appointment and I went in the shop at 11 and was out by 1125 doing a refill acrylic with gel polish. I was not pleased that while I was there I did not see any sanitizing even at the station I did my nails. Nails done October 8. You be the judge.


BELLE NAILS LOUNGE is a nail salon that has received mixed reviews from customers. While there are a few positive comments about the salon, the majority of the comments highlight several weaknesses and areas for improvement. It is important for the business to address these concerns in order to provide better service and retain customers.
One of the weaknesses identified by customers is poor customer service. Multiple comments mention long wait times and difficulties in getting the attention of staff members. Customers had to stand awkwardly for 10 minutes to be checked in, which creates an unpleasant experience from the start. Additionally, some comments mention that staff members seemed bothered and uninterested in providing quality service. This creates a negative atmosphere for customers and can lead to dissatisfaction.
Another weakness highlighted in the comments is poor quality of work. One customer mentions that their nails were crooked and the nail technician ignored their request to even them out. Others mention thick or clumpy nails, poor shaping, and sloppy polish application. These issues indicate a lack of attention to detail and skill from the technicians. Customers go to nail salons to feel pretty and have their nails done professionally, so when the quality is subpar, it can be very disappointing.
Sanitation and hygiene also emerge as a weakness in the comments. One customer mentions that they did not see any sanitizing happening at the salon, which raises concerns about cleanliness and the potential for spreading infections. This is a serious issue, as nail salons are expected to maintain high standards of sanitization to ensure the health and safety of their customers.
Furthermore, pricing issues are mentioned in a couple of comments. One customer mentions being charged an extra $5 without any explanation, while another mentions being charged $97 for poor service. Customers expect transparency and fair pricing, so any discrepancies or undisclosed charges can leave a negative impression.
Strengths of BELLE NAILS LOUNGE that can be taken from the comments are the white designs mentioned in one comment. Although this is a single positive comment, it indicates that the salon has the potential to provide good nail designs. Additionally, there is a comment mentioning that the salon tried to rectify the situation by offering a discount and redoing the nails. This shows a willingness to address customer concerns and provide solutions when issues arise.
In order to address the weaknesses mentioned in the comments and improve their services, BELLE NAILS LOUNGE should focus on several key areas. First and foremost, customer service training should be a priority. All staff members should be trained to provide friendly, attentive, and professional service to ensure a positive customer experience. This includes minimizing wait times, actively listening to customer requests, and addressing any concerns promptly and effectively.
Quality control is another area that needs improvement. Nail technicians should be trained to maintain the highest standards of nail shaping, application, and finishing. By focusing on attention to detail, customers will be more likely to leave the salon satisfied with their nails.
Sanitation procedures need to be reviewed and implemented consistently. Providing a clean and safe environment is crucial for the well-being of both customers and staff. Regular sanitization of equipment, stations, and tools should be a priority to prevent the spread of infections and ensure a healthy salon environment.
Transparent and fair pricing is important for building trust with customers. All charges should be clearly communicated and any additional fees should be explained upfront. This will prevent any misunderstandings or surprises at the checkout.
Overall, by addressing these weaknesses and focusing on providing excellent customer service, high-quality work, maintaining cleanliness, and fair pricing, BELLE NAILS LOUNGE can improve their reputation and attract more satisfied customers. It is crucial for the salon to listen to customer feedback and take action to make necessary improvements to their operations.

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