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8345 W Glendale Ave #102, Glendale, AZ 85305 United States of America
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What can I say?? Great service! Came in and was greeted with smiles! Linda did my spa pedicure and manicure! She is so great and I highly recommend her when you visit!! The owner Hoai is a sweetheart and loves to converse with her clientele. She’s is just as nice as can be! These ladies made me feel so welcome to the shop! I’ll be back again!
I LOVE coming here for the simple fact that Huai (owner) is one of the funniest people I’ve ever met, and she truly cares about all her customers who come in! I always look forward to coming here with my best friend when we do our nails, because it’s always a grand adventure with the staff, and of course the quality nails they give us! Love the work, love the laughs!!!
It was the first time for me in this place. When I get seated a technician asked me what do I want. I said I want a basic pedicure with callus removal. I guess she was thinking she is over qualified to do that so she passed me to another technician. That lady asked me to wait because she was working on somebody else. Okay so after 15 minutes she came to me and started with my pedicure. Of course the water turned cold by then. Nobody cared. Then mid time she asked me what kind of pedicure I want. I was surprised because the first technician who left me there told her what kind of pedicure I want. Then she said okay if I want regular, then the $7 Callus remover will turn to $10... I asked them why, suddenly nobody speak English... So she called the manager but the conversation by then was pretty heated. So I left. Manager tried to explain to me they forgot to update the price list. Well if you want to run a decent business you better do your job correctly. I will never ever go back there.
Update: 6 days later it's seems to me I've got nail fungus on both of my big toe.
This is the best salon I’ve been too, it starts with the customer service, they are all very polite and friendly, they offer you water at the start of your appointment and talk to you like long time friends , the owner is such a sweet lady and does a great job on her nails, I love going here ! They definitely deserve 5 stars
Yesterday was my first experience with Belle nails was a great one! From the moment I stepped in until I left, you are greeted with a smile, and candy! :-) that is a sweet touch. Le was amazing, understood my requests and went above and beyond. Had a pedicure with special requests, and waxing. Definitely using their services again.
Y and Kim were so personable and did an exceptional job on my boyfriend and I’s pedicures. Kim also did an amazing job on my nails and I got a lot of compliments on them. I got gel French tips almond shape and then a regular gel pedicure. There prices are also really good. Will be coming back!
The reviews failed me! Went with my 3 daughters to get a full set for myself and pedicures for 2 of my girls. My full set was super rushed, it was done before my daughter's pedicures were even started. My tech was just not nice..and actually told me no when I asked if she can polish my 3 year olds nails since I was waiting. She ended up doing it..I'm guessing after she saw my disappointed face and confusion. I was almost forced to pay using Zelle instead of my credit card then overcharged for it. Y is nice but business lookin bad y'all!!
When I first moved nearby it was my place to go. Their prices were fair but my last experience was utterly ridiculous and just a made up price..and this was not the first time she tried to pull a fast one!
The owner was soo rude, even the employees were upset with her..
Pay attention to what she tells you price wise as she charges whatever she wants with no guidelines based on her fixed price menu and usually ends up costing you more than anticipated.
The other drawback is leaving her front door open for early appointments, so you will have Mosquito’s as extra company with no care if you’re highly allergic to them. She applies same concern to her employees, she could care less.
I have since moved on to a better, cleaner, friendlier establishment.
This place is not worth your time or money, buyer be aware.

Quick Facts About Belle nails

Belle Nails Place has received a variety of comments, both positive and negative. In order to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses, we will explore each aspect mentioned in the comments.
One of the strengths of Belle Nails Place is their customer service. Multiple commenters mentioned how they were greeted with smiles and felt welcomed by the staff. This shows that the employees at Belle Nails Place are friendly and make an effort to create a positive atmosphere for their customers. Additionally, the owner, Hoai, was described as a sweetheart who enjoys conversing with clientele. This personal touch can enhance the overall customer experience and make customers feel valued.
Another strength of Belle Nails Place is the quality of their work. Many commenters expressed their satisfaction with the manicures and pedicures they received. They praised the staff for their attention to detail and the results they achieved. This indicates that Belle Nails Place has skilled technicians who are capable of providing excellent nail services.
Furthermore, the fun and lighthearted atmosphere of Belle Nails Place was highlighted as a strength. One commenter mentioned that the owner, Huai, is one of the funniest people they have ever met. This suggests that the staff at Belle Nails Place creates a positive and enjoyable environment for customers, making their visits memorable and entertaining.
However, there are also weaknesses that were mentioned in the comments. One customer had a negative experience with the technicians at Belle Nails Place. They described being passed on to different technicians and experiencing miscommunication regarding the type of pedicure they wanted. This indicates that there may be issues with the organization and communication among the staff. Additionally, the customer felt ignored when they raised concerns about a price increase and ultimately decided to leave. This suggests a lack of effective customer service in this particular situation.
Another weakness mentioned was the cleanliness of the establishment. One commenter mentioned that they moved on to a cleaner and friendlier establishment due to unsatisfactory cleanliness standards at Belle Nails Place. Additionally, leaving the front door open for early appointments was stated as a drawback since it can attract mosquitoes and potentially pose a problem for customers with allergies.
In terms of pricing, there were mixed reviews. Some commenters found the prices at Belle Nails Place to be fair and reasonable, while others felt that they were overcharged or faced unexpected price increases. This suggests that there may be inconsistencies or lack of transparency in the pricing policies of Belle Nails Place, which can lead to customer dissatisfaction and confusion.
In summary, Belle Nails Place has strengths in terms of their customer service, quality of work, and creating a fun atmosphere. However, there are weaknesses in terms of miscommunication and organization among the staff, cleanliness standards, and potential issues with pricing. It is important for Belle Nails Place to address these weaknesses in order to improve the overall customer experience and maintain a positive reputation.

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